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  1. Grayman

    climate change "skepticism"

    Source pleez. Junk argument and sources award! Are these local rainfall graphs that you are blaming on global temp and co2 changes? https://www.climate.gov/news-features/featured-images/2017-state-climate-global-drought (Wow not much change in droughts globally...
  2. Grayman

    No more patience for your emotional bs

    As I have gotten older I have learned to accept that people need to make decisions for purely emotional reasons in order to function. Still I have my limit to what I can accept and eventually I cannot help but remain skeptical that their behaviour is rather unnessary wast of time, illusions...
  3. Grayman

    Children Rules vs Freedom

    How much freedom do you give children or more so when, where and why? I see parents that are too rule bound and stifle growth of teenagers and I have seen parents who let their children rule the household and manipulate their parents with fits and crying to get their way in all things. Age is...
  4. Grayman

    Sound Limiter for android phones

    All the sound adjustments seem to be offsets and not span adjustments. Adjusting the sound level increases both the upper range of 'loudness' as well as the lower range. I would like to have a minimum sound level and a separate upper sound level so that the sound output is always between...
  5. Grayman

    Fact vs Truth

    What is the difference between fact and truth? I seem to get all kinds of answers to the question but none of them have been satisfactory. Also how does the definition of change between, science, philosophy, epistemology, common everyday use, or your own personal use? ************* (fact1)...
  6. Grayman

    A random person

    A random person comes up to you and says 1+1=2 and 2+1=10 Your first thought? Your response? Your conclusion? What say you?!
  7. Grayman

    WARNING MUST BE 18 years or older - IS THIS REAL!!!

    IS THIS REAL!!! https://youtu.be/R1hJwz8V0zY Please tell me these are all actors. pretty please.... No for a naked thing hiding in the bushes :kodama1:
  8. Grayman

    American Ego vs Real Ego

    The concept of a comparing a persons inherent worth seems absurd to me. It seems as if Americas associate it with a sense of pride and make value comparisons against each other. When I started studying Buddhism I found a very different meaning of ego. To me the Buddhist meaning of ego being one...
  9. Grayman

    Calibration of Thermometers

    Over the years waters around the world have acified and carbonated. Has this changed the freezing and boiling points of the water? If so how do scientists adjust for Celsius drift? I have always calibrated thermometers to freezing of water but no one has ever mentioned any adjustments for the...
  10. Grayman

    Confrontation - IXFP

    How do the Fi types handle confrontation compared to the Ti types?
  11. Grayman

    Authoritarian Sub-Types

    I find within me both extreme liberal and extreme authoritarian views. In one hand I believe critical thought and the freedom to make up your own mind should be protected at all costs. It is instrumental to human growth and success and is the only path to the truth. On the other hand I...
  12. Grayman

    Military Mini-Blimp Drone

    Those helicopter drones that anyone can buy are amazing but the those drones are also noisy. I was also looking at military blimps. http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-amp-space/article/2009-06/dread-zeppelin-armys-new-surveillance-blimp What about a hybrid blimp drone? The blimp drone...
  13. Grayman

    Bohmian Mechanics

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rbRVnC92sMs The best alternative to quantum mechanics.
  14. Grayman

    Artificial Wombs

    http://www.futurity.org/artificial-placenta-premature-babies-1151362/ Beyond helping premature babies what uses would this have? Is it possible that we would put fetuses in these so that women dont have to unnecessarily suffer the toll of carrying the child?
  15. Grayman

    Human Breeding Program

    What do you guys think of a breeding program for humans to counter the negative effects of de-evolution as a consequence of medicine and abundance?
  16. Grayman

    LET - Lorentz Ether Theory - Double Slit Experiment through the aether

    Doesn't the double slit experiment provide significant evidence of the aether? http://aetherwavetheory.blogspot.com/2008/12/awt-and-double-slit-experiment.html Also, why do most scientists reject the idea of the LET?
  17. Grayman

    Redefining the SI unit (second)

    http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/second.html Generally when a unit is defined in science a reference is created based on certain conditions. In the case of the 'second' the cesium frequency is measured at 0 Kelvin. This ensures that the second does not change depending on temperature...
  18. Grayman

