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  1. Broken INTP?

    What does it mean if an intp says he's a broken person..he's not proud of it but it's who he is, but tries to wear it like an armor? i read his notebook.... i dont get that "broken" thing. oh then he talked about me (i was his ex when he wrote it) and said few ppl have made a big impact in...
  2. I...

    would like to be an INTP. Seriously. You're awesome. INFP.
  3. What's wrong here! xD infp!

    My intp thinks im too independent. Something's wrong here xD
  4. What do exactly INTPs love about INFPs?

    So I have an INTP friend, and I know that he loves me but just don't know what he finds cool about me as he's not telling me. He once told me I was like the perfect person. But... why? xD So... what do you like about us INFPS? I think we're usually not as smart as you, but we can be smarter in...
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