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  1. emmabobary

    INTPs (only): how do you score on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?

    @Rixus That´s an interesting way to see it. Well, the medical concensus. Honestly, I don´t give too much credit to it. My training is psychoanalytical. And seems to me that gathering a very dangerous group of disorders (and I think they come from different aspects, damage or ways of...
  2. emmabobary

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    It´s not bad, I just don´t like it 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HXR8TpfSBQ
  3. emmabobary


    @Cognisant Nothing to be fixed I think. We´re just sophisticated animals, very sophisticated compared to the rest, but animals still.
  4. emmabobary

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I feel I´m in a loop, impossible to escape.... *bored*
  5. emmabobary

    INTPs (only): how do you score on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?

    24 Meh... (why do I keep taking these?... ) @Yellow I kinda disagree when you say psychopaths are average or below the average IQ. Mostly because psychopathy and APD (or sociopathy) are not the same, at least to me. Psychopathy is more pervasive and inflexible than ASP. ASP has a more social...
  6. emmabobary

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I´ve been too deep into psychopathy and mental illness research, now when I have to bring up a conversation with the new people I´m beggining to meet I sound too odd. It should be funny, but I feel trapped in a loop ...my chatter is so not pleasant
  7. emmabobary

    Can you act against your conscience

    Maybe it´s mroe about testing your limits. I suposse one can always break it´s own boundaries. Desensitization is the idea, I think.
  8. emmabobary

    What gives you the incentive/willpower/strength to keep going and stay "alive"?

    That someday this unbearable existence will end. Someday I will reach the end. Yep, I´m that coward... :)
  9. emmabobary

    You become the ruler of a medieval society...

    You can´t be the Joker and a king, can you? But you just remind me of this character https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubu_Roi I´d love to be him :D
  10. emmabobary

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Beautifull movie!
  11. emmabobary

    Trolley Problem

    LOL http://smbc-comics.com/index.php?id=4131
  12. emmabobary

    I'm an ENTP

    Seems legit to me. If you don´t have something important to say, just don´t. Either Inquisitor is right or not Jenny´s comment changes nothing. To me it´s a waste of words ...and time... just an observation
  13. emmabobary

    Original vs Cover

    "Don´t save a prayer for me noooooooow. Save it to the moooorning after" <3 Dat cover LOL
  14. emmabobary

    Original vs Cover

  15. emmabobary

    INTPs and dark humor

    I laugh in the mornings when my dad´s watching the news and something about war or murders pops up. He hates that ....but it only makes it funnier. :smiley_emoticons_mr
  16. emmabobary

    INTP Trivia and Humor

    @Saywhatnow This came to my mind
  17. emmabobary

    INTP Trivia and Humor

    Grey ...¿?
  18. emmabobary

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    Grrrrr :cat: That lemon Gerard is just too hot, destroya is one of my favorites this month as well :) @Tanhauser I like how the noise in that album (somehow) makes sense, Darwin Frost says we all can meet in music, I like that idea, kinda like 12 tone music, you start to see music as a lenguage.
  19. emmabobary

    why people want to be someone else?

    Maybe because we think others enjoy of those features more than we´ll ever do, we want that joy, not the features by themselves.
  20. emmabobary

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    I don´t like it, but I´ll give it a 6..... ,5 https://impossiblenothing.bandcamp.com/
  21. emmabobary

    INTPs and dark humor

    Yes it is
  22. emmabobary

    Do you plan to help the world? How?

    No, why? What does it need to be helped with? Actually I´d love helping to destroy the world and the human race, I have a few ideas for that :)
  23. emmabobary

    do you care about politics?

    nej, knulla politik :mad:
  24. emmabobary

    Men become obsolete

    I knew about humanity becoming obsolete :) https://youtu.be/eY98io7JH-c
  25. emmabobary

    Are you healthy, happy?

    Do you mean in the moment or trough my whole life? I´m certainly not healthy right now -I´ve been healthier- nor fisically neither mentally, not nice shit in my body or in my mind ....yet that´s ok. I´ve been happy, I´ll be happy later I´m sure. I´m not spefically happy right now.
  26. emmabobary

    Songs that make you cry/tear up/sniffle...

    @Nebulous love the Antlers! https://youtu.be/PtcG3TxNd-A
  27. emmabobary

    How do you guys express your emotions?

    many people have told me that i drift away into a kind of trance when I´m angry. My face and my voice low, cursing everything, they say, make believe I could kill them any minute. :p
  28. emmabobary

    Songs that make you cry/tear up/sniffle...

    ...Tears run down my cheeks, as my tommy aches... https://youtu.be/5pR-voFbxzo can´t stop laughing Ok, I htink I posted this in the wrong thread.
  29. emmabobary

    Why knowing how to handle people could be bad for you.

