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  1. Procinogen

    Careers an INTP would enjoy

    Hey, guys! So... it's been a while since I've last posted, huh? Oh well, it doesn't matter, I post so infrequently most people don't remember me anyways, haha. Anyways! On to the point of the thread; what careers would an INTP enjoy? The title says it all, really. Y'see, I don't want to...
  2. Procinogen

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    Well, it's here. With that said, what do you plan on buying? What do you recommend? I'm also looking for some games to buy, but I'm too indecisive and need some help. Any suggestions? I'm currently looking at Slime Rancher, it looks fun.
  3. Procinogen

    MBTI Types as Villains

    An idea for a thread I've had in my head for awhile. Anyways, what I mean by the title is what type of villain would a given MBTI type be, or how would an MBTI type act if they were to be a movie/comic/tv show villain? Here, I'll start off with my own type: The INTP; A "Mad Scientist"-type...
  4. Procinogen

    INTPs and Strategy Games

    Hey, guys! So I was wondering for some time what the general opinion is on strategy games here. I've been told before that I would be good at chess, and according to what I've read INTPs should be fairly good at strategy games if they dedicate some time to it. But here's the thing; I find...
  5. Procinogen

    What are the personality types in your group of friends?

    A bit of a long-winded title but whatever. Before I list the personality types of my friends, I'm going to say that I think I have a lager than usual group of friends for an INTP, which is probably caused by me moving schools and having to form friendships there. Anyways, my friends (that I...
  6. Procinogen

    Personality Types and Speech Patterns

    Hey, guys! I'm working on a project that would require me to know the answer to this question: Do different personality types have different speech patterns? For example, would the dominant traits in a person (Ti, Fe, ect.) have some kind of influence on their speech patterns? Would certain...
  7. Procinogen

    How do I type people without shoving a quiz in their face?

    Well title says it all, but I guess I'll elaborate. I want to know how to type people without awkwardly saying, "Hey, wanna take a personality quiz?". I'm not too good at this, so tips or whatever would help.
  8. Procinogen

    Insignificant things that piss you off

    When people say "I could care less". I still know what they're trying to say, but saying that implies they still care to a certain degree.
  9. Procinogen

    When you're getting a snack, do you get a sweet one, or a savory one?

    I would get a savory snack. I don't really know why. I just prefer those.
  10. Procinogen

    What do you think make you INTP?

    Well, what do you think made you INTP? I think that it was my dad that really made me INTP. He would always tell me to ask questions, and he would always question things that my mom watched, like soap operas celebrity stuff. So I guess I just kept doing what he told me to- ask questions...
  11. Procinogen

    Anybody need a website?

    Hello my fellow human beings! I'm starting my web development career, and I would like to know if anybody here would like a website! As of now, I don't have a solid price, I'll probably just leave it at free. Right now I'm just trying to build my portfolio, so people could trust that I know what...
  12. Procinogen

    Compare somebody to an extremely hazardous substance.

    Okay, as I was memorizing this list of extremely hazardous chemicals(for no specific reason), I suddenly thought about if somebody on this forum were to be a toxic substance, which one would they be? I'm just really bored an curious right now, so I thought that I might as well ask. Take a...
  13. Procinogen

    Confess all your sins here.

    Okay, so we've all done some pretty questionable sh!t in the past. I know I have. So I'm actually kind of curious as to what some other people have done. One time when I was younger, I decided to taste my piss. Don't ask why, because I don't even know. Anyways, that's enough of me, time to...
  14. Procinogen

    Odd INTP habits?

    The thought just occurred to me that INTPs do some pretty weird things (other personality types probably do to, but I'm too socially crippled to know that). By that I mean, looking up some random thing on Wikipedia, than like, five hours later, you end up at quantum theory. So, with that...
  15. Procinogen

    I'm making a Pokémon fan game. What would you like to see?

    Hey guys! As the title suggests, I'm working on a Pokémon fan game. This Pokémon fan game primarily focuses on the concept of Pokémon being able to fuse, and also being able to fuse with a trainer. This isn't like your average Pokémon Fusion fan game, either. The Pokémon don't come fused, you...
  16. Procinogen

    Genres of games INTPs are good at?

    I know that you're not just naturally good at something, but I was wondering if there are any genres games that INTPs are usually skilled at. At the moment I play TF2 the most, and I'm told I'm okay at Medic and Pyro. I'm not particularly good at any kind of games, despite the fact I really love...
  17. Procinogen

    Math/Science Puns and Jokes!

    At school, I'm known to be the guy that makes a lot of puns (terrible or not), next to one of my best friends. really like puns and jokes, especially science and math ones. So with that said, this is just kind of a thread where we can post our cheesiest and best science/math related puns and...
  18. Procinogen

    What are your friends like?

    Just curious. I'm kind of curious if INTPs, or just any kind of personality type really, have the same kind of friends. To me, I would prefer intellectual friends, friends I can have a deep conversation with, discussing science and technology, or just whatever comes into our heads. Some humor is...
  19. Procinogen

    How do my fellow INTPS handle arguments?

    Hello fellow INTPs and fellow forum browsers! I was recently in an argument about criticism on YouTube. And then that got me thinking... how do my fellow INTPs handle arguments like this? If I were to be friendlier then I would try to use logic and reason to end the argument. If I were to take a...
  20. Procinogen

    New to this forum, need help.

    Hello! So... being new to this very nice forum, I would like to acquire some assistance. With that said and done, I would like to ask some questions. 1) How do I change my profile picture? 2) How would I change my quote? Thanks in advance! (> ◡ l)ҧ
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