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  1. Late2theParty

    The Sixth Function

    This theory that Ni sort of rounding an INTP stack.... has been making some sense for me at lately at least. One thing I noticed about strong Ni users is that they have an ability to gain an intuitive understanding of something without spending a lot of time doing rote repetition. Some can't...
  2. Late2theParty

    New INTP ebook: The INTP Quest

    I can't remember, but don't his methods include a lot of interviews with different types and also INTPs? I thought he might be doing that as a part of his psychology job? If he's doing it all from his own head... it's actually rather impressive that he is broad as he is currently. I do...
  3. Late2theParty

    Mental fatigue or being lazy

    Have you ever looked into gluten or fodmaps sensitivity? A few people I know have similar issues triggered by certain things they eat in those categories.
  4. Late2theParty

    New INTP ebook: The INTP Quest

    Finally finished the book. I thought it was really good. It does lean more to what i was talking about though, where it outlines the concept of the intp quest more than giving methods of tackling the quest. But I still found it rather insightful. I do think it is totally possible that one...
  5. Late2theParty

    TiNe (INTP) - new profile

    Maybe I'm thinking more of INTJ's and ENTJ's when I am thinking of Te. I think I know much fewer ISTJs. Have you found yourself faster than INTJ's and ENTJs?
  6. Late2theParty

    TiNe (INTP) - new profile

    I guess what I'm getting at is not that you solved the same problem specifically many times but you've spent a lot of time debugging and problem solving with code in general. And not with solving problems of your own emotions about where you'd like to visit or how the lawn should look. The...
  7. Late2theParty

    TiNe (INTP) - new profile

    Do you think this also has to do with Si experience? I find that I can make quick decisions on anything that i know a lot about and have dealt with many times. New things... not so much. With work it's your main focus and expertise. With your other examples they sound like they could be...
  8. Late2theParty

    New INTP ebook: The INTP Quest

    About 2/3 of the way through. Finding it insightful so far. Will post more as I finish. It’s good but I’m not sure if it’s going to give practical advice or just outline the overall concept of the INTP quest?
  9. Late2theParty

    What should a INTP do?

    I would say... at least once we should pull off the stereotypical... "Showing up out of nowhere with a left field solution that saves the day". I've only done it a few times, but it's extremely satisfying. Seems like what we are built for.
  10. Late2theParty

    What should a INTP do?

    AKA ...we should thoroughly "Run through the maze" :D
  11. Late2theParty

    When is Ti most useful? Is it necessary?

    Not sure I follow how this applies to Ti vs Te methods exactly? I generally agree with this. But can you think of a specific example? Here's one I found on Elon Musk's "first principles" http://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-first-principles-2015-1 Essentially, his company needed to make...
  12. Late2theParty

    When is Ti most useful? Is it necessary?

    As a dominant Ti user I have a strong desire to use Ti... a lot. But I constantly find myself in situations where others view a Ti approach as unnecessary. Most often people just want a Te approach. Just get something done that works. This would be in opposition to Ti which is generally...
  13. Late2theParty

    INTP's are becoming obsolete

    INTP's have always had it rough. It must have been much worse in tribal times, where pure physicality / ability to hunt and gather were most favored. Ironic though that in this age we are in one of the best times for an INTP to shine that ultimately we would be doomed again, and most likely...
  14. Late2theParty

    I'm taking an acting class. Help?

    oo ooo ooo... well a lot of improv stems from not thinking... and having faith that your intuition will come up with something. You really have to let your guard down and be totally in the moment. The best way I have learned to develop this is to go up to people and say the first thing that...
  15. Late2theParty

    Developing Ti - Ti Activities

    I've been reading a lot about Ti vs Te. I think I have a pretty clear understanding of what Te does and what activities that utilize a lot of Te would be. But for Ti while I feel though I understand what it is... I'm not clear on what activities exclusively use Ti. Here's a pretty good...
  16. Late2theParty


    Saw this the other day, it's a really beautiful film. Everything about it is very well done, the acting / casting / the soundtrack and cinematography. As an introvert.... something about falling in love with an OS was at the same time strangely appealing but also incredibly lacking without a...
  17. Late2theParty


    Meh, I've seen much worse than this. The whole movie is just basically a conversation, if you can tolerate that.... I think the rest has merits. I found the concepts (which most I was already familiar) come a bit more alive when each point of view rebuttled the other. Usually, I don't see...
  18. Late2theParty

    Did I Imagine a Relationships Sub Section?

