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  1. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    YouTube- MATRIX RELOADED. The Architect the architect. sounds like the ultimate INTP to me
  2. Radioactive_Springtime

    Warning: spooky thread.

    can't say that I've ever had anything like that happen to me.
  3. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    Im beggining to think "Good and Evil" are both F traits. I gave up on moral absolutes because of Ti.
  4. Radioactive_Springtime

    Save me!

    you could amputate the leg
  5. Radioactive_Springtime


    Considering I've spent the majority of my time since middle school obsessed with zombies, I'd like to pretend I'm an expert. It really depends on the series/work you are talking about. The shambling corpses would not bleed because of reasons mentioned above. However the Living Dead "Romero"...
  6. Radioactive_Springtime

    MMO Classes

    the remake of Silent Hill is supposedly going to have an engine that examines youre style of play based on on MBTI types, and changes the gameplay to fit your personality. although I havnt heard much.
  7. Radioactive_Springtime


    blame einstein, gotcha
  8. Radioactive_Springtime

    Introverts = Night Owls?

    I've always been a night owl, I usually do my best thinking and conversing in the wee hours of the morning. I usually don't make it to sleep before 3am.
  9. Radioactive_Springtime


    Lately I've noticed time goes by faster and faster. It started with work shifts going seemingly getting shorter, when they certainly are not, and then I noticed cigarettes seem to last less and less. It may just be me, any thoughts?
  10. Radioactive_Springtime

    INTP friends?

    One of my best friends is a fellow INTP. We share the same interests and unfortunately the same endless sense of Nihilism. I'm glad though because he's far more socially mature than I am, and has an almost endless patience when helping me through my own problems.
  11. Radioactive_Springtime

    Some INTP-related questions...

    I got the "Apply yourself" lectures starting in the 5th grade. Throughout high school I was a D student. I graduated around 350th of a 600 person class. I cared little for homework and tests and routinely outsmarted most of the people in my class. I'm paying for it now since I'm stuck in...
  12. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    I believe it would be an INTP. I'm basing this off of my own experience from highschool. I gave a persuasive speech in an English class. My topic of choice; the 14 points of fascism in the American government (specifically under George W Bush). I went up to the podium without a written speech, I...
  13. Radioactive_Springtime

    Which INTP type are you?

    "the stoner" or "the saboteur"
  14. Radioactive_Springtime

    wow i got a new type istp

    taken the test probably 30 times, i got INTP for at least 25 of those times, and INFP the remaining times.
  15. Radioactive_Springtime

    Why Ayn Rand?

    I could barely sit down through Anthem, so Ill never get through Atlas Shrugged
  16. Radioactive_Springtime

    Songs that make you cry/tear up/sniffle...

    the song i actually had in mind when i looked at this thread was actually the first video posted! and all that could have been by NIN. That and "Black gives way to Blue" off the new Alice in Chains album.
  17. Radioactive_Springtime

    When you have to lie

    If you are going to lie, keep it simple. The less complexity, the easier it is to keep from contradicting yourself.
  18. Radioactive_Springtime

    How many hours do you devote to studying...

    As a testament to me being a terrible student; somewhere between not at all and about a half hour a day.
  19. Radioactive_Springtime

    Where are you from?

    A- Small town between Baltimore and Washington D.C. B- Im not particularly fond of it. There is almost nothing to do C- I have confirmed that the rest of my county believes my tiny unincorporated town, and the next town over, to be the centers of white trash and drug abusers, and they would...
  20. Radioactive_Springtime

    Midnight Snax

    I have a fondness for Strawberry Bannana yogurt, and various brands of chips. They just work so well really late at night
  21. Radioactive_Springtime

    Heros and Villians

    maybe a byronic hero, but I see the INTP more as the Obi-Wan style mentor than the actual hero.
  22. Radioactive_Springtime

    What in the world IS this?!

