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  1. Saturnine


    haha...I hate using the word lazy to describe myself, I think it's something much deeper that keeps me from getting shit done, but I'm told that I'm lazy all the time. Especially by my parents....
  2. Saturnine

    INTP and anorexia

    I get paranoid about my weight, but I was taunted by a lot of people growing up for being a little chubby...so my body image has been completely skewed over the years....
  3. Saturnine

    INTP and Pets

    Well, we don't have any proof exactly, but my dad went over to his house and was gonna ask him about his constant bb gun shooting and the dude ran in the other direction. We looked for the cats body but couldn't find it. If I saw that my cat was dead with a bullet in it, I would have burned the...
  4. Saturnine


    I'm generally a very pissed off person lol Glad I'm not alone! Though, I usually point my anger inward, and become self destructive....unless i'm having a really bad day, then I can get a little out of hand with my sarcasm and pessimism, and end up making other people angry too.
  5. Saturnine


    I have never not procrastinated.
  6. Saturnine


    I usually don't mind having pictures taken if i'm drunk & acting like a moron, or making a stupid looking facial expression. Serious pictures are tough, I'd rather be taking pictures of other people.
  7. Saturnine

    Did discovering you were an INTP help you?

    Re: Did discovering you where an INTP help you? I just know I don't feel as lonely when I come to this forum. I'm still tryin to understand myself but that's gonna take time and I probably never will (fully) understand what the hell went wrong lol
  8. Saturnine

    There goes that INTP again!

    I can relate to this 100%
  9. Saturnine

    INTP personality and school

    All I can say was that I was barely ever awake in school. I had no interest at all in academics, except for art and psychology...and maybe biology. I had no interest in socializing either, and found my peers to be very irritating. Actually, I have no idea how I managed to graduate HS but I did haha.
  10. Saturnine


    I'm tryin to quit smoking, I had 4 ciggs today (1/3 less then I'm used to)...my last one was about 2 hours ago and I'm already going crazy. I don't think I'll survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: I'm probably not getting out of bed this week cause I'm sure I'll be in a wicked bad mood and be...
  11. Saturnine

    sleep and consciousness

    I like this topic haha. I struggle with sleep because I find it almost impossible to switch my mind off. The only way I can fall asleep is if a)I've gone about 3 days without it and I just pass out, or b)I take a sedative. Honestly though, I avoid sleeping because I'm plagued with nightmares...
  12. Saturnine

    INTP and Pets

    I love animals...my favorite pets have been my dogs (One died last year), but I have 1 cat left *the other was shot by a neighbor*, and a rat. I had a bearded dragon for 10 years too, I miss that lil guy.
  13. Saturnine

    how do you deal with small talk when its forced upon you?

    I think people get the hint pretty quickly lol I guess I give off negative vibes, but people rarely talk to me.
  14. Saturnine

    weird shit makes me cry.

    I also cry when I'm drunk...which is why I won't be doing it for a while. It makes people uncomfortable, and I'm not about to start drinking alone cause that would be sad lol Crying does feel good though, every once and a while.
  15. Saturnine

    enneagram poll

    You are most likely a type 5. Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 5w4. Type 5 - 9.7 Type 4 - 8.7 Type 6 - 8 Type 9 - 5.3 Wing 5w4 - 14.1 Wing 5w6 - 13.7 Wing 4w5 - 13.6 Wing 6w5 - 12.9 Wing 6w7 - 9.2 Wing 4w3 - 9.1 Wing 9w8 - 6.2 Wing 9w1 - 6
  16. Saturnine

    INTPs and family issues

    I can be a social chameleon if i want to *which is rare because I usually don't feel like it's worth the energy* and I would NEVER do it if it was expected of me...rebellion I guess? haha
  17. Saturnine

    Assorted questions

    I pretty much agree with everything you wrote Ogion, except I'm more hesitant to speak my opinions to people in person than online because I tend to get a lot of weird looks that I'm not comfortable with lol I'd much rather be social in this way through the computer.
  18. Saturnine

    Introverted Thinking

    Ive done the tile thing, but never really thought about why. I always just thought I was bored walking down hallways and not stepping on any of the cracks was a challenge to keep my occupied not have to look anyone in the face lol
  19. Saturnine

    About you?

