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  1. ZenRaiden

    Moral Values

    In way yes humans decide values the way they do, because they are human. Part it is how we live as collective creatures and part reflects our limitations physical and mental. Part of it comes from how we solve problems and experience the world. Part of it is simply osmosis, and cultural...
  2. ZenRaiden

    Should we make excuses?

    This is between you and your father. If you like direct honest language then simply use such communication with your father. That is if he writes Thank you ,..... you tell him you do not like guilt tripping, and that the reason you did not respond immediately is, because you were not available...
  3. ZenRaiden

    what is existence?

    Do you have some thought disorder? You seem to be unable to follow your own thoughts. Often in these threads you ask things and it looks like word salad to me. You seem to use words in very loose way and often go from post to post changing meaning of the same words you use. Either use words...
  4. ZenRaiden

    Quantum Entanglement - Einstein was right.

    Are we talking physics here, because I would like to see the textbook you are quoting here.
  5. ZenRaiden

    Can autists be intuitive?

    The whole sensor vs intuitive divide is very theoretical really. What MBTI really means is what you have a strength and what you do naturally. Explains why so many intuitives can absorb the impressions of world around them, but have poor recall of details. Intuition is mainly trying to extract...
  6. ZenRaiden

    Dark thoughts

    The dark oh so dark. OK let me in. OK so you want my bad person thoughts? I know humans are kind of great creatures. We endured a lot and we covered the Earth. The thing is sometimes I think humans will not make it. I think we are dumb. Not in conventional sense. I think rats for example are...
  7. ZenRaiden

    Two Paths to Utopia

    Criminals are not standing in way of Utopia. In sense eliminating crime would still mean you have the world you are at now minus the crime which means unless you find ways to treat inefficient systems than crime will be perpetuated in legal ways in form of inefficiency. Not saying eliminating...
  8. ZenRaiden

    What is the relation between natural and mathematical knowledge?

    Relationship between things are either visible or not. Math has visible relationships. Math describes the relationships. Math is obviously not everything. Math is part of the descriptions of certain relationships. What Liebniz says about space is not very important.
  9. ZenRaiden

    Do you consider psychology as an hard science ?

    Like for example reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery. HAHA. I agree there is tremendous skill involved in all areas of medicine. Nice. So a creative solution.
  10. ZenRaiden

    Feeling betrayed by your body

    Not really. Sometimes everyone does, and INTPs sometimes think too much. Hence thinkers. What do you even mean having head in clouds. Seems something people would call daydreaming.
  11. ZenRaiden

    Do you consider psychology as an hard science ?

    It is essentially a science about the body and brain and mostly the brain. It clearly is not easy since the human brain is still not understood. The human brain is the reason we can behave in such complex ways. Even medicine is not hard science. A psychologist or a doctor can help you in...
  12. ZenRaiden

    Why do you think that the "i don't give a s*it" attitude is the most valuable?

    It does have limited value. It has value in that we often are making a choice between things and sometimes we have to exclude one type of thing in order to include other type of thing. Sometimes the mind can handle only limited information and best thing one can do is focus on the most important...
  13. ZenRaiden

    Taught well

    Music and philosophy. WOW> you like music dont you :D
  14. ZenRaiden

    dont pathologically limit yourself

    MBTI is mostly for people who lack sense of identity and integrity. Mostly young people who do not know any better. Mostly people who need to do something to prove to themselves they are better than they really think they are. For people who have no identity complex MBTI is mostly a tool for...
  15. ZenRaiden

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    Being good at assessing danger is either done by having the experience or knowledge. People have some hardwired fright instincts. In fact most of our behavior starts with instinct. Overriding instincts sometimes is the only solution to problems. People face lot of dangers in life.
  16. ZenRaiden

    Existentialism- Life is suffering

    Problem with bad a good is that most people experience both. Some are lucky and experience the good over bad and some experience the bad over good, but existence of good does not eliminate the existence of bad in life vice versa.
  17. ZenRaiden

    Are Introverted Functions Less Natural Than Extroverted Functions?