    Geez, too much fuzz^^ -Just save yourself, kill them all. -Or maybe you don´t know if you can save yourself. And maybe that´s just fine (Hannibal spam time!) :cat::cat::phear::phear: ..........everything is in your mind. Your worst enemy is yourself.
  30. emmabobary

    chip tunes + wintergatan = ?

    there, a cat playing tunes :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0zgQAp7EYw I guess the magic of the marble machine is in its mechanism and the fun of building it. Yeah, the melody is quite simple... but it´s the work behind I appreciate the most.
  31. emmabobary

    Owning pets is immoral

    Hig´s got it right :mad: And how about entailing human thinking and emotions to everythig we come across? ...that´s inmoral :D :D :D
  32. emmabobary

    chip tunes + wintergatan = ?

    I´ve just discovered chip music :) And apparently Linus Akesson made a version of a popular Wintergatan´s song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgHXqA1irwA What do you think about it? Do you like it better than the original? ..... On a side note, dear Martin Molin, please marry...
  33. emmabobary

    pedophilia and a logical society

    How "being in control of a relationship" and "equivalent partner" fit together? It´s contradictory. Just from the begining, a child is obviously the vulnerable "partner", a child is manipulable, moldable, inmature: naturally coercible.(And I´m not saying all the children are helpless victims...
  34. emmabobary

    pedophilia and a logical society

    Well you got a point here: There is no such thing actually. Pedophiles don´t see their partners as equal, a child is like a pet to them, like a sexual toy pet. It´s a fetish. What is punishable about it, I guess, is cruelty.
  35. emmabobary

    The Contrariety of Selflessness

    Dear Infinitatis I think that, following your reasoning, the only true possible selfless act is the one imposed. Or in other words: a non free act. This is the only act that wouldn´t provide any kind of satisfaction to the subject, nor it would mean an advantage for the group, but pure pain...
  36. emmabobary

    Closest You Ever Came To Death

    @Polaris Never had that kind of problem ^_^ I actually enjoy swimming. I feel like at home when my body floats in the water. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSLEnTV9WzU
  37. emmabobary

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    yeiii I hit the spot. But I still don´t see where the problem is. :confused: I guess is something more like indecision (?), what you´re talking about. What you have doesn´t satisfy you and getting something else wouldn´t make any difference anyway. If anyway, and whatever happens everything...
  38. emmabobary

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    Oh! Gee! :v I didn´t read the whole post XD Thank you yellow!
  39. emmabobary

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    mmmmm... A sex requirement... maybe age, if you´re up 20 I can´t do you. :p Ok, maybe no. I´ll research and try later :D
  40. emmabobary

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    Lovely! where is this from? *Adding to playlist*
  41. emmabobary

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    This makes me think of Nietzsche´s will to power. An undeniable passion, born from the most basic instincts, is what provides the energy to strighforward get what we want. I think you don´t really need to look for motivation in logic. What we want and how we´ll get to it, has to do more with...
  42. emmabobary

    favorite art styles

    Hahaha what´s an art-retarded? What do you supose you should be attracted to? My favourite artist of all times is Klimt. As him, I suffer of horror vacui. Also I like bizantine art, pre-rafaelism, symbolism. I like naturalist art. I´m not attracted to anything abstract. This is...
  43. emmabobary

    Abstaining from masturbation...

    That is so weird, yet so awkwardly cute at the time! Well, I don´t believe in abstaining, I never felt the need to abstain, one shouldn´t had to make an effort to avoid pleasure. But I guess we all have our own measure, and rythm; wich should be explored and respected. Unlike Steleechete I...
  44. emmabobary

    Why are losers and weakelings the best people?

    I wonder what do you mean by paying the price. Hmmm What you call right doesn´t really exist. I mean, it´s ok to stand up for what you think is right, but life isn´t only about that. Great leaders, and also great people can be hurtful sometimes, you know? You can´t be loved for everyone...
  45. emmabobary

    Why are losers and weakelings the best people?

    Actually I think, I rather have a leader of great values, than millions of soft, kind and well intended, lovely comformists.
  46. emmabobary

    A philosophical problem that has bothered me for a long time

    I don´t know how to give a definitive response to your dilema. But to me, between seeing myself with a set up goal, or with a freedom of mind. I would say I´m none of those things. I know where I want to go, yet I´m allowed to do as I please, to create and follow the paths I decide. To have a...
  47. emmabobary

    Choice is an illusion.

    I think choice is a construct created from the subject as well as determinism. These are topics that only concern to the subject. Therefore if everything can be predicted at some point or not, is irrelevant. What matters is the subject, and why the idea of choosing, freedom and free will is so...
  48. emmabobary


    Niet. Only for academic porpuses, not complete. T_T But I´ve read Schiellig quoting Hegel, and Zizek, and Lacan. :D
  49. emmabobary

    Hating people for their ignorance

    .... .....What?:o I don´t know, I don´t think it´s a cultural expresion. Tough It doesn´t sound bad in spanish either. "No brillan en mis ojos" o "No brillan a mis ojos" I prefer the first one.
  50. emmabobary

    Hating people for their ignorance

    THIS ^^ But more than the main ingredient for omnipotent totalitarians, ignorance is the soft spot of masses to be opressed and brainwashed. Ignorance is the beast to feed if you want servile crowds. So actually if you are smart enough OP, ignorance should be a great ally to command these...
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