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  1. Toad

    IRC still around?

    Well is it?
  2. Toad

    Toad says "Hi"

    I was just googling something the other day and one of the search results lead me back here. I've decided that I quite enjoy reading the posts here and will be sticking around...for now. This place has grown immensely. I feel lost, like a child at the supermarket. But I see some familiar...
  3. Toad

    Job for people who don't pay attention to detail?

    Every job I look up lists "attention to detail" as an asset. What job is there for people like me who don't pay close attention to detail???
  4. Toad

    Quiet or Noisy Atmosphere when Studying?

    I've noticed when I study I have to be around noise. I usually study in the cafeteria. When I study in a quiet place, I get distracted with my thoughts. The noise helps me focus on the task at hand instead of daydreaming. Is this a sign of extroversion or introversion? How do you guys study?
  5. Toad

    Have you ever studied philosophy?

    If you answer is no, please answer my following question. Do you think you are missing out on something important in life because you haven't studied philosophy? This is a homework assignment. I'm supposed to be asking real people, but I thought this forum would serve the same purpose...
  6. Toad

    I'm getting bored of the internet.

    I just got a new laptop and now I'm so bored of the internet. I downloaded a shit load of programs (most of which I don't use, but only d/l because they are programs that are impressive to have). Can you guys recommend some things for me to do?
  7. Toad


    Do you have a mentor? How did you get one? I would like one.
  8. Toad

    Hard life makes you a better person...

    Does a having a hard life make a person better in the long run? I was recently thinking, my life is so easy. I have had my problems in the past, but it wasn't as bad as other peoples' lives out there. All I do is go to school. I live in a great house and have plenty of food. There are kids...
  9. Toad

    Sherlock Holmes 2009

    This movie looks very promising. I love Sherlock Holmes. The film seems to have a good mix of action, comedy, and mystery. I'm not too sure about the plot though. I hope I don't get disappointed. I like Robert D. Jr. too. YouTube- Sherlock Holmes - Trailer 1 [HD]
  10. Toad

    I ate a spicy pepper...

    and the spice went from my tongue to my lips to my fingers and then to my eye. :(
  11. Toad

    Need help choosing laptop

    I need to buy a new cheap laptop. It won't be for gaming, just school work. So far I'm down to these two laptops. Can you guys help me choose? http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4636887&Sku=S445-150038...
  12. Toad

    How many hours do you devote to studying...

    per week?
  13. Toad

    Breaking Bad

    Shows on AMC. Very good show. Awesome story and writing. The story is about a Chemistry teacher who, after finding out he has cancer, decides to cook and sell meth. With his background in chemistry, he creates the best crystal meth in town, soon building himself an empire. The story...
  14. Toad

    Am I the only selfish asshole on this planet?

    I don't really care about anybody. I only pretend to care about people because they benefit me in some way. All my actions are selfish. I help people because I want them to like me. I want to look "good". I have evil thoughts that run through my mind all the time. I am never happy for...
  15. Toad

    Is it a good idea to share your goals and ambitions with everyone?

    I usually keep my goals to myself. The only people who know my goals right now is my gf and my mom. I think I do this because my goals are quite ambitious and with my history I don't want people to think I'm trying to show them up or show off. I don't want them to talk about me and say...
  16. Toad

    The Catcher in the Rye

    Is it just me or does this book suck? After hearing all the good things people said about the book, I figured I would give it a try. I don't regret reading the book, but it just was not as good as everyone had hyped it up to be. I found the the main character to be way too annoying. About...
  17. Toad

    What happened to the "Where are you from?" thread?

    Seriously, I can't find it :confused:
  18. Toad

    Sleep Times

    Just curious. What time do you guys sleep and get up? I am going through this weird sleeping 3-4 hours at night and 3-4 hours during the day phase. I think it may be due to my new medication...
  19. Toad

    A quick question about E/I,N/S,T/F/J/P

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. E/I and J/P is chosen through nurture and N/S and S/T is chosen through nature. Is that right? I read it on the forum somewhere, but I may have mixed it up. Please correct me if you know.
  20. Toad

    Punk/Alternative Rock!