    My Understanding Art - Experiencing Art

    How is it people can 'experience art' while I can only observe it and find myself mostly unconcerned? I have recognized a few times in my life where I could truly experience art and music in a way that is indescribable. What has been consistent during those times is that my emotions were...
  19. Grayman

    Sleeping Positions

    What is your MBTI-Type and your sleeping position? http://hotels.about.com/cs/travelerstools/a/sleep_positions.htm Fetal Position (41%) Curled up on your side, holding the pillow. The most popular sleeping position, this one was favored by 51% of the women in the study. The personality of...
  20. Grayman

    Comming off as insulting Te vs Ti

    I recognize how Te and Ti can come off as insulting to people but I am having trouble putting into words what seems a subtle difference.
  21. Grayman

    The Hairy Chest

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/pablovaldivia/guys-with-hairy-chests?utm_term=.ihv7722PRp#.yevmmxx30g Do women like hairy chests anymore these days? Seems like the shaved chest fad has died down.
  22. Grayman

    UWP & WPF Programming

    I know there are a few programmers here. Has anyone looked into or gotten into programming UWP apps? I am curious what your thoughts are on this. I think they are a great idea. I think this new design pattern will really will be important when phones are 'the cpu' for that you can just dock on...
  23. Grayman

    Kevin O'Leary - Type

    You guys know 'Mr. Wonderful'? I think he is INTP. I is very logical and really lacks in the Fe department. He is definitely a thinker type. There is also his adherence to the 'cold hard truth' which are some books he has written. Anyone read them? What would you people type him as?
  24. Grayman

    Post Count Limits

    I am curious of what everyone thinks of hard coded post count limits. What are the benefits and complications? I am not suggesting we do it. I am honestly curious. Anyone see such a thing in action? I think people will put more thought into their posts if they were limited. They wouldn't be...
  25. Grayman

    Male dominance ritual on the forum

    Anyone notice the constant clash of ego battles that is more common of the male? I think people are more threatened by Sinny because she is a female and that puts the male ego at a greater risk. What is the pecking order of this forum?
  26. Grayman

    Obedience Experiment

    Anyone else know about this experiment? http://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html https://youtu.be/eTX42lVDwA4 There is also a movie on netflix I am curious if Ti and Fi dominants would be less susceptible to obedience in the conditions of this test or if there are other factors at play...
  27. Grayman

    Year 2169

    It is the year 2169 and the cure for old age has finally been discovered. In order to prevent over population everyone is given a choice. You can live forever or you can birth a child. So being young never having experienced what it is like to have your own children what do you decide? 1)...
  28. Grayman

    The Morality of Dexter

    After watching the show Dexter I came to the realization that other peoples sense of morality is largely different than my own. Many felt that Dexter deserved to be punished including the writer. What is odd is that they feel that he needs to be punished be cause Dexter liked killing. Had he...
  29. Grayman

    Three cats equal bad luck

    I tested it 4 times. When I add three cat catfaces together when making a post my browser crashes. Anyone else? windows phone
  30. Grayman

    Are old people smarter than the youth?

    1) We lose a few IQ points as we age. 2) We become less tolerant of new ideas. 3) Our brain loses its plasticity as we age. We gain in experience but what good is that when we can no longer use the data effectively?
  31. Grayman

    Pity vs sympathy

    I used the two words synonymously for some time. When I got older I started getting negative reactions to the use of pity. They described it as looking down on them. I don't understand it. I only experience the one feeling of compassionate concern and I use both words to describe this feeling...
  32. Grayman

    Analog Computers

    First off some information: http://phys.org/news/2015-05-quantum-emulated-classical.html Analog is essentially taking a 1 to 5 volts and then converting it to a number representation of that voltage. This requires one transistor that is partially on to create the specified voltage. So 1vdc...
  33. Grayman

    Bestiality, Zoophilia

    http://avoiding-rape.tripod.com/id2.html I found this document very convincing. In fact I cannot come up with an argument against bestiality after reading it. What do you think? Disclaimer: This is NOT the homophobic trap of comparing homosexuality to bestiality. In fact, for the purposes of...
  34. Grayman