    Outside of MBTI functions have no meaning. Within MBTI functions have questionable meaning. Functions as such were divided i or e on very odd basis and to further the headache there is no logic behind functions. Ergo functions make sense because we take them as axioms and then follow the logic...
  18. ZenRaiden

    Parasocial Relationships

    Humans care what others human do. It is a good instinct to have. It helps survive. Take for example monkey see monkey do behavior. Just emulate people who know what they are doing and eventually you will be like them. Even if you suck and do not understand why someone does something it is...
  19. ZenRaiden

    Collective instinct of the human animal

    Even optimistic people very rarely get cough off guard when bad things happen. Human brains are naturally geared towards bad things happening. We are naturally biased towards bad stuff. People tend to rehears bad feelings more often than good feelings. Even minor bad thing that happens tend to...
  20. ZenRaiden

    Collective instinct of the human animal

    Well mathematically it is very simple. You either think something is good or bad. 50/50 chance. There are days when you feel bad or bad about something and there are days when you think Ok about something. Everything is 50/50 if we think in black and white. Bad things happen quite often and...
  21. ZenRaiden

    introverted skills vs extroverted skills

    It is not black and white first. Most people are somewhere close to middle being extroverts or introverts. As it is obvious being extreme on either end, being super introverted or super extrovert creates a personality which probably creates problems in everyday normal life. What is more I...
  22. ZenRaiden

    Artificial Habit forming vs out of necessity

    OK fair point. I do understand your perspective.
  23. ZenRaiden

    Artificial Habit forming vs out of necessity

    I do not know why you are telling people what habits work for you. I am pretty certain we two do not share life goals, so reasonably we should have different habits. All people must figure out what habits work best for them personally. Maybe habits that work for you best would do little for...
  24. ZenRaiden

    INTP Memes

  25. ZenRaiden

    Thoughts on circumcision

    I mean medically it does not do any damage as far as I know if done right. So its not really a function issue its just culture issue. Why people do it is beyond me, but there might be some sort of positive to it. I doubt not having fore skin makes peoples lives any better. There are probably...
  26. ZenRaiden

    Does subjective logic exist?

    Logic has rules. You probably could invent some kind of new logic, but it would have to be specifically defined. Are there irrational ways to come to correct conclusions. Obviously yes. However if you start with the same axiom you define in identical manner than the rules of logic using the same...
  27. ZenRaiden

    Peter the great

    He did have strong motivation to change things ergo he had a vision. This was both fueled by necessity of the time and both by his personal belief that change was the only way to secure Russia and his position in such way that he does not get beheaded by the crazed demented mob that common...
  28. ZenRaiden

    Emergency Work for INTP

    Online everything is possible. Even making your own site and providing people with service of whatever skill set value you can provide. Sky is the limit.
  29. ZenRaiden

    A rant about wanting to be different

    I think plenty MBTI types give 0 fucks about MBTI which probably explains why certain MBTI types can go on a write nonsense on the net about MBTI for years and some people cannot be bothered to even figure out their own type.
  30. ZenRaiden

    How to deal with haters and social enemies

    Well there are many ways to look at it. The African saying, that even lion needs to swing at the flies says about the fact that no matter how petty the stuff gets you always have to deal with it one way or another which can be a little too distracting for work. So when I hear that people work...
  31. ZenRaiden

    Can humans eventually control and manipulate geology and geography of the planet?