    Let's rock this forum! Make your own rock concert! I' like to start it off a little slow. Here's "It ends tonight" - All-American Rejects: Now here's Weezer to kick it up a notch! Enter Rise Against for something a little more hardcore: That song was so good, they play an encore...
  21. Toad

    City of Heroes/Villains

    This MMORPG is kind of old, but it looks really cool. I want to play! I've always dreamed of having super powers...question is...Should I use them for good or evil? Has anyone played this game before? YouTube- City of Heroes - Hero vs Villain 3
  22. Toad

    Do you tend to type people now?

    I've noticed that I will always try to figure out a person's type now whenever I meet someone new. Is that a good or bad thing?
  23. Toad

    Recommend Good Self-Help Books

    Go ahead. Recommend some to me. I want to start reading some again but I have no idea where to start.
  24. Toad

    Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous Club!

    This isn't really a fun club, more of a support group of course! No 12 step-believing in a higher power crap here. Just people who want to be sober and stay sober with encouragement from others who are in the same shoes as they are. So I'll start. My name is Toad. I have been sober from...
  25. Toad

    Being 22 and Confused

    I know most of us are in our 20's and are in school right now. So I was just wondering if you guys felt as confused as I do right now. I thought high school was supposed to be the hardest time in our lives, but I think this is the hardest time for me. I just don't know what I believe in...
  26. Toad

    More INTP's in introverted countries?

    http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/intpforum.com Besides the United States, intpforum.com gets most of its traffic from countries where introversion is regarded in higher esteem. Interesting, no?
  27. Toad

    Abortion Vs. Adoption

    First of all, I have no opinion as of yet against or for abortion. So for those people who think my thread is aimed at pro-choice or any other groups, I am not. Why do people abort their babies when there are plenty of couples willing to adopt a baby? I am all for a person's right to...
  28. Toad

    If you had one year left to live

    ...would that motivate you to live life fuller and try harder to accomplish your goals? Or would knowing that it is the end unmotivate you? I mean, what's the point of trying any more if you know you're dead in a year, right? Just wondering what you guys would do...
  29. Toad

    No. of Posts per page?

    Did you guys change how many posts there are per page or did I just accidentally click something? There used to be only 10 per...now there are like 50 per page.. It's kind of annoying. Is neone else having this prlbem?
  30. Toad

    Bipolar Disorder

    So through recent traumatic events in my life, I found myself in the Psychiatric ward of a hospital. Speaking with all the doctors they diagnosed me with Bipolar Type II Disorder. Reading the description of the disorder, I agree. I feel somewhat relieved to find out what is wrong with me...
  31. Toad

    I want to be released...

    Does life seem like it's getting harder and harder? It seems like anxiety and stress continues to build inside of me. The world just keeps on demanding more from me. Demanding me to work, to go to school, to be responsible, to care for others, to conform! I can't see the end. It seems like...
  32. Toad

    Fuck Christmas

    God damn i hate christmas. Not because I'm anti-religious, but because of the social obligations. I HATE buying presents almost as much as I hate receiving them. I never know wut to get ppl. My presents are always either too extravagant or too cheap. I also hate stuff ppl buy for me. I...
  33. Toad

    Resumes/Job Applications

    I am currently trying to apply for this part-time job at an airport. It's been a long time since I have worked. My work experience is pretty much just sales. I have to apply online and send in my resume online too. Do you guys have any tips on how to get myself noticed? I also don't...
  34. Toad

    Can we control our dreams?

    Do you guys believe you have some control over your dream? Listen to this. So I start off with the power to fly. I'm zippin all over the place, a little new at it, so I was kind of stumbling here and there. But then after I land, I can't seem to be able to fly anymore. I keep trying and...
  35. Toad

    Are we not talking about it?

