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  1. Do not even look up Factorio

    It's like crack for most NTs, so unless you have a long holiday coming or are unemployed with loads of free time, don't touch it. I am not using reverse psychology, it's a fair warning.
  2. Likely ISTP expressing himself

    Found this YouTube channel very entertaining. I love how much he talks in the videos.
  3. What is Anktark?

    I want your input on whether my make believe is somewhat analogous to your make believe. Here is my question: what MBTI type do I come of as to you? If able, provide some examples or reasoning.
  4. Mistaking ataraxia for sociopathy

    I wonder how often that occurs. For quite a while I thought whether or not my actions and thoughts follow the definition of a sociopath (by now I think they do not). However, from the little amount of information I gathered about ataraxia, I think I have it (or it has me?). I am not saying I...
  5. Somewhat immune to marketing?

    I am not sure if this is just INTP feature or majority's of people who were streamed with lots of marketing excreta. If I do look at the commercial, I usually disassemble it, looking at it's type ("you would be looser for not having it", "it turns things to gold that cures cancer"), target...
  6. Do you walk fast?

    Do you walk faster than most other people? I noticed some INTP/Js mentioning it. I walk fast even during my casual strolls when I barely pay attention to my surroundings and if there is a place to be, I might as well be slowly running. My heartbeat and breathing rate do increase, but it's...
  7. StarDrive

    Anyone else been incapacitated with it? I spent a lot of time in ship design, probably more than in other parts of the game. Great 4X piece of art and very similar to what I would consider a near-perfect 4X game.
  8. I am a bunch of fluctuations...

    ... worrying whether or not my (in)action(s) will have a positive effect to me and whom/what receives the negative. I am a cleric in RPGs, for multiple reasons, but mostly perverting characters and doing something out of the ordinary with the class. An engineer. I am curious how and why...
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