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  1. Rolling Cattle

    Your Most Hated Movies

    The Covenant (2006) The House (2017) I was forced to sit through them recently.
  2. Rolling Cattle

    Motivation issues

    It's good to get constructive critique for the ideas. Even if you're right, it'll help to clarify why. I think I understand your situation. It's like trying to demonstrate a piece of a puzzle, but only you have seen the picture where it came from. My bizarre ideas spark from a compilation...
  3. Rolling Cattle

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    If I could modify hig's defintions: Pseudointellectuals: The end goal is to appear smart to their peers. Genuine Intellectuals: The end goal is to hold a refined truth. Maybe too simplistic, I'm not sure right now.
  4. Rolling Cattle

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    I apologize, but that didn't sit well with me. I think it's because pseudo-intellectuals really do believe they are deep, researched, rigorous and complex. And there's many things that can be stated which are true and not trivial but also simple and not well researched. Oh, I just used the...
  5. Rolling Cattle

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    I remember there was a night where I was hyped up on the term and felt like throwing it around. I read some article with a mention of Tom Wolfe. That's not very glamorous of me, but I do try being honest. I totally agree with this original post.
  6. Rolling Cattle

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I can relate to the not getting things done part. I thought it was a more common problem with people in general though and not just INTP's. There seems to be a lot of self-help stuff about it. I have a lot of big goals floating in circles in my head. Let's say I was to crack down on one...
  7. Rolling Cattle

    Some analysis of bullshitting in arguments.

    I agree with you. Their argument would be ad-hominem if they pull in their grades into it. I'm a little fascinated with people holding on to misinformed information. (Actually I'll admit, I have an obsession over it) I try to see it from their side. I sometimes think It would be unreasonable...
  8. Rolling Cattle


    Don't people use all cognitive functions? I thought our type just represents our default /most used mode. I can't see why some people can't be in between two modes. Maybe you are a hybrid of INTP + INTJ, and can flip flop easily between the two. The RC system would classify you as a INT!
  9. Rolling Cattle

    Some analysis of bullshitting in arguments.

    I'm having a hard time following this topic. I think facts and evidence is what really matters. Also clarity and understanding. The feelings of superiority are meaningless. I mean, in regards to the superiority, It's short-term gratification. Just let 'em go.
  10. Rolling Cattle

    what is the difference between adult and children

    Childhood to adulthood is just a smooth continuous gradient. I wouldn't know where to draw the line. The difference I come up with is I find kids are more forgivable than adults. Also, are we using our own brain's capacity to evaluate others? I find it's often not productive to even guess...
  11. Rolling Cattle

    Putting the AI on the moon

    I'd really like to know from someone who knows a bit more about AI, could it be possible that AI would never go rogue? I maybe could see something strange arising from quantum computers, but for the time being, how can a program do something which it wasn't instructed to do? I know the basics...
  12. Rolling Cattle

    Oh no. Another member.

    Ok, maybe I'm not that creepy.
  13. Rolling Cattle

    Oh no. Another member.

    I agree, opossums are definitely fine. I'm just learning to like mushrooms though. I'm okay, as long as I know where they are. Sorry, I meant to mention that I was only lurking for an hour before joining. Thanks for the welcome!
  14. Rolling Cattle

    Weird things normal people do

    Oooh and aah at product advertisements and movie trailers at the theatre. Unless I'm being tricked by an overdubbed soundtrack.
  15. Rolling Cattle

    Oh no. Another member.

    INTP -ish. Been stalking for a little while, and enjoy reading the conversations. I want to join in some of them, maybe. I have small fleeting interests that come and go, but often are abnormal. Right now, I'm into making incense with natural materials. I was a little disappointed...
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