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  1. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hello Everyone

    Hi and Welcome :wave:
  2. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    They are under the age of 10. But, sometimes if parents have inadvertently raised a spoiled child (which can happen to anyone, believe me), an older child can definitely deserve a whipping. Ideally, if parents parent properly from infancy on, that will not be necessary however. Also, with 50%...
  3. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Yeah, I know. ;) And it is "some male" ... No one likes a mouthy child. I put up with it for many a year. And still put up with way too much of it. The house runs so much more smoothly when problems are dealt with quickly, and we can all move on to regular life. Used to be (when my kids...
  4. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I said the way I perceive I "LOOK". Not necessarily when I wield it. I am not interested in looking like a 'badass' to my children. But it's okay if some male who might need punishment finds it appealing. My kids just know I mean business when I bring it out, and talking back is...
  5. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    How many children have you each had? If any, how many are you actively involved in parenting?
  6. AphroditeGoneAwry

    pedophilia and a logical society

    I am excited to see a pedophile thread. For the simple reason that this is one of the last frontiers to be reckoned with in our social stratum. Seriously, if people cannot talk about this, how is anyone supposed to heal from it, or be treated for it, before possibly harming hundreds of...
  7. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Oh dear. It is a harmless black crop with a little bitty splat of leather on the end that barely stings. I have parented five children. I have learned a thing or two about sparing the rod and spoiling the child. I would always prefer my children and pets mind without needing reprimand...
  8. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Bestiality, Zoophilia

    lol. I was into bestiality when I was little, but now I know it is a sin. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion (KJV). ~Leviticus 18:23
  9. AphroditeGoneAwry

    A moment of your time please.

    cows eat grass
  10. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Fear of Intimacy?

    Hi. That is good you are trying to reach out, even if on the internet. I am a weirdo that actually craves to interact with the most avoidant people, I get a rise out of it. Something about knowing that someone trusts me above all others really gives me something I evidently like. However, I...
  11. AphroditeGoneAwry

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    INFPs, INTJs, and INTPs (MALES-though I am not as close to them as I wish I were. INTP females are just too weird lol) Those are my fav types to hang with.
  12. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I lie down in unusual places I wear things others would not wear I have 2 pairs of daily shoes which are extreme: cowboy boots with dresses and/or wedges/slides with a high heel everywhere I sing/hum in public I disappear/leave when I should not and let others deal with picking up my slack I...
  13. AphroditeGoneAwry

    INTPs and their amazing ideas

    Is having a lot of good (others might say crazy lol) ideas an INTP thing? Because having ideas is sort-of my hallmark. Besides being 'eccentric' I guess. I have ideas all the time. The best ones ferment over years of time. For the most part, mine are social constructs. I had the idea to...
  14. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Something really f***ed up is going on with banks

    You delude yourself at the least when you think that it is the common civilian who is causing the problems in health care. And you cause excessive trauma at the most in implying that the problems in health care are in any way due to sick people who are just trying to be well. Don't attack...
  15. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Something really f***ed up is going on with banks

    I am predicting the next crash will be in the insurance market. (and the insurance market was at the heart of the last crash in the form of otc derivatives which was a kind of insurance sold to banks). But I don't think it will hit in 2016, but maybe 2017-2018.
  16. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Samsung Health App

    Hey, Just wanted to share that I am really rocking my Samsung Health app. I usually don't make lists. However, I do keep track of important things--long term things. My new Samsung S 6 alerted me to its health app. It monitors steps, kcalories, heart rate, O2 sats, weight, blood glucose...
  17. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Something really f***ed up is going on with banks

    Any institution that we come to rely on for basic living will assume more and more power over us. And we will be at their mercy. Here is a list of the most powerful: Banks Insurance companies Schools (government or private) Medical care Gas Grocery stores (to a lesser degree) If you don't...
  18. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Clarification on Feeling

    Jung states that Fi folks are "silent, inaccesible, hard to understand; often they hide behind a childish or banal mask, and their temperament is inclined to be melancholy. They neither shine nor reveal themselves, and their true motives generally remain hidden. Their outward demeanor is...
  19. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    As I said earlier, I believe the Bible scriptures exist on a continuum of literal to symbolic. The OT is full of deep, hidden meaning, yeah. I love it. You may be right (i haven't pooped today yet). :cat:
  20. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    Yeah, and I believe it can be interpreted literally in the Bible as well. I like your pyramid example. That is cool.
  21. AphroditeGoneAwry

    How an INFP would become an INTP, or vice versa

    Welcome to INTP World! It's fun here. I like it. I hope you do too. :king-twitter:
  22. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    This reminds me of how the lawless need the law but the but those who abide in Christ do not need the law. To me, it is a striving for, versus an arriving. I feel like I have arrived in my knowing of God. I know God well enough and am close enough to Him that I do not have to struggle in...
  23. AphroditeGoneAwry

    PUA derail from "friend or more?"