    Are we not going to talk about why the server wad down today? Why the server said that Intpforum had either gone over it's bandwith limit, hasn't paid it's bills, or has done something illegal? Are you guys having financial trouble?
  36. Toad

    Stumbled upon Segmented Sleep!!!

    During the summer I had developed this nasty habit of sleeping all day and staying up all night. About a couple of weeks ago, I decided to correct this by not sleeping at all during the day. I failed, and fell asleep at 5 pm. However, I woke up at 10 pm then proceeded to fall back to sleep at...
  37. Toad

    Texas Hold 'em Tonight! Let's play!

    Who wants to play some hold 'em using the new Gameroom tonight? I want to set up a game!
  38. Toad

    Culinary Prowess

    Do you guys enjoy cooking? I love cooking. I love raiding my fridge and putting things together to create a palette blasting meal! I have just recently been able to cook though. When I was younger, I used to love watching people cook, but when I try cooking myself it would become a disaster...
  39. Toad

    King of the Hill!!! Cancelled!?!?

    Oh no!!! One of my favorite television shows is about to be cancelled! I grew up with this hilarious comedy. It's sad to think the characters are not going to continue to progress in their lives. They are going to be stuck in inanimate limbo! I don't know if I'm allowed to post this link...
  40. Toad

    Spotting N's and S's

    I want to make some N friends. How do you judge whether a person is an N or an S? What observations can tip me off?
  41. Toad

    The Colony

    I just saw this show on the discovery channel. It was entertaining as hell. It's a reality tv show with 10 volunteers who participate in a post-apocalyptic world. It is so cool because the show hires actors to play "marauders" and other colonies who actually attack the the volunteers (not...
  42. Toad

    Spell Check

    So I've noticed that our mispelled words aren't underlined anymore.... Do you think we can get it back? I was starting to learn how to spell a lot of words i had forgotten.
  43. Toad

    Destiny, Fate, Karma...

    Do you guys believe that everything happens for a reason? That our lives are guided by the hands of destiny? That all the good and bad experiences in our lives are all part of a plan? A bigger picture? Are you an insignifcan't yet crucial piece of a very large puzzle? Sigh...sometimes at...
  44. Toad

    Animal MBTI type

    Are animals smart enough to have their own personality type? If they do, is there a test for them? Maybe just some animals? Which animals do you think? I was thinking maybe dolphins, apes, dogs, and cats are smart enough to have their own personality. This thread is fun...:p
  45. Toad

    1 or a million?

    Is the life of one great person more important than thel ives of millions? Are the lives of people like Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt, or Michael Jacksons worth more than millions of others? Maybe even billions? These are the kind of "great persons" that move society and cultures...
  46. Toad

    Military Service

    I'm thinking about joining the Canadian Navy. I figure if I can't go to school or I can't get money to go to school then I'll enlist. Who knows? Maybe discipline is what I am lacking in my life. Has anyone been in the military that can share some experiences with me? Do you guys think...
  47. Toad

    Toad: Lonely in OC...

    Does anyone live near orange county and is 21 and over? I am so bored! It's friday night for god sakes... I swear I won't try to rape you or rob you lol. Well, if you live near the OC and wanna grab a drink with the Toadster give me a shout. Remember! Just because I was named Slyguy and...
  48. Toad


    If I think I am half Introvert and half Extrovert, does that mean my dominant cognitive functions switch too? Do I have both Ti and Te as my dominant trait? wiki, "An ambivert is normally comfortable with groups and enjoys social interaction, but also relishes time alone and away from the...
  49. Toad


    What do you guys feel about attention? I know as INTP's we are supposed to be closed off and abhor attention. I think this may be the reason some of you guys question my INTP-ness. I, unlike an INTP, enjoy attention. However! I do not enjoy direct attention. I love subtle attention...
  50. Toad

    90's Love Songs

    Hi guys. I'm trying to make a karaoke playlist of 90's love songs. Here are some songs I have already: nothing's gonna change my love for you making love out of nothing at all careless whisper hello saving all my love for you right here waiting Everything i do i do it for you summer...
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