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  1. strangeguy


    Hmm... Well Pretty much, nowadays...
  2. strangeguy


    Observing many youths in my country makes me wonder, what is education all about.. Lack of character, substance and critical reasoning.. It seems that many people are sent to schools to be industrialised and not educated. Or many its just tthat the majority of the human population are made...
  3. strangeguy

    Trouble expressing ourselves?

    hmmm me too.... i seems to find it hard to pronouns words and speak properly in front of people, but i seem alright when talking through phone. It is hard to express myself in writing as well.... but it seems easier for me to express myself through drawings....
  4. strangeguy

    The Personality Defect Test

    hmm i am a loner...
  5. strangeguy

    help in studies

    So my failure to focus is not really cause by some pyschological disorder. That was one of my speculation
  6. strangeguy

    help in studies

    its a high school exam consisting of various subjects. etc physics chemistry, maths. Its like part of the criteria to pass on to the next next of high school. i am worrying that if my problem persist, i can get to university...
  7. strangeguy

    help in studies

    i just got back my mid year examination results. and seriously it is like so bad thought my ranking is at the middle of my class. It's not that i am dumb or something, thought i never really study. But i think my poor results is due to my inability to concentate during the exam. i tend to lose...
  8. strangeguy

    Reasons why you hate humanity

    I use to hate humans. But i realise it's no use hating them. However i know that one day all of humanity will end because of humanity itself
  9. strangeguy

    The way girls walk

    I have being wondering is the personaity of girls related to their walking posture? i wonder do all of you know what i am try to put across. I have oberserve that certain type of girls have certain walking posture. Can the girls in this forum help out?
  10. strangeguy


    I can't understand and explain why i feel so uncomfortable and irritated in crowds. It just put so much stress on my mind that i can't think properly and feel extremely angry for nothing. Can someone give an explaination for this or maybe share their experience?
  11. strangeguy

    Dream woman/girl or man/boy

    ermmm Refined, very pretty, smart and quiet.
  12. strangeguy

    sleep and consciousness

    for me iam always sleepy it's suprising as i think better while i am in an half sleep mode and all those think really drain lots of energy rom my brains
  13. strangeguy

    What are your two strongest type characteristics using Paragon?

    introvert-11 intuitive-12 thinker-12 perceiver-12
  14. strangeguy


    have you all wondered if you might be suffering from some mental disorders well for me i found that i got a lot of them here's a link for a personality disorder test http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv heres my results DisorderRatingParanoid:Very HighSchizoid:Very...
  15. strangeguy

    INTPs and family issues

    i hate my family hates all i can say though of course, i hate everyone and every part of being a human
  16. strangeguy


    Do you guys feel very lonely sometimes? i myself felt very lonely most of the time...
  17. strangeguy

    definition of being smart

    how do we INTPs classify people as smart. Are those people that have high grades really smart? For me, i will sort of analyse them, run 'tests' on them before balancing the factors and then deciding whether they are smart or not?
  18. strangeguy

    definition of being smart

    how do we INTPs classify people as smart. Are those people that have high grades really smart? For me, i personally will sort of analyse them, running 'tests' on them before balancing the factors and then classify them in to Smart and stupid groups.
  19. strangeguy

    Dream 'Job'

    for me i would prefer being a researcher or a physics professor
  20. strangeguy

    Why INTP and ENTJ?

    hmmm i don't understand as well. actually i myself are i bad relationship with a ENTJ
  21. strangeguy


    Well, i dont like to be a leader. Though i sort of understand people inside out cause i will analyse them inside out but i cant handle them. i just hate people. i like to be the mastermind in the dark, thats all i like. SO i think the failure to handle people is one of our greatest downfall in...
  22. strangeguy

    Do you like being an INTP?

    well being an INTP makes me feel proud, happy and most importantly miserable. complex, thats all i can say. sometimes i felt very lonely cause no one seems to understands me yet sometimes i am ok with it. it is very difficult to find someone to be with, mosty due to me unable to trust anyone and...
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