    a contraption set there specifically to baffle people.
  23. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    gotta do whats right for you, even if it takes awhile to figure out what that is.
  24. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    My dad got her when I was about 6 months old.
  25. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    had to put my cat to sleep yesturday. She was 18 and was having alot of trouble breathing.
  26. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    I think outside of a relationship I'm naturally nihilistic, or maybe I've just adjusted to life again.
  27. Radioactive_Springtime

    Type relations

    I know all about the bad behaviour ruining a perfect relationship. I'm a male and bad behaviour cost me an amazing girlfriend. But at least she isn't spreading nasty rumors about all the things I told her. She was an ENFP by the way.
  28. Radioactive_Springtime

    Type relations

    Don't really know if theres already a thread about this, but I'd like to know more about type relations. Typelogic gave names of the different relationships, and I'd just like to know more about them.
  29. Radioactive_Springtime

    I AM the daughter of....

    Hello, I think its good that you're at least interacting with your mother in some way.
  30. Radioactive_Springtime

    Forum people - new thread

    allows me something to do while im busy avoiding being social in real life.
  31. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    I hate those kind of dreams. They always seem come at the most inopportune times.
  32. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    I agree. Good luck!
  33. Radioactive_Springtime


    I don't really hate on music anymore. I just don't like music that takes itself too seriously, and music that forsakes the musical aspect. Granted, there has to be an idea behind the music, it just has to stay there, behind (or at least leveled with) the music. You just have to remember that...
  34. Radioactive_Springtime

    The Simple Life

    Eh I'd deffinetly say that simplicity in my life is because of my limited budget and being easily distracted. I would like to get fancy clothing, because no matter how you look at it appearance can be very important socially. I usually just wear jeans and ts. I would Looooooove to have cash...
  35. Radioactive_Springtime

    Decaf, therefore I am

    Hmmm...I dont really use anything to help me wake up in the morning. I suppose a shower counts though.
  36. Radioactive_Springtime

    Thinking and Intuition in Functions - How Do They Differ?

    nothing wrong with sharing all your thoughts to help further another's understanding.
  37. Radioactive_Springtime

    Why did you pick your name?

    Re: Why did you pick you name? I usually have trouble coming up with usernames. Radioactive springtime was just a little joke one of my friends made when we talked about gloabal warming in oceanography class.
  38. Radioactive_Springtime

    What songs are you listening to?

    Re: What songs are you listening too? That is very relaxing Anything by Feist
  39. Radioactive_Springtime


    lmao verry clever
  40. Radioactive_Springtime

    Bi-Polar with MBTI Types

    I took the test on a downswing and I ended up INFP instead of INTP.
  41. Radioactive_Springtime

    how do you deal with small talk when its forced upon you?

    Im terribe at it but I do enjoy it or at least tolerate it unless I'm feeling down.
  42. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    is it at all strange that sometimes I feel that I could choose wether or not to be a good or bad person?
  43. Radioactive_Springtime


    ENFPs and I tend to get along fairly well. Actually I think ENFPs are the only types that I've had a relationship with. Weird huh?
  44. Radioactive_Springtime

    INTP and anorexia

    In times of stress I get hungry but lack the ability to stomach foods. Maybe its just the stress itself. But I cant seem to fight the feeling that I may just be INxP.
  45. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    Don't worry about it, problems do serve a purpose. While I am having an extroardinarily hard time letting her go (even though she hasnt talked to me in a week or two) It just means the next time this happens I'll be that much more experianced at letting go. And another thing, You can never fully...
  46. Radioactive_Springtime

    Absence from the forum

    Re: Absence of the forum Genders are so hard to figure out on this forum.
  47. Radioactive_Springtime


    no fear of cameras. I just tend not to get alot of pictures taken. I dont avoid cameras, it just doesnt happen alot. Good pictures of myself are few and far between.
  48. Radioactive_Springtime


    I played video games and read books
  49. Radioactive_Springtime

    How are You today?

    A friend I recently came back into contact with after several years is helping me through an emotional struggle. He told me that from a buddist's point of view suffering comes from attachment to temporal things. I don't know if its just the strong emotions getting to my head or the awakening of...
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