    Haha! That is positively Pimparific
  24. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    I have often felt like I wish I did not exist either. I try to cry out to God in those instances, as He wants us to. Then He always helps me, as He promises to. I have tried to read about gnosticism and I've stumbled unawares into its authors before. When I researched it, it's like those...
  25. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    That is awesome you have been given wisdom in your youth: the fear of the Lord. I raised most of my children without that and now I pray daily they come to know and love God (and fear Him). All religions take things and twist them up and end up making false teachers in the form of their...
  26. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Superiority of Te v Ti

    Oh, another thing Te-ers do is assume I haven't already thought circles around all of their useless Te suggestions, which they make as if they were some grandiose idea. I understand they are trying to 'help' me, but it just pulls me backwards. Trying to fix someone who uses Ti a LOT with Te...
  27. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Knowledge: Inherently Infinite or Inherently Terminable?

    You seem to start a lot of thought provoking threads, but then drop the thought ball on them. Just noticing. I realize INTPs like to start things, but usually they also like to carry them out and get to the heart of a matter. When I see you have started yet another OP, I have no desire to...
  28. AphroditeGoneAwry

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I have signed on to watch a hyperactive 4 year old for a friend of mine any minute now. I am really dreading it. I hope she is not gone long. I will keep you updated. :kodama1: UPdate: He is actually cute, and a lot more mellow than he used to be!
  29. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Superiority of Te v Ti

    Seeing the OP is banned really puts a damper on my response. INTJs might make more money and be more driven, but lots of types make more money and are more driven. INTJs struggle with feeling imperfect and hating it, whereas INTPs just embrace that we are not going to be the overachievers...
  30. AphroditeGoneAwry

    differentiating healthy from unhealthy INTPs

    Oh, I personally do use a lot of Si, probably more than the normal intp Si, but I am not sure of course, because this all is so subjective. Well, it is sufficient for me. :) And for anyone else who wants to pursue an intelligent discussion about the possibilities of cognitive functions not...
  31. AphroditeGoneAwry

    MBTI "Debunked"

    I would ask them, "What have you found that is a better way to give a succinct description of a person?" Type A? Type B? Outgoing? Shy? All the typical descriptors pale in comparison to what MBTI, based on Jung's cognitive function discovery, can offer for understanding the...
  32. AphroditeGoneAwry

    differentiating healthy from unhealthy INTPs

    I was not saying the link was an exhaustive account of function interaction. Indeed, it is more an overview of what is considered 'typical' in the first 4 preferred functions of an INTP. My discussion of Ni/Ti and etcetera is a jumping off of that into the realm of what happens when some of...
  33. AphroditeGoneAwry


    Hi! I am new here too. I think those things do sound very inxp, yeah. Do you really mean antisocial though? Or just asocial?
  34. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    I haven't really had to because the 66 canonical books are keeping me busy enough. :P Though I do look to apocryphal books for information when I am trying to track something down. I like the Catholic church in many ways, like confession, penance, sacraments, and their astute study of the...
  35. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    I believe every word of the entire canonical Bible is breathed by the Holy Spirit into man, who wrote it. For me there is a spectrum whereby literal is on one end and symbolic on the other, and the Bible falls between these two realms. It is an art and a science to be able to translate and...
  36. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    Oh. Because I will preface most everything I argue with a Bible basis. And even though I am honest and up front about that being my premise, and I am basically just interpreting the scriptures regarding certain subjects, most people, especially those with a hard bias or personal interest...
  37. AphroditeGoneAwry

    differentiating healthy from unhealthy INTPs

    Oh, well I am sure others have done it better than I could. This is my favorite current article on INTPs: http://www.intp.org/intprofile.html As for how Ni works with Ti (in long doses because that is what I am most familiar with: tight introversion), it is similar to how an INFJ zones out...
  38. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    Thank you! He is a mix of Shiba Inu, and a WONDERFUL dog, especially with kids. He isn't fixed so if anyone wants to breed their bitch with him, lemme know. Awesome! I love it. Usually my Bible perspectives get me into trouble....:)
  39. AphroditeGoneAwry

    differentiating healthy from unhealthy INTPs

    Agreed. But it still doesn't necessarily make for an 'unhealthy' INTP. And I would think that 'erring' on the side of introversion actually makes for the most healthy and productive INTP possible, since our preferred state is introversion. I am sure that most of the inventions created...
  40. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Enter Infinitatis

    HI!! I love how you expressed that part about open-mindedness. And I think it is what INTPs are specialists at. For indeed, we can make a 360 turn around a subject, looking at it in all lights in order to glean its eternal essence. Most other types are not able to do that in such an...
  41. AphroditeGoneAwry

    How common is it for INTPs to be shy?

    Me too. :) Except I have learned (the hard way) not to drink too much :mad: And crying when frustrated ended in my 20s/30s I believe. But, really, I can get quite comfortable around some sorts that I end up saying waaayyyyy too much and of course most people aren't used to hearing...
  42. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Possibilities. Perception. Harmony. Order.

    That bolded bit is very cool. :) I have always wanted to develop much more comprehensive functions tests as well. It seems like that could work. But I'm not sure how making testing categories would really be advantageous to be honest, versus just making separate function tests...
  43. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    :D alrighty then. Thank you!
  44. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey Yo~

    Hi Everyone, I am trying a new forum. One where my cyber-stalkers might not be so prevalent. :) I have been on forums for a long time! And I thought I was an INFJ until I took the official mbti test last year, and had the exit interview regarding the results, which revealed I am really...
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