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  1. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?

    Yes, I dropped out of grad school because getting an advanced degree in education wasn't a good fit for me. At the time, my life was falling apart, too. Honestly, I thought it was a joke. Hang in there. People will always judge you and criticize you, but they aren't in your shoes. hug
  2. Brains or love?

    Fantastic post.
  3. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    I ain't nothing but three numbers.
  4. What's right about them?

    What's right about them?
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I realized that the diarrhea in Two Girls One Cup was probably soft serve ice cream. I feel like a fraud. I thought I was brave to watch any of it. Guess not. I need to prove my mettle. What's that Italian movie from the '70s?
  6. Who not to listen to

    Yes! It's almost rude to expect a reader to devote more than a glance at most posts Exceptions for blah.... Walls of text are irritating when the main point is buried in filler clauses and in irrelevant detail. The affect on the reader is more than an eyeroll: I think the poster is trying to...
  7. Do you identify with the child you once were?

    I can't identify with the person I was when I wrote this thread. I forgot ever starting this thing. I didn't recognize my writing at first. While this may not be true for most/many/some/other people, I clearly see how I don't participate in life events in the way I see some people doing. My...
  8. Extreme ideas

    I dream of a world free of Yahoos screeching about their "Rights." No one has Rights.
  9. manipulation

    Yes, but how do they faint? Hot thread elsewhere.
  10. manipulation

    My bad. I thought the question was asking which types manipulate. I didn't read OP. Cruel/exploitive /salesperson types usually have a keen, instinctive ability to read the externals of a person or situation. An individual's vulnerabilities are easy to spot, honestly; People love to talk...
  11. manipulation

    What type loves a family member? What type is likely to die from cancer? :confused: .................................. Agreeableness is a sign of mental stability. Disagreeableness is not. An indiscriminate eagerness to please people at the expense of one's identity and/or well-being...
  12. Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

    Reading tomorrow. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/299700.Today_I_Will_Nourish_My_Inner_Martyr
  13. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    Gangbangers, Online
  14. What do you perceive to be your greatest flaw?

    I'm not sure how this is a positive irl, with real people, but I change my positions on [ ideas, people, etc] easily if I have new information, or even if I see a possible error in my original position. Even after thinking a bit. I seem insincere or naive because of this; also, my words can...
  15. AHS Cult ****SPOILERS****

    OH GOD. "Lena Dunham Is Playing a Real-Life Radical Feminist With a Violent History on AHS: Cult" https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Who-Does-Lena-Dunham-Play-American-Horror-Story-Cult-43982135 :phear: AHS is starting to disturb me.
  16. INTP Nation

    I have a place for him. hang on
  17. INTP Nation

    I thought fascists were E/INTJ or INFJ. You can do it any way you choose! :evil:
  18. What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    Our attempts to quantify nebulous, abstract concepts has been a disaster. The focus on STEM is another disaster.
  19. What is your IQ?

    ^5 No ball sports.
  20. INTP Nation

    I already selected "Libertarian." Start a special thread, and create your own INTP nation. More interesting than "I'm misunderstood," etc.
  21. What is your IQ?

    1st grade WISC: Performance: 108 Verbal: 146 Comp: 131 Kid Stanford-Binet a few yrs. later: Comp: 131 ...................................... 35-yr-old depressed me, WAIS blah: Comp: 108 .... shocked. Called myself "stupid" and clutched my fists so tightly my nails cut my...
  22. AHS Cult ****SPOILERS****

    Yes, I watched the first ep. -- but I heard Lena Dunham slipped inside during filming, and will eventually appear in the show. I need to brace myself. I miss Jessica Lange.
  23. Social anxiety meets sister's wedding ceremony..

    I will elaborate later, but I think it may be healthy to fake injury, and skip the wedding. If your social anxiety is as you describe, take care of yourself. Skip it. What I'm seeing here -- faint and unintentional -- is yet another case of psychological problems not counting as illnesses...
  24. A battle of social ineptitude

    Although I picked the answer I thought was probably correct, most of the expressions seemed blasé, irritated, condescending...as if the person was thinking "Oh God, I can't this fucker much longer." A couple appeared horrified; others exaggerated their emotional state to an absurd degree, like...
  25. Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them.

    :king-twitter: enlarged 20 x maybe with "Only Twits don't tweet!" or something about King Trump tweeting And, I will probably never use that smiley again.:segen:
  26. Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them.

    Nah, with some special exceptions. Most of the time I feel silly wearing a shirt with writing or a picture. What would I want to show the world? "Cutie seeks coffee?" Gag. "Don't ask" with press-on Grumpy Cat? Why? "NPR?" Oh, to impress upon people that I prefer blues and classical...
  27. What is your IQ?

    Hah. I relate. Let me tell you a little story: Okay, three of my friends were required to take an IQ test (f'ing WAIS, which allows subjectivity, no, is always a bit subjective), and anyway, all three received a score of 85! Same test administrator, different days. My best friend has an IQ in...
  28. Do you identify with the child you once were?

