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  1. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    Well, that depends.
  2. Do not even look up Factorio

    It's like crack for most NTs, so unless you have a long holiday coming or are unemployed with loads of free time, don't touch it. I am not using reverse psychology, it's a fair warning.
  3. Humans are earth's cancer

    Quicktwist and Rook have expressed some ideas I wanted to after reading the OP, so now I won't have to. Yay! 1. It was touched upon, but to reiterate, Earth is HUGE by individual human understanding. If nature really wanted to kill us, it would require no effort on it's part. There are myriad...
  4. Some Advice Required

    If you can find a company that would take you on and maybe even provide a mentor, that would be optimal IMO. However, that's a little unlikely. Have you considered just creating a little project to both learn ( I find that almost the best way to learn further after I have understood the...
  5. Do you own a dictaphone to record your thoughts?

    If you own a smartphone, there should be an application for that. Personally, I use an equivalent of a notepad. It forces me to structure my thoughts more and then I don't need to listen to my ideas later to see what they are about.
  6. New Earth Experiment

    I tried to think about this situation and keep hitting "Too many variables" wall. Let's say all subjectivity, from the way robots talk, to scientific teachings writing style, is avoided. Depending on how much scientific information is provided, the populous might become interested why are...
  7. Likely ISTP expressing himself

    Found this YouTube channel very entertaining. I love how much he talks in the videos.
  8. The Ultimate Collection of Webcomics

    Goes deep each time. http://existentialcomics.com/
  9. What will disappear in the future

    Most current jobs. Automation, baby! Shopping centers/malls. With online shopping and mixed reality, why bother going there when you can just get stuff delivered? Physical keyboards, mice and hell, why not, all handheld devices. They had a good run, but it's time. My annoying neighbors...
  10. I had a good laugh watching this.

    Thanks for sharing, nice find!
  11. Stardew Valley

    No AI can procrastinate better than I do. It might pretend, but deep down inside it will know it is just a poseur. On serious note, an AI like that could be useful as training wheels, but over longer periods it would make me miserable. Essentially, such AI would turn you into a vegetable...
  12. Hello, I'm new here.

    I had been planning on watching Black Butler, but this life thing keeps getting in the way :) I have heard of InuYasha, Fate works and Moribito. The Ajin sounds nice. I don't really look for specific genre(s), if I like the style and the content, I am hooked. Though I do enjoy thinky-thinky...
  13. Hello, I'm new here.

    I like how you formatted your response. Also, what you did there, I see it ;) Easy on the eyes too. The research sounds like a more encompassing interest in the person and not just the impact of their work. I am kind of a polar opposite and enjoy the historical evolution of ideas or...
  14. Hello, I'm new here.

    Hello, Deci. Take this with a bucket of water, for I may be a salty asshat. Why use the full Decipheris, if you would rather go by Deci? Is it meant to work as a sign that people remember you, your posts and/or are friendly/familiar with you? Or just an oversight? "Brown" is rather large...
  15. Anyone else struggling with Solipsism?

    Thanks for bringing attention to the joke hidden in the tittle. Wouldn't have seen it myself. This thread could have been funnier if no one answered :)
  16. INTP Likeablility

    "Oh my god, s/he is going to kill me! Just look at those eyes!.. Oh god, I must calm down and not make any sudden movements. I will just get my order to not provoke them and then get the hell away AFAP."
  17. Disabilities, External Circumstances and Nature vs. Nurture on Personality Types

    My apologies if I am being redundant, just want to be sure my perspective on this is clear. There is no standard for being an INTP, because it's just a framework, a concept, a superset; similarly to Homo Sapiens. Belonging to Homo Sapiens means you are likely to walk on two legs (bipedal...
  18. New to the game

    So, alveoli or small intestines are fair game? You are a brave person. :D Welcome aboard, I am the resident silent guy that is totally, like... up to something.
  19. I like sad ambient music ... Do you?

    I don't listen to a lot of ambient music, but when I do, it's usually flute, violin and/or piano. Something that flows easily- pure electronic music sort of pokes at me too much to be ambient, but I like it when it accompanies other instruments. Alternatively, classical music fits the purpose.
  20. INTP approaches to money management/ bookkeeping/ accounting/ taxes tasks

    An INTP approach would be creating a new moneyless society, thus solving the problem once and at it's roots. Have you tried that?
  21. The Ultimate Collection of Webcomics

    This one uses some nice metaphors from time to time. http://buttersafe.com/2015/05/21/burning-out/ Or just plain different perspective on things.
  22. Please could you prove that I'm wrong?

    You are wrong. I read your post three times and with each successive reading I grew increasingly convinced that you were wrong. I then called over my neighbour and he is an expert on these kind of things and he too is pretty sure that you are wrong. Nevertheless, he called his sister, who had...
  23. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I am not sure where I heard this and whether it was about Final fantasy games, but "the FF intros/trailers say nothing about the game or it's story in as many words as possible". My familiarity with the series comes from some videos and that's pretty much it. I recognized the Buster sword and...
  24. valar morghulis

    Well then, are you very fat or very dense? :D Also, hello.
  25. New Job in Tech Support

    Are you on-site tech or on phone? Both?
  26. Hi and some thinking...

