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  1. BurnedOut

    Have an alter-ego ?

    I am not *talking about having DID*. I will be honest about myself over here, a lot of my overzealous, overenthusiastic, highbrow and cynical behaviour which I project both in my daily life and occasionally in my posts may be explained by Freudian's psychoanalysis which I have begun to peruse...
  2. BurnedOut

    Post your helpful sysadmin/fun/utility scripts here.

    So, yes, I have been out for a long time. Almost forgot this place for a while. Been dabbling with perl and bash for a while. For linux users, I just made a very simple script that can copy/move files using regex (perl supported regex) and moreover filter out outputs of system calls by regex...
  3. BurnedOut

    Hey ! Why isn't Dissonance beautiful?

    DISCLAIMER : Not promoting by shittyass guitar playing skills in any way. My recent discovery on how dissonance can be consonant too. The philosophy of heavy metal and the charming chasm between the traditional harmony and the atonal one. Sadly, I had to encrypt the binary data into an MP3...
  4. BurnedOut

    Does anyone here particularly dislike me ?

    Title + the list of things you find undesirable about me, my predilections and cognitions. Be as blunt as possible but try to avoid any kind of weird bias.
  5. BurnedOut

    Confused regarding my education.

    I've been quite off from intpforum due to my exams. However in the meantime, I've been doing some python programming too. I've formally opted for Law as my major and I need some advice regarding taking economics wl maths ( which synergizes into data analytics \for me\) and law simultaneously. My...
  6. BurnedOut

    A Theory on Hoodies.

    Given my recent emotional fallouts and instability and other social issues, I've started using hoodies magnanimously. I used to carry around a laptop with my bag and started isolating myself from society and used to practice programming during free times. Note : <em>I'm not trying to emulate...
  7. BurnedOut

    Some analysis of bullshitting in arguments.

    DISCLAIMER : This is an official guide to 'How To Be An Asshole. The key to survival in a world where you are rejected before being given a chance.' PS:I like dark humour. If anyone starting from 18/4/18 till 0xFFFFFFF gets butthurt by my posts, I don't care. I personally prefer using...
  8. BurnedOut

    Information as the catalyst to the process of evolution.

    It is quite intuitive to assume that the sole existence of 'information' is what has contributed to the conception and continuation of life itself. What differentiates various species in terms of their evolution is the amount of information they receive and not to mention the fact - acceptance...
  9. BurnedOut

    Mental Acuity Maintainence.

    The title says it all. What do you guys do to keep your thinking top notch and untainted in a ready-to-analyse state ? For me it's extremely important that mind keeps working at any cost and I often go to lengths to do that. I employ : 1. Playing the eguitar 2. Programming 3. Multitasking...
  10. BurnedOut

    Hello Linux Users.

    I want to make this thread for hosting discussions related to Linux and Scripting in general. Also, I would be very curious to build a rapport with pentesters, Linux admins and programmers. I'm a nascent programmer, given my age, time and my preoccupation (17, exams and studying), I'm still...
  11. BurnedOut

    With an official AD(H)D diagnosis ?

    I'm wondering what low working memory and ADD actually feels like. Post your opinions and experiences Sent from my SM-J730GM using Tapatalk
  12. BurnedOut

    I think my phone is possessed. Ouch.

    Was using termux to get used to bash commands and CLI on android. Tried to make a tar file using tar -cv and putting a txt file (vim) in the archive and ended up with something very weird. The phone started vibrating and posting some random strings and then ultimately gibberish. It was non...
  13. BurnedOut

    An obvious way to gauge Mental Age or grasping power.

    Oftentimes we label someone as intelligent/genius/dumb by the books they read. However it's one of the easiest ways to measure someone's cognitive prowess. One simple way is comparing the books meant for a particular age group being read by a person and his age. For e.g. A=the actual age of...
  14. BurnedOut

    Immense displeasure after finding a flaw in theory you made.

    Has anyone faced this issue? Apparently i make theories after a lot of research, thought and empirical evidences. I don't like to be proven wrong per se and I defend my theory by all my might usually not in vain. But there have been sometimes when my theories have apparently been wrong...
  15. BurnedOut

    Dealing with Laziness and intellectual inferiority.

    Hello fellow INTPs. I want to talk about a chronic illness of mine - Laziness and lax nature towards deadlines and exams. I've these various phases where I'm extremely motivated to research on a new topic after getting my ass burnt by looking at some knowledgeable character on TV or hearsay...
  16. BurnedOut

    The paradox of IQ testing.

    I hypothise that there exists a set of people from the superset of ears smartasses who have the capability to do exceptional levels of reasoning in real life except in IQ test. Take the example of Richard feynman. He scored shit on an IQ test for his own good ie 122 allegedly yet we can see that...
  17. BurnedOut

    Teenage struggles and life in general. (Rant + Insight)

    Quite self explanatory in nature. Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  18. BurnedOut

    Issues caused by fascination fixation.

    This is I suppose one of the worst issues I've begotten as a result of being analytical in nature. While solving IQ tests, I hate them being time constrained. The same goes for the logic section of competitive exams. The main issue caused is I first start theorizing on the possible solutions to...
  19. BurnedOut

    Musical taste.

    Let's talk about our musical tastes. Personally, I'm quite inclined towards music with a high tempo with linear beats. The only exception is the high tempo drums of thrash metal and metalcore which don't sound fractal in nature. To be precise, my favorite drum beats are that used in DnB. About...
  20. BurnedOut

    Entrance exams and issues faced.

    I'll get right down to it. I'm preparing for my law exams. Its similar to LSAT where you have MCQs everywhere. It has 5 subjects : English Legal aptitude Legal gk Gk Maths Logic Now the gravest issues I face border around CR and legal aptitude where analysis is required. I simply analyse a...
  21. BurnedOut

    What is the world made up of ?

    I am basing off this question in terms of Philosophy and Science both. However, in this scenario, I would like to define philosophy as scientific, derived from logic and technical. I'm thinking that the world is made of mathematical functions. The mathematical functions are made up of binary...
  22. BurnedOut

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    Hello fellow intps. My decision to take up philosophy was quite abrupt. Apparently my shrink had told me that philosophy would suit my analytical thinking style and now I feel it truly does. Its only been 1 week as such and I'm already latched on to 'Critique of pure reason'. However, one day, I...
  23. BurnedOut

    Dear INTP theorists. I have something for y'all deduce.

    So, as we all know Sherlock Holmes (AC.Doyle's version) is a proportionately high INTP wtih respect to ISTP and INTJ Ti- patterns patterns patterns, deduce stuff from the patterns, always up with logical efficiency even though they might seem absurd. Excellent theorist. Ne- Brainstormer...
  24. BurnedOut

    Cognition Conundrum aka Why am I a walking paradox.?

    This will be my first thread and it might be equally ridiculous but anyway, let's jump straight to the topic. I'm an INTP with a highly developed Ni and Se. You would ask me whether I'm a mistyped INTJ or ISTP but I'm through all that, I'm closest to INTP. My IQ is above 120 (this is the...
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