    One step a time we can probably do anything. Question then is will we ever do that and does it mean anything. Its possible at some point we will be even able to make whole new planets.
  32. ZenRaiden

    INTP Memes

  33. ZenRaiden

    IQ and life outcomes

    OK fine let me explain the problem with EQ. IQ has measure and its a valid concept. You say here EQ is not a valid concept. Then the question is why people connect word intelligence and emotion together? If you ask me are emotions important... Id say yes they are they make who you are and they...
  34. ZenRaiden

    There is no 'I'

    Our existence in the world is possible by us being able to fit into order of things. The world is order. Our mind is chaos, but must make order in order to fit into order. It is the function of the mind to find order that correlates with order outside world is it not? Sensation is known, because...
  35. ZenRaiden

    There is no 'I'

    I mean you can always find ways to not acknowledge certain things for various abstract ideas, but that does not mean they do not exist. The I is an abstract idea a symbol of the existing human. It is not like the surgeon actually can do open brain surgery and find a letter I. Not sure what you...
  36. ZenRaiden

    INTJ or INTP: How did you know?

    My biggest weakness in life is getting the nuts and bolts of problems down. I could probably boost my productivity by 100 fold if only I ever focus on doing things more sensor like. I just have a bad habit of avoiding details.
  37. ZenRaiden

    There is no 'I'

    Perhaps. Simply if you have information, but you make zero use of them then they are indeed meaningless. However that is the paradox. You cannot make use of information until you have it. So sometimes it is hard to tell what is useful and what is meaningless.
  38. ZenRaiden


    You are not looking for a clone. The female has a goal, perhaps different from you. But you should have some common goals as well. Some common ideals and maybe similar frame of reference. Not necessarily identical, but similar enough that you can cooperate.
  39. ZenRaiden

    There is no 'I'

    goal/ target is what makes an agent agent. If you have no specific enough goal then you are merely a blob of meat and water. The whole point of your brain is to know the target or goal. That is when you become the actor the agent. If you do not have a goal or target in life then there is no...
  40. ZenRaiden


    First of all you are just overthinking. Most of female and male behavior is hardwired. So you really cannot do anything about it. When you like a female it is hardwired for you. When she likes or does not like it is hardwired. This overthinking people do is consequence of low confidence. Low...
  41. ZenRaiden


    Is it not that about half of human population if not more are women>? Means you got 3 500 000 000 of females to pick from.
  42. ZenRaiden


    If I want motivation I just unchain my massive ego. Its enough to keep me running like bull. Having a massive ego helps so much more than anything else.
  43. ZenRaiden

    There is no 'I'

    Do you by chance experience psychosis lately? Just saying if you got them take them. Its no shame taking meds. To take your post seriously well. Yes there is I. The ego does exist. The person that is is truly there. You could possibly say that given different parameters we are insignificant as...
  44. ZenRaiden

    IQ and life outcomes

    Being manipulative is also skill. Its not just about emotions thought. Its more about how you read people and understand where they are coming from. Then the next step is detecting deception. I mean most people are easy to read since they really make all their motifs and emotions obvious.
  45. ZenRaiden

    IQ and life outcomes

    Getting along with people is cool, but why should that me the metric? There are plenty times in life where getting along is counter productive to work.
  46. ZenRaiden

    IQ and life outcomes

    90 is pretty common IQ if you like to know. If you walk through the street chances are you passed 100 of people with such IQ. 90 means you solve for pretty much half the test problems. Enough to learn some basic things in life.
  47. ZenRaiden

    can matter and everything in universe eternal

    Are politics with no corruption possible? Is God afraid of Chuck Norris? Will people ever be reasonable? Is the world dysfunctional or am I dysfunctional? Is being wrong really wrong? Do we have to have an answer to each question to be happy? Is a nuke more effective if we give it a name? Are...
  48. ZenRaiden

    DNA profiling?

    I got my profile done. It said: Akira
  49. ZenRaiden

    Excuses for bullying.

    There is no solution to bulling. You just punch them right in the nose. You do not think about it or anything. You just do it and that is the end of it. There is a line that people should not cross. If it is not worth a punch in the face then it is not bulling. Then it just means the other...
  50. ZenRaiden

    IQ and life outcomes

    EQ is made up stuff. It is purely hypothetical. The emotions of humans and the role they have in human brain is very badly understood. We have no way of measuring emotions. We can only tell they exist and we have some subjective personal experiences. We cannot even say other than on subjective...
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