    Hello. What are you? What would you rather be? If all sophonts on your current planet, except for you, were gone for a month, what would you do? If a tree falls in a forest and scares a nearby rabbit into a winter phase, would you laugh? If you had telekinesis with range of up to 20 meters...
  27. Hello I'm Reign

    Hello, I am Anktark of the Swarm. If you are doubleplusuninsane, stop trying to introduce yourself and introduce yourself.
  28. Need input: Are the lower functions "slaved" to the dominant or are they independent?

    Neither, in my opinion. I think personality can be abstracted and the functions individualized, but they don't work in a serial and separate manner. It's like asking whether carbon is master of all other atoms in your body. For the sake of simplification, we can say that human body contains...
  29. Can we type my IXXP Best Friend?

    So far I have found out that personality is less about what and more about how/why. I would suggest looking at INFJ descriptions. MBTI stereotypes might be good at the start to get the idea of the system, but using them for actual typing can lead to faulty conclusions. Saying someone can't be...
  30. As an INTP what do you think are some personal traits that a boyfriend/girlfriend can't have?

    These plus: -arrogant about being close minded/ignorant
  31. INTP's are becoming obsolete

    Why would people pay for anything, if most of the things are done by robots?
  32. Anime suggestions

    Nichijou. Happy and carefree. Unless you burst a lung, that is. But that's up to you.
  33. kind of scary

    Wait, so having herpes is now normal? This is both a little scary and hilarious. Is it still going to be considered a disease or just a another virus in a human's accepted slew of fauna we carry already?
  34. nonsensical function combos

    Nonsensical in the general MBTI view maybe. In Socionics, Ni is INTP's demonstrative function- a function not as trusted as the main one, but used quite often and mostly seen as obvious, taken for granted.
  35. INTP's are becoming obsolete

    From the same perspective, so are all other personality types. It's ok, we had a good run.
  36. Hello, I'm your Mind Giving you Someone to Talk To.

    Hello. It's relieving to find out that there is no need to try to fix yourself; you are not broken. You lie inside yourself for hours and they say you are out of touch with this rampant chaos, their reality, blurring and stirring the truth and the lies, till you don't know what's real and...
  37. Do INTP wish to improve this world?

    I think I am getting the gist of it, but could OP clarify what is meant by "world"? It's a rather ambiguous and broad term. Personally, I want to improve my understanding of the world and since I am how I understand the world, at the same time I will improve myself. Slowly burning, breaking and...
  38. INTP's not fond of awards?

    If there is a way to avoid such events, I do. They inflict anything from mild annoyance to murderous thoughts on me. Even if it weren't for the people, I still consider awards of little significance, because I am probably thinking about new/other things already.
  39. The Ultimate Collection of Webcomics

    Some not mentioned so far: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?id=9 Goblins comic http://www.goblinscomic.org/06262005/ Grrl Power. Nerdy girl with ADD as superhero http://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/48 Doghouse Diaries...
  40. Any other INTP's bad at maths ?

    By "sucked at maths" you mean that you had a hard time trying to understand it or that you got bad grades? My take on this is that math by itself can be too far removed and Ne can a hard time drawing connections in a vacuum. Personally, I appreciate math, but by itself it's... tasteless. I...
  41. What is Anktark?

    Alrighty then, thank you. Those do seem like believable explanations. *goes off to start another thread killing spree*
  42. I was bonding with two fishes

    In the early twenty first century human evolution took a rather different turn. Lots of people in the developed world started adjusting to the information overload, allowing them to increase both breath and depth of communication and perception. While symbiotic relationships between an...
  43. What is Anktark?

    Thank you. There is at least one person thinking I didn't quite misunderstood myself and MBTI as much as I thought I might have. Originally, my OP was supposed to be a lot longer, explaining why I am positive I am INsomething; that I understand it's hard to type someone only from their posts...
  44. Hello from an INFJ

    Hello and welcome. Essentially, subjective truth is all we have.
  45. Robot Chef

    We are probably thinking of different concepts here. Your idea is a sort of chef that resides in your kitchen as it is now. I am thinking of an automated food processor/kitchen that humans don't walk into. Like you don't walk into your refrigerator or an oven (unless they are big enough). In my...
  46. What is Anktark?

    I want your input on whether my make believe is somewhat analogous to your make believe. Here is my question: what MBTI type do I come of as to you? If able, provide some examples or reasoning.
  47. Robot Chef

    What if you want to make a meal out of your own fresh produce? What if you want a custom meal, that is not sold anywhere else? What if you are flying to a different planet and can't take that factory? What if you don't trust people who operate that factory and/or don't want preservatives and...
  48. Robot Chef

    I think I was unclear in trying to express my discontent with the portrayal of the fully automated kitchen. Hands and arms are great: the forms follows the function and they are truly multifunctional. We can use them to throw rocks, spears, make a cup, dig with them, paddle, make a fist, push...
  49. Robot Chef

    I am all for automated kitchens, that's one of the things that need to be done. However, a robot chasis with two hands imitating human work and using tools designed for humans? Who thought that was a great idea? The problem is not "I don't want to do the work in the kitchen as I do now so I need...
  50. is everything true?

    There is no truth. We made it up, together with all other abstractions. Humans are great abstraction machines- we ignore huge amounts of information, process less and are aware of less again. Even now, we are communicating through at least four layers of abstraction. We are relatively blind...
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