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  1. Nobody wants to be happy

    Attention grabbing title, check. Anyway. I'm sure you know someone, or are someone, who wants to be happy all the time. They'll say "I just want to be happy", or something alike. Well, you might think that, but you are wrong. Assuming you want your life sorted long term, happiness is not what...
  2. Does determinism rule out solipsism? (or the other way around perhaps)

    Just a thought I head while browsing the forum.
  3. Passion

    What are you passionate about?
  4. Equation for intelligence

    Alex Wissner-Gross: A new equation for intelligence | Video on TED.com There is a new equation for intelligence, as you can read in the link, which translates to: "Intelligence is a physical process that resists future confinement". By this definition, and assuming this is all true, does this...
  5. Indecisiveness

    You have trouble with it? I'm nearing my second decade of double digit age, and I have to choose what to do with basically the rest of my life, but I'm having a hard time with it. All these open doors, and they're all so shiny! What if I go through one of them, and it locks behind me? Then I...
  6. Studie: Applied Psychology

    Study: Applied Psychology I'm thinking about maybe starting a study in Applied Psychology, and I was wondering if that is a good study and later on work area for an INTP. It seems interesting enough, figuring out how people operate and using it to overcome problems. But I'm afraid that maybe...
  7. Fundemental Flaws (maths)

    What if our decimal view of maths is fundamentally flawed, and all the irrational numbers such as pi, phi, e, etc. are perfectly normal in the real language of maths, along with all the other numbers. I don't know where I want to go with this question...
  8. Glasses

    Who of you wears glasses/lenses? Does anyone here has 'perfect' eyes? I myself have a very slight focal defect, and only recently got glasses.
  9. The Collective Unconscious (CU)

    This is a theory of mine which I have been musing over the last month or two, and I'd like some external input. This theory is far from complete, but up till now it all makes (enough) sense for me to try and complete it. If I made any mistakes, please let me know. Here goes: First of...
  10. Hypothesis: ADHD

    People with ADHD are gifted. One way or another, every person with ADHD I've met so far seems to be very good at some aspect of his/her life, and I believe it's natural too. Discuss.
  11. What does Ti Feel like?

    Are you constantly thinking? Do you jump from one idea to another (related or unrelated) idea quickly? How hard is it to focus? How deep do your thoughts go? How far away from the original thoughts do your thoughts go? How quickly can you post a rebuttal towards a counterargument? (though...
  12. how many squares

    'lo everyone. I was struck by a picture on facebook some time ago. it was the following: with the question 'How many squares do you see' Not too hard of a challenge. What did occur to me though was whether or not there would be a formula for these squares. So I started the math, and...
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