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  1. ZenRaiden

    Pros and cons of being INTP

    I mean I made a thready about MBTIy and ity was pretty obvious that INTP simply means intelligence. We know that is the basis of INTP. You cant really define INTP outside of intelligence. So I challenge you to define INTP in terms of pros and cons to see if you can find a personality dimension...
  2. ZenRaiden

    How much smarter would you be if you went to library and read....

    ... instead of going to the school you went to. I think in my case Id be a freaking genius at this point. I mean I went to library only few times in my life, mainly because I had many books at home and I always had something cooler to do than visit a library.
  3. ZenRaiden

    I was just wonder about something ....

    Each of us has subjective experiences. Well when doctors wants to know how bad is the pain he cant really measure it right? He asks on scale from one to ten how much pain do you feel. For quick assesment. It works most of the times, but its just for general conveniece. However I thought about...
  4. ZenRaiden

    Why philosophy sucks

    Everytime philosophy addresses a practical problem it quickly gets snatched up by some other branch of human intellectual pursuits so eventually its like always moving boundry between philosophy and doing something useful. Each time something useful gets done its called either math or physics...
  5. ZenRaiden

    My take on MBTI

    Introvert - thinks before speaks / Extrovert - Monkey Ape behaviour Intuitive - intelligent / Sensor - Short sighted retard Thinker - Reasonable person / Feeler - Unreasonable, unstable and annoyingly preachy Preciever - Likes to have some fun along the way / Judger - masturbator and narrow...
  6. ZenRaiden

    How INTPs socialize?

    I mean I am pretty indifferent. I like the word so I use it. I describe my social life mostly by indifference. I am really not in sync with other people. I really have to push my limits to get along with humans and respectively I really have to try hard to keep interactions normal. So I am...
  7. ZenRaiden

    What makes a human free.

    I mean politically people talk about the concept of freedom in very loose sense. However the question is.... how the ef do we know we are free people?
  8. ZenRaiden

    Psychology vs Philosophy

    The issue here is two fold I believe. In the first instance it is impossible to divorce our mind from psychological factors. There simply isnt something as pure philosophy. I mean everything we do daily to accomplish practical goals in life we have to learn using cognitive devices, but overall...
  9. ZenRaiden

    Why IQ does not matter as much as people think....

    The issue with IQ its a pretty big fetish of INTPs. As INTP I was always interested in psychology, and by extention by IQ. Intellect of humans and overall in nature is very interesting subject. Nevertheless it is highly overrated number and lot of people even with high IQs dont really know what...
  10. ZenRaiden

    What is your end game?

    I mean assuming you are a human and you will probably not live that long you can do just few things in life. I mean you can do millions of little things, but just few meaningful things during life. So what is your end game?
  11. ZenRaiden

    Schizoid INTPs and immortality

    Not sure where to start, but I will ask how many INTPs might be schizoid? You might ask what schizoid means so here is my take on it. Whereas there are many theories why this personality type exists most agree that it is to certain degree a dyfunctional personality problem and causes problems...
  12. ZenRaiden

    What should a INTP do?

    Well muslims have to visit Mecca once in a life time, so what should a INTP do at least once in life time. I leave this question open? Hopefully the elders of INTPforum will respond and enlighten us young INTPs. I leave it up to imagination for those who are younger.
  13. ZenRaiden


    Post your struggle with relativism. I read this page about MBTI types and it stated that INTPs most often struggle with relativism. This was my case way before I read the page. I was supprised to read it that it is part of our MBTI as in INTPs during their developement. I wonder how many people...
  14. ZenRaiden


    How does stress effect your thinking? Question is simple but I noticed that it effects me in a rather unusual way. When stressed I tend to be less capable of using my memory and I am more outwardly focused which means I take in more details from the enviroment. When I speak of details its...
  15. ZenRaiden

    Solid TED talk from James Flynn

    http://www.ted.com/talks/james_flynn_why_our_iq_levels_are_higher_than_our_grandparents Very well made TED talk explaining why there was a drastic rise in IQ in short period of time.
  16. ZenRaiden

    To know everything...

    What if the purpose of our brain is to know. That knowing is the purpose of this machine we have then perhaps seeking knowledge is the meaning of life. If meaning of life is to know.... the very question of what is to know is meaningless, because the cause of our being is to expand on...
  17. ZenRaiden

    Human intelligance

    I have been thinking about human intelligence. One thing I noticed that a part from humans there are no other as intelligent beings as humans. This to me seems a bit odd since intelligence from evolutionary stand point gives a great advantage to the species of humans. Not only there are no other...
  18. ZenRaiden


    Why did fantasy evolve. I found that fantasy is very interesting thing since it can make up things that do not exist. It can extend the world we do not have. In fact in some cases it can make us feel in ways that normaly would never make us feel. Anyhow I think fantasy is also dangerous since...
  19. ZenRaiden

    Occam's razor

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam%27s_razor What are your thoughts on this.
  20. ZenRaiden


    Testing, testing, 1 2 3, 1 2 3 over. Mostly interested in ideas. Theories, speculations etc. Recently thinking about mob vs. 1 enemy theory. Do not ask me what it means yet ;) I like to read posts here, and registered, but long time ago and lost the information for registration including...
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