    Oh wow, I'm dumb. The inner sanctum section only shows up when you are logged in. :ahh04: Most of the time I hop on the site not logged in and then log in to view a thread. I must have never noticed it. :facepalm:
  19. Late2theParty

    Did I Imagine a Relationships Sub Section?

    I swear the other day I saw a "Relationships" section added to the Subforums in the "Within" area. Did I just imagine that or did it get put up and then removed for some reason? Can't seem to find any info on it. Perhaps it's a glitch in the matrix.
  20. Late2theParty


    Anybody seen this? I stumbled across it by pure chance a few years ago. I absolutely adore it. The premise is basically a politician and his friend a poet are visiting Mt St Michael France and randomly meet a scientist. They end up having an epic conversation that lasts the entire movie...
  21. Late2theParty

    Punch-Drunk Love

    I re watched this movie recently... The sound design really stands out to me As being spectacular. Really captures the anxiety Barry is going through...
  22. Late2theParty

    INTP Holiday Misery

    That is something that does bother me sometimes, I remember how much awe xmas used to have as a child...now its like any other day of the year. So far though my xmas isn't too bad. My dad is an some sort of Istj, so he keeps things low key and logical... Which is fine by me. The number one...
  23. Late2theParty

    Why do so many INTPs like anime?

    I used to like anime a lot when I was a kid. What I found so appealing about it was that compared to American cartoon shows on a the time, it was so EXOTIC, novel, and the plots would actually have a continuous story .. as apposed to a strictly "monster of the week" format. (Think Power...
  24. Late2theParty

    Are emotions needed for meditation?

    There's a lot of different approaches to meditation, but like others have pointed out it either directly or indirectly is teaching you how to quiet the inner dialog you have constantly running in your head. Consider this, every thought leads to an emotion, every emotion leads to a physical...
  25. Late2theParty

    INTP's, how do you recharge your batteries?

    One more I'd like to add is.... Reducing body tension There is a very strong correlation between mental stress / needing to recharge and tension within the body. (especially in the spine) In fact it is a two way street, affect one and you affect the other. All the things I recommended...
  26. Late2theParty

    INTP's, how do you recharge your batteries?

    Top 3 things for me. 1) Meditation 2) Jin Shin Jyutsu or some other form of energy work. 3) Walks 1) Meditation - by far, nothing clears me out better than this. I can't always do it , but when I can get a good session in, I feel like I've completely rebooted and revitalized. The...
  27. Late2theParty

    How do you practice your architecture?

    Currently, I'm having to learn a lot in terms of web design so I've been really having to dig in and develop my Ti much more than other areas of my life which have been very loose and full of procrastination. I'm currently working on breaking down really large problems into tiny manageable...
  28. Late2theParty

    INTP Ultimate Purpose/Greatest strength

    I think the ultimate goal of INTP's is... 1) to find some sort of underlying truth + come up with and / or refine a conceptual model to help people / improve the world (indirectly). 2)Also I think we desire the ability and opportunity to function authentically, and self actualize. 3) be...
  29. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    Sorry to hear that man. It's incredibly difficult to act authentically and make real progress for us at times (or most of the time really) isn't it? One thing I've noticed is that the more stressed out I am the harder it is to concentrate and or focus / want to get shit done. My endless...
  30. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    I agree, it's not a bullet proof solution to giving myself motivation to do stuff. But after experimenting with it seems to make things go a lot smoother. And I feel a lot more centered when I break things down. I've considered what I was talking about above might be some form of ADD / ADHD...
  31. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    Upon reviewing this little theory of mine, that "I'm using Ti for everything" and it's causing me to get caught in a loop of endless pondering... something always felt off about it. After a lot of thought... I think that I may be entirely wrong, and that I have it backwards. I'm actually...
  32. Late2theParty

    Is There A Musical Version Of Photoshop?

    kinda sorta... http://youtu.be/VzUxOojmoiY Not exactly what I think you had in mind, but Izotope's Iris lets you take sound samples and edit the spectral graph of it like a photoshop editor. I think I've seen at least one other one of these where you could upload pictures to it to create new...
  33. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    Wait wait... I think I have a little bit better explanation. I forgot about this concept. I think what I'm trying to get at... is that I want to enter a state of "flow" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_%28psychology%29 But for whatever reason I keep pulling myself out by default. I...
  34. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    Yes perhaps something about the way I framed the whole argument it isn't quite right. Maybe I'm talking about an aspect of something else. The way I see it is that I like to stay in a sober analytical mode, but if I stay there too long... I feel like I get all backed up...and my ability to...
  35. Late2theParty