    Foster Care

    I am thinking about doing this. Any advice?
  35. Grayman

    Rachel Dolezal

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3123965/The-white-girl-posed-black-campaign-against-racism-story-brutally-lays-bare-hypocrisy-liberal-America.html Shouldn't we be more accepting of her new identity? I see it as contradictory to deny her self established identity of being black while...
  36. Grayman

    Brain Side Language

    Close the right eye and read something. Close the left eye instead and read something and then do a comparison. Do you read better with your right eye or left eye or the same? I am afraid if I say much more it might mess with the results...but you would probably guess the purpose anyways...
  37. Grayman

    Steven Moffat racist

    Anyone who thinks Moffat, the writer of Dr Who, is racist should examine themselves for potential 'misandry'. http://www.hypable.com/is-steven-moffat-sexist/ Wow, there are a few here! ...looking for more voting poles.... Is this common? Sure are a lot who agree on the internet that he is...
  38. Grayman

    Big Bang: Expansion Accelerating

    Against all known facts about gravity and space the universe's expansion is suggested to be accelerating according to scientists. Why? Consider that the greatest redshift is occurring between our galaxy and a galaxy of the most distant past while less redshift is occurring between our galaxy...
  39. Grayman

    Anti neutrino discussion split from "ask RB"

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100329083039.htm Here are the anti-neutrinos. So what am I missing? Shouldn't this spark some funding and more publicity? The old iron core idea seems to have almost no evidence and it makes sense for denser material like uranium to be at the earths...
  40. Grayman

    Type Grayman

    I estimate: INFJ Enneagram 5 http://www.personalitypage.com/INFJ.html http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/TypeFive.asp#.VMRru_7F-dM
  41. Grayman


    Can someone enlighten me on what thought processes would have to exist to bring about the existence of 'bronies'? What kind of societal and enviromental conditions would have to exist to cultivate those thoughts? Bronies: Adult men who are strong fans of "My Little Pony" and have banded...
  42. Grayman

    Eating Feels Oddly Good

    I often skip breakfast and eat lunch late as I usually unconcerned about it over other things. When I finnally eat I feel realy relaxed. When I google this it talks about diabetes. I dont feel tired at all from the process and am clear headed. I never noticed the feeling before and never...
  43. Grayman

    Universe Not Expanding

    Instead of space expanding, matter is compressing since every universe exists in a black hole. Since space cannot be compressed and all matter is compressed at the same rate we see space getting bigger as the worlds stay the same size. In reality it is us getting smaller and space staying the...
  44. Grayman

    Do INTP normally test positive for Schizoid on online tests?

    http://psymed.info/default.aspx?m=Test&id=74&l=3 35 schizoid
  45. Grayman

    Question Mark Usage

    Disregarding proper grammar... Shouldn't a question mark only be used when you actually expect a response to your statement? Or is it just too hard to give the statement the proper tone without it. Just seems to be a more practical usage and it also helps define sarcasm/rhetorical questions.
  46. Grayman

    Show what could the worst day at your job could be like

  47. Grayman

    The Build Your Own Computer Thread

    A place to build your own computer in your head before you really build your computer List parts and why. What do you want to be able to do with it? Others offering suggestions for changes to builds are welcome. Will list my build soon.
  48. Grayman


    This is a bit different than discussion how you lie. This is determining the difference between a lie and deception. Also, when is deception necessary, acceptable by social standards, and how do we deal with the guilt of our misdirection? Everyone deceives but uses methods to make...
  49. Grayman

    Wittgenstein vs thinking with words

    It makes little sense to me that the reality could be confined to language. Although Wittgenstein may just be postulating that our minds conception of reality is confined to language, I just think he is a person who thinks with words and not with pictures. I say understanding trancends...
  50. Grayman

    Avoiding Duplicate Threads

    This is for those of us who, like me, make threads that make people wonder if it is a duplicate thread or not. Often I get into a topic and many ideas in relation to that topic come to mind and some of them seem to need their own thread. The problem is that there is a strong relational...
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