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  1. Late2theParty

    When is Ti most useful? Is it necessary?

    As a dominant Ti user I have a strong desire to use Ti... a lot. But I constantly find myself in situations where others view a Ti approach as unnecessary. Most often people just want a Te approach. Just get something done that works. This would be in opposition to Ti which is generally...
  2. Late2theParty

    Developing Ti - Ti Activities

    I've been reading a lot about Ti vs Te. I think I have a pretty clear understanding of what Te does and what activities that utilize a lot of Te would be. But for Ti while I feel though I understand what it is... I'm not clear on what activities exclusively use Ti. Here's a pretty good...
  3. Late2theParty


    Saw this the other day, it's a really beautiful film. Everything about it is very well done, the acting / casting / the soundtrack and cinematography. As an introvert.... something about falling in love with an OS was at the same time strangely appealing but also incredibly lacking without a...
  4. Late2theParty

    Did I Imagine a Relationships Sub Section?

    I swear the other day I saw a "Relationships" section added to the Subforums in the "Within" area. Did I just imagine that or did it get put up and then removed for some reason? Can't seem to find any info on it. Perhaps it's a glitch in the matrix.
  5. Late2theParty


    Anybody seen this? I stumbled across it by pure chance a few years ago. I absolutely adore it. The premise is basically a politician and his friend a poet are visiting Mt St Michael France and randomly meet a scientist. They end up having an epic conversation that lasts the entire movie...
  6. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    I've had this issue my whole life... where I constantly avoid "doing" things... even things I really really like. I procrastinate and put off whatever it is I need to "do", and I'll just try to space out think about it instead. I'll put off watching a movie I want to watch, because it it would...
  7. Late2theParty

    A good way to type someone?

    In a lot of threads I've been reading lately I'll see questions about how to type someone. I see a lot of people trying to type somebody else off of visual cues, and personality quirks. For me one of the best ways to come to a conclusion on someone's type is to get into a conversation with...
  8. Late2theParty

    Nothing To Do With the Movie

    http://www.superbad.com/ I could get lost here for hours....
  9. Late2theParty

    Anyone Obsessed With Melodies?

    I find myself obsessed with music that has very strong hooky / complicated melodies, like the Beatles. I really like how their melodies are strong, robust and the rest of the song revolves around the melody. I pretty much look for that trait in any genre I listen to. I especially love...
  10. Late2theParty

    Stepping Out of My Head to Say Hello

    Hello all. A few months ago I found out I was an INTP... and what it meant to be one. The world seems to make so much more sense. I was relieved to find out others shared my strange combinations of habits and traits. I started analyzing all my friends and acquaintances I've had over the...
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