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  1. Feeling betrayed by your body

    Intp supposed to got their head in the clouds. Does this lack of presence and embodiment stem from a sense of the body as being chaotic? Sometimes I appreciate it but many times it seems to have made a decision about how to feel which I strongly disagree with but am subject to. How to occupy the...
  2. About the racket this man is making

    From 3:58-4:06 in this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ReW9uUYm-DA&t=3m50s That... dampening, I'll call it.. where it gets all frenzied and blurry - is that effect more likely some kind of guitar savant trickery or a fault of the recording? It settles down after this last 'burst' which may or may...
  3. Humor actually a disease?

    There's this infographic kinda thing that earnestly talks about even very but-not-just minor forms of humor as like... psycho-social pathologies and I was curious if anyone has it or could point the way. Sort of TVTropes-ish but drier and more clinical and not itself trying to be funny. The...
  4. Robert Newman

    What do you make of this person? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIpm_8v80hw
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