    What is your name? Roe Where are you from? East Coast USA How old are you? 23 What's your gender? Female How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? Took the test online. How did you find out about this forum? I googled "INTP form" Do you have a partner/lover...
  20. Saturnine

    And yet another newbie

    Hey October! Nice intro:cool:
  21. Saturnine

    weird shit makes me cry.

    Thank "god" im not the only one lol Everyone laughs at me! The first time I saw E.T. I was about 6 years old. I CRIED hard then, and ever since. Usually the last scene, when he finally goes home...it's the combination of the acting, E.T. himself was very believable and the FX in that movie were...
  22. Saturnine

    weird shit makes me cry.

    I HATE crying in front of people so I try to avoid things that I know will provoke me like: Certain songs that make me hysterical , some movies (especially E.T. cause it had a huge impact on me as a lil kid), or drinking too much WINE. It's weird, wine is the only drink that makes me need to cry...
  23. Saturnine

    What animal type is the INTP?

    Re: Waht animal type is the INTP? I think it's adorable! lol and I want one...
  24. Saturnine

    personality types by body type

    my body type is most likely genetic, most the woman on my dad's side of the family are my height and build which on average is about 5'2 120 lbs. I weigh less that that but I have some eating issues. If I were to eat normally and do moderate exercise my body is stable around 118 lbs...
  25. Saturnine

    Why so black and white?

    Yeah, I think that's what my friend was talking about! It's strange because I sometimes feel like I was a born extrovert but had a life that forced me into introversion, which is why I have so many problems lol Some part of me needs to be that crazy extrovert I used to be.
  26. Saturnine


    I could never give up pot. I don't smoke that often cause I'm afraid I'll get sick of it or build a tolerance. I do wanna quit the cigarettes though! :rolleyes:
  27. Saturnine

    Why so black and white?

    Extroverts have less of a certain chemical in the brain that causes them to be "extroverted" to compensate for it. Is that right? I had this conversation with a friend who was taking a psychology class. I just wish I could remember what the actual chemical difference between introverts and...
  28. Saturnine


    One obsession I wish I didn't have. I used to just be able to enjoy listening to people sing without thinking about it and it was much more enjoyable lol
  29. Saturnine

    Who is your favorite comedian?

    George Carlin. RIP <3 Went to see him perform 3 weeks before he died. That man was fascinating.
  30. Saturnine


    Yeah, people tell me that all the time, and I always say I'd rather be in a car accident lol I mean compared to other phobias (for example: Phobia of peaches)...fear of flying seems a lot more rational and less insane.
  31. Saturnine


    Then again, I don't think that fear of being in an airplane is all that irrational.
  32. Saturnine

    Art & Personality Test (Very Good!)

    Thanks for posting that, the quality of those paintings are really amazing and the subject matter is interesting too.:cool:
  33. Saturnine

    Are you on medication?

    I can relate to everything you said. I don't like the zombie like effects of these medications. Being an artist I know that feeling intense emotion is important! It's sometimes unbearable though...to the point where I can't even draw anything. When I do draw it's obsessively for week long...
  34. Saturnine


    Wow...I sing too. Never in front of people, but it does release a lot of emotion. I've also become obsessed with learning how to sing, as an escape. I study singers voices and try to understand their technique as best I can, because It makes me feels good.
  35. Saturnine


    Your right...it's realllly hard to be around people who don't understand you, and why bother trying to make them understand, they probably never will.
  36. Saturnine


    I am terrified to fly, and It's not a fear of heights...I think it might be airborne claustrophobia lol don't know if there is a term for fear of airplanes.
  37. Saturnine

    Are you on medication?

    I was on paxil, welbutrin, and klonopin for about 2 years. I finally weened myself off of them for personal reasons. I am very prone to depression and anxiety/panic, but I'm choosing to be pill free because those things made me feel ill most of the time. Now I'd rather just smoke some weed, or...
  38. Saturnine

    Art