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  1. Moocow


    Since I know most or all of us here spend the overwhelming majority of our time in front of computer screens, particularly at night, I am recommending an incredibly simple and useful program: http://stereopsis.com/flux/ Basically, it reduces the blue spectrum on your monitor later in the...
  2. Moocow

    How and Why the Functions Work

    I'm making this thread to give everyone a technical breakdown of what is happening with each function, rather than just a stream of thought, wall-of-text explanation to dig through. Let's start here by clearly defining the first dichotomy of how we work: Perception and Direction Or, Input and...
  3. Moocow

    ~~~*My Intro Thread*~~~

    I am so important that I go to the trouble of writing everything in a very special, centered way and I break my lines like I'm writing poetry because my life is so much more poetic and central than yours. I have to do this to make sure you know that. I also made the font gray Because I'm gray on...
  4. Moocow

    Iceland: Land of INTPs?

    http://www.liveabroad.com/articles/iceland.html From what this article describes, Iceland sounds like the perfect place for an INTP. In fact, the country itself shares our individual characteristics: distant, cold, surreal, yet whimsical, laid back, and cooperative. Also drunk. Some really...
  5. Moocow

    Why do Fi dominants instill rage in me like nothing else?

    I've recently come to see a trend throughout my life. It seems like the times when I've been the most angry have always been due to friends that use primary or secondary Fi (ENFPs, INFPs, ISFPs, ESFPs) I can seriously go back through my history and look at all the people that have caused me the...
  6. Moocow

    Plastic bags and the environment?

    I ran across a statistic that 99% of the plastic bags we use end up in landfills... Now I'm trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with that. Sure, plastic bags take a very very long time to break down, but how is that specifically harmful? I've also read that as they break down they release...
  7. Moocow

    Nonfiction books

    I've been trying to get myself to read more often. I feel a little unlucky having been raised with every kind of digital distraction available, so I stopped reading at my own will early on in favor of more intellectually stagnant things like video games. But most of all, when I read a book, I...
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