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  1. Hadoblado

    Are we going insane? (Re:Ranting and Raving)

    I'll note that you're doubling down on the derail, but I'm still going to respond so I guess we're both snagged. Maybe a mod can move us. mfw two ex mods crapping up the forum for the newbies Re: willful ignorance My outlook is also deterministic, so maybe we'll be able to arrive at the same...
  2. Hadoblado

    Are we going insane? (Re:Ranting and Raving)

    I feel like you're stretching what I say so that it falls into something you can respond to with your anti-religion spiel. Out of everything I said: The green is all that you responded to. You then take nutters being inconsistent to mean priest will be consistent (tbf, that's not a huge...
  3. Hadoblado

    Ranting and Raving

    Your communication seems a little scattered but your post overall has a clear direction. Insanity isn't really a term used much in psychology. I think it just means irrational by conventional standards. Thus, if you're a logician, people who are being irrational are not insane just because...
  4. Hadoblado

    Science and IQ

    Because most science doesn't require you to be 150 IQ. Most of science isn't eureka based. Because this would be gatekeeping with no real purpose, since being a good scientist is competence-based, not IQ based. SAT scores etc. are basically IQ tests that also ensure certain competencies...
  5. Hadoblado

    Do you consider psychology as an hard science ?

    Hard/soft not binary. It's on a scale, and psychology is closer to the soft end. Wiki says a hard science is high on perceived methodological rigor, exactitude, and objectivity, with a soft science being low on all these things. The rigour in psychology varies, but it's not perceived as...
  6. Hadoblado

    Disagreeableness and the formation of a shadow

    You seem kinda intense, but I relate in a lot of ways. I'm similar to you in that I have a highly compartmentalised sociality, my disagreeableness is mostly 'in shadow' and I only really show it when my inhibitions are lowered or I know the people I'm talking to very well. I don't make...
  7. Hadoblado

    final straw

    Speed run: - I don't want Serac to leave over this - I don't know why Serac would leave over this - Adaire's response was inappropriate but I too am confused as to why Serac is suddenly sensitive to this stuff - Can someone please explain the call to violence claim? post where it came from...
  8. Hadoblado

    (Left eye >= or <= Right eye)

    Ah, thanks, that makes much more sense to me now. Re: OP This will probably answer your question better than our boundless speculation.
  9. Hadoblado

    (Left eye >= or <= Right eye)

    @Rebis What do you mean by perception isn't simultaneous? What do you mean by visual synchronicity? @Kid_KeK You use all of your brain. Unused brain areas are immediately repurposed (neuroplasticity). For example,a person who loses their eyes might have parts of their occipital lobe repurposed...
  10. Hadoblado

    (Left eye >= or <= Right eye)

    It's unlikely to be a hemisphere thing. Eye dominance is both motor and sensory. While the motor system for each eye is organised contralaterally (as is the vast majority of motor control), the optical sensory information is organised by visual field. So the right hemisphere computes the...
  11. Hadoblado

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    *sobs in forgettableness*
  12. Hadoblado

    How to deal with haters and social enemies

    I think it helps if you avoid thinking of people as enemies. People are deeply flawed. Not your problem. If you start thinking of them as enemies you're allowing them to take up space in your head rent-free. If someone makes life hard, I avoid them or confront them. Sometimes they take up...
  13. Hadoblado

    IQ and life outcomes

    I don't think bumping up IQ test scores has any intrinsic worth. However, increased scores might correlate with things that are valuable. Off the top of my head: - reducing malnutrition - access to education - healthy lifestyle - access to appropriate learning environments outside of...
  14. Hadoblado

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    Yeah they took down the vaginas. Made it a lot easier (though still tricky) to take a vacation care group there. It was pretty boring anyway tbh. Took up a lot of valuable room to make their point - got people talking though. Haven't seen the requiem for vermin or the confessional, that might...
  15. Hadoblado

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    Did you see the head of the colossus at mona? It's my favourite by far.
  16. Hadoblado

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    dingus I had all the time in the world
  17. Hadoblado

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    you still here? I'll meet you You can't take the churches, I've pissed on all of them and they're mine.
  18. Hadoblado

    climate change "skepticism"

    Hmmm... Do you think the inclusion of more years would alter the main point though? What the window they present shows is that CO2 was not as good of a predictor of NH temperature as solar irradiance, until around 1840 where it increasingly improved in predictive validity, overtaking solar...
  19. Hadoblado

    climate change "skepticism"

    Thanks :) I guess I'm a little skeptical of reducing the evidence for climate change down to the methodology of one study from 20+ years ago. That article has been cited 1500+ times, and I doubt you're the first person to question their methods. Regarding 200 years: "A window width of 200 yr...
  20. Hadoblado

    climate change "skepticism"

    I'm finding it kinda hard posting here because it feels like everyone is responding to absent or unstated positions. I guess the general sentiment I want to express is that while fact is not dictated by scientific consensus (truth is not a democracy), opinions deviating from those of the...
  21. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    Hey Darque, I appreciate your approach. It's been a while since I trawled through the literature on this, and I cbf doing it again right now, but I'll give the general conclusions I arrived at (so just the conclusions/impressions, not the evidence or argument). I agree that in a sense...
  22. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    I've looked through IQ tests, but don't believe in functions really. Nevertheless, there is no social or emotional component. They're generally aimed at capturing the core processing speed, flexibility, reliability, max complexity of computation/operation, and pattern recognition. IQ tests...
  23. Hadoblado

    Excuses for bullying.