    Trying to Use Ti for Everything / Transitioning Out of Ti

    I've had this issue my whole life... where I constantly avoid "doing" things... even things I really really like. I procrastinate and put off whatever it is I need to "do", and I'll just try to space out think about it instead. I'll put off watching a movie I want to watch, because it it would...
  36. Late2theParty

    Most horrific popular media

    There are so many interesting things going on in the world at any given time, it always angered me that the major cable news channels and online sites would pick a small handful of topics and cover them endlessly. I have reduced my news consumption over time, but I can't help but want to stay...
  37. Late2theParty

    Calling all musicians

    Guitar 14 years Piano, Bass, Vocals - dabbling on and off for about 5. As a guitarist I do wish I had more ability to play piano and drums. After many years I realized that what I really liked was really strong tuneful melody and interesting contrapuntal harmony and rhythms... (having 2...
  38. Late2theParty

    A good way to type someone?

    Thats kinda why i created the thread, to crowdsource my theory and see what others thought. its not that s types don't like talk or analyze at all, but when they do the flavor is definitely different. with NT types that's why I said "a bit more" cold. It's not that they are 100% cold, just a...
  39. Late2theParty

    A good way to type someone?

    In a lot of threads I've been reading lately I'll see questions about how to type someone. I see a lot of people trying to type somebody else off of visual cues, and personality quirks. For me one of the best ways to come to a conclusion on someone's type is to get into a conversation with...
  40. Late2theParty


    Lol, I dunno if she felt like she was talking to Einstein but she certainly complimented and seemed to genuinely enjoy the fact that she could have a very deep conversation with me, and generally appreciate all the things that INTP's are good at. I was like "Wow you actually like that?" And...
  41. Late2theParty

    Music, Memory, and the INTP

    I would agree with this. For a long time this was true for me. I wanted to continuously stay / go back to an era of music from when I first got into music. It was a lot of alternative rock from the 90's particularly a sound that happened between 96-99. After about a decade and half now...
  42. Late2theParty

    A flaw (or benefit) I notice in INTPs - Mental Abstraction

    "The map is not the territory. The menu is not the meal" I agree that this can be an issue. I know it has especially been one for me. I struggled in math class despite never feeling like I didn't understand the overall concepts. I would watch the lectures and be like "Oh that makes sense, I...
  43. Late2theParty


    I've had some similar experiences. I still need social interaction, but just a lot less than other people. Sometimes if I go a really long time without connecting with anyone and then I suddenly connect and get validated by someone it can be pretty euphoric. Just recently I had a great long...
  44. Late2theParty

    Famous INTPs

    Some INTP musicians. Philip Glass. the documentary 'Glass a Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts" . This gives a great in depth showcase on his general personality, his opinions, his interactions with other people and his interests. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGaG5VJqgZg Maynard James...
  45. Late2theParty

    Something that has been bugging me with marijuana

    I was thinking about this recently. I was hanging out at a friend of a friend's house and one of the people there loved to smoke. He kept asking / prodding me about smoking and I told him I didn't really enjoy it. This completely bewildered and fascinated this guy. He started talking about...
  46. Late2theParty

    Sad / depressive songs?

    I've asked this question before around here and from what I can tell it's not a universal INTP thing but some do have a strong affinity for it, myself included. I really like melancholy songs and songs that have a lot of dissonance in them in general. I read somewhere that our type likes to...
  47. Late2theParty

    Dark Music

    zxc that shostakovic piano trio is cool. I like how some of the instruments take on a more rhythmic role... in addition to the overall minory-ness.
  48. Late2theParty

    Feeling connected - a real INTP?

    Hmmm.. I've always wanted relationships with other people... but I find it nearly impossible to forge a genuine connection with most of the population. Don't get me wrong, I need long periods of being alone and I don't need people nearly as much as the average person... but I'm still human and I...
  49. Late2theParty

    Dark Music

    I too have a penchant for minor key dissonant music. I almost always gravitate towards those songs from a musician first. I also have gone out of my way for years to look for music that's dark, evil, minor key, and dissonant that fits my own personal parameters... and I've also noticed...
  50. Late2theParty

    Do you ever get "vibes"?

    yes! I'm glad someone brought this up, I know how you feel! I get 'vibes' from everything. Especially art. Like... if I listen to a song I feel like it conjurs certain feelings and vibes. It's not anything visual exactly, and not exactly an emotion per se... it's like an awareness of some...
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