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  1. Ezro

    Mind the long post

    I don't have anyone to really open up to, and I've learned that something along these lines is best for me emotionally ( please do not stone me). So. I have been a member of this forum since I was an angry confused 17 year old after finding out I identified INTP. I had an enforcement best...
  2. Ezro

    Tell me something

    I've been absent from this place for quite some time, and this has probably been asked before, but I need someone to explain this: why is it wrong for me to kill? None of it has ever made sense to me. Ever. Recently the only thing that has prevented me from killing random people is knowing that...
  3. Ezro

    I had absolutely no idea...

    While reading from a link I found on INTPc, I discovered That Carl Jung himself was an INTP. Did you know this? How does this knowledge make you "feel"? Einstein and Jung...we kick ass!
  4. Ezro

    The Worthlss Club

    Pretty self-explanitory...
  5. Ezro


    Just wanted to know what you guys thought of 'em. I personally am completely in love with one at the moment, just hought i'd put that bit out there..:p
  6. Ezro

    Faced paced music?

    Am I the only one here who listens to drum 'n bass, grime, other electronic music? 'Cause it seems to me like every other persn here listens to Mozart and jazz. I'm not badmouthing those of you who listen to that stuff, it's just not for me...
  7. Ezro


    About 1 month ago while losing myself in wikpiedia, I discovered that i was an introvert. Upon further reading and reearch, I found about the different MBTI types and found that I was INTP (I took a test just to be sure). When I found out, I was like "oohhhh, so thats why I never fit in!", and...
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