    I work with children and have to deal with this stuff on the daily. Typically when I take child aside, I will first ask them what happened and why they think it happened. Often they give a very one-sided version of events, especially if they're younger. At 16, your daughter probably has a good...
  24. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    Okay fair, but that's one person. Is their view even mainstream? You're talking about American sociologists as if it's a cabal. Is this one person representative of the entire field? Also, what that person said is only wrong if you assume they mean that biological mechanisms are irrelevant...
  25. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    The way you speak about a whole field as if it's a monolith is disturbing. You don't state or address anything that they say, you just invoke them as a boogeyman. This is exactly what you did earlier in the thread about biologists and their views on racism. I'm open to the shortcomings of...
  26. Hadoblado

    Australian Bushfires

    What level of proof do you think you need?
  27. Hadoblado

    Quality complaint about moderator

    Listen to Polaris for some much-needed context and perspective people. The forum is better than it has been the entire time I've been here. The new members that are taking umbrage at the moderation are pretty good members, even if they're on the wrong side of this issue. I was in Pols...
  28. Hadoblado

    Forming new habits

    My view is similar to Seracs. People tend to think of willpower and habit-forming as absolute, but gradual improvement over time is king. It's about improving your baseline and adjusting your lifestyle, not about suddenly becoming a perfect specimen overnight.
  29. Hadoblado

    Censorship and Kormak

    This whole thread is a shitshow built from nothing bored forum best forum
  30. Hadoblado

    Censorship and Kormak

    zero chill
  31. Hadoblado

    P-hacking and scientific integrity

    How universities cover up compromised studies is another layer of fuckery that needs to be overcome. I thought this video was a good case study.
  32. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    Okay, thanks for your honesty. I genuinely appreciate it even if I feel like I had to drag it out of you. Most people that share your views have continued to hide them ("trolling", but also actually believing so not really...). Your honesty is refreshing. Now I have a concern that you're...
  33. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    If you cared about furthering discussion on this issue you'd address expert conclusions instead of side-stepping them. You come here as a guru on your pet topic. You cherry-pick the work of other people where it agrees with you while leaving their conclusions conspicuously absent. You have not...
  34. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    'thefuckoutmathread allaya what's wrong with you people go outside or something
  35. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    Can we please keep the race talk to Abe's race thread.
  36. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    I'm not really asking you to settle for it, so much as acknowledge and address it? I have no idea how you can think of it as a shortcut unless you're doing your own research instead. Do the people whose expertise you're drawing conclusions from come to the same conclusions? If not, why not?
  37. Hadoblado

    Racism is innate

    You're using expert opinion to substantiate your beliefs but then haven't mentioned anything about what those same experts conclude. Do they disagree with you, and if so, why?
  38. Hadoblado

    gender role test

    42-39 - Undifferentiated-Androgynous I'm a bit dorkish but I'd describe myself as presenting masculine. I do however prefer woman friends who seem a bit more grown up in the ways that matter to me - so this result doesn't really surprise me. I have a very strong focus on people and my academic...
  39. Hadoblado

    Well written characters in gaming you enjoyed

    Revan from Kotor.
  40. Hadoblado

    Perpetual "racism"

    obviously not safe space cos leftist peanut gallery jeering at civil discourse
  41. Hadoblado

    Perpetual "racism"

    Racist is the new n word
  42. Hadoblado

    How do we prove causation?

    While I think you're correct that 100% proof is impossible, I don't think it's unethical to claim knowledge without 100% proof, and I don't think it's necessarily bias either. Do you know that it's not proven? Do you know that only correlation is established? Do you know that it's bias? I...
  43. Hadoblado

    Women freak me out

    It sounds like social anxiety disorder? I'd got to a shrink and see what they think. Drinking can ease mild anxiety temporarily, but unless you've learned how to handle yourself you're likely going to go and fuck up in the most regrettable ways. People are idiots when they first start drinking...
  44. Hadoblado

    If you could choose to major/re-major in anything at all, what would you choose?

    I majored in psychology. I'm not sure if I'd exchange it for something else, but I'd like to get some political science, sociology, engineering, business, and economics under my belt. Maybe some neuroscience too, but that'd largely be reinforcing the areas I've already covered.
  45. Hadoblado

    Craming for exams

    Cramming is shit anyway. Time management is king.
  46. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    To be clear, I was asking why people seem to be obsessed with it beyond its value in predicting academic and occupational success, as well as cognitive decline/deficits. It's not as bad as it was, because a lot of the people who talked about IQ have left us. At the time, it seemed to me like...
  47. Hadoblado

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    There're two reasons I can think of: Sometimes people are oblivious to the reasons they say things. Sometimes they think they're saying a joke, but they're testing the social waters for what's okay to talk about, or trying to wiggle their way around the social hierarchy. They don't think to...
  48. Hadoblado

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    I find the topic of how to codify society interesting but am perturbed by your proselytising.
  49. Hadoblado

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    But you promoted someone who doesn't agree with women's rights, undermining your own intended goal. So I'm pointing that out to you because the context you're providing doesn't make sense given the point you're trying to make. See how Serac's response was about lefts and tolerance, not...
  50. Hadoblado

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Most progressives don't have a problem thinking Islam is wrong about women, if we're assuming that Islam's views are the regressive ones that are constantly discussed in media. It's not a very strong gotcha at all. Admittedly some don't really get it and get flustered when asked probing...
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