    My God. It sounds like you lacked any consistent source of comfort at an age when it's hard for a child to even understand the "why" behind all the abuse. At least a teen can realize that the problem isn't with them, it's with the abusive fucktards and neglectful adults who must have known, but...
  29. What is your IQ?

    Wow. You read me like a book! But you're right, I really don't know all about it. I know it is used to identify learning disorders. But, well, it's also used to determine IQ. Sure, it's possible, but ideally you want an accurate result (or near accurate). Anyway, I'm just going with the...
  30. how many users of INTPf are also users of INTP complex?

    ISFPs and ISTJs dwell online ISTPs are busy being amazing irl (Michonne and Daryl are cool offline) The ISFJ is too busy sacrificing his/ her health for someone who never asked for help; later, the ISFJ is too busy sulking and feeling unappreciated irl, naturally
  31. What is your IQ?

    Can you test schizophrenics? It seems like the positive symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations would be too much noise, like testing in a nightclub. Negative symptoms, forget it. "*silence*...............*silence*.............'A?''a'...no no 'c'...'see you'...." OH FORGET IT.
  32. A battle of social ineptitude

    Control group
  33. how many users of INTPf are also users of INTP complex?

    TypoC Added: I don't get on well at INFP retreats
  34. how many users of INTPf are also users of INTP complex?

    :storks: Yeah. I knew I needed to quit posting for a while when interpersonal conflicts made my real social life peaceful by comparison. I joined a few other N forums recently; I need to appreciate all intuitives, and I'm not benefiting enough from exclusively INTP environments.
  35. Do you identify with the child you once were?

    If you sense some developmental break in continuity that seems like an anomaly to you, like a phone momentarily cutting out, do you think your brain was altered significantly? Think of the ripple effect, here. This "break" can be major or minor, just anything you recall that stands out to you...
  36. What is your IQ?

    Oh Jesus Christ. :facepalm:
  37. What songs are you listening to? /III/

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFfk_J2Hh_8 I support struggling musicians. Back Alley Indie is the raw shit
  38. Mars Terraform

    Giddy up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uOwVg2B79E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIpQbKs5lMs
  39. Odd INTP habits?

    Sometimes I talk and sing to myself in public. I don't hear well, so it's probably louder than I think. Sometimes I walk outside all night. I'm afraid to become too immersed in a book; the world is somewhat unreal to me now, and I'm afraid of becoming completely isolated from reality. I don't...
  40. Hi, you don't know me, but I have a lot of experience and information about antipsychotics and...

    Hi, you don't know me, but I have a lot of experience and information about antipsychotics and the drugs used to treat extrapyramidal side effects. My neck and face began to spasm rhythmically (painfully, and without stopping for hours, until ese drug to rescue). Then, the dopamine agonist med...
  41. Interesting websites?

    I used to love StumbleUpon! i haven't visited since 2009. Reddit is great for recommendations. Recently, I'm digging The whole site. Oops.
  42. Why do you come to intpforum?

    I chose #4 because I think this place is full of posters I could have given birth to...very creepy thought. So, the idea of debating kids is hilarious to me. I lecture, not debate. Anyway, look for a thirty-something or forty-something year old taking a 22-year-old to task, and you've found a...
  43. One of those INTP days I guess

    I just realized who I was quoting. Hi there! Well-written and articulate as always, with excellent points, but I take issue with the premise of the OP. OP is describing the human condition for the thoughtful and intuitive among us. I think it's important for the OP to recognize the --...
  44. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Scattered thoughts: The Bell Curve: Does it exist when a seasoned MBTI vet takes the test? It seems to when people are naive to the fact that -- not just 1/16 personality types -- will be tattooed on their chest, but this type also generalizes to intellectual ability, interests and...
  45. Is it possible to see intelligence in the eyes of a person?

    Nope. Seriously, no. Do you have any scientific basis for this question? It's cool if you don't, I'm just curious.
  46. Getting Unstuck, Evolution & Growth

    From what I read, I agree. I always feel older than other forumites, so let me wax reminiscent for a very wee bit. The only way to successfully escape your rut is to plan. It's best to use cold, hard logic; you must be financially and emotionally self-sufficient before you jump. Although I...
  47. Type Hillary Clinton

    That woman is such an introvert she makes me feel like Bruno Mars or something. Feeler?❌ Either ISTJ or INTJ. I lean N. (Didn't Ivanka write about leaning in? Chelsea probably leans in, too. /dork)
  48. Can you act against your conscience

    Yes, but when you write "tried it," I think of pulling a Drugstore Cowboy, Kalifornia, Thelma and Louise**, or best of all, some good old Clockwork-Orange-Ultraviolence. Painted myself into a corner, yes. I've whittled away my options until I'm left with the dregs -- This is the stuff of pop...
  49. Do INTPs become more normal with age/maturity?

    Unfortunately, yes. Hopefully age (and its part-time lover, maturity) will finally help certain stunted INTPs realize that identifying as "abnormal" (aka, A Special Snowflake) is just a way to feel unique. Much like relying on an MBTI "type" for your identity. Yes, one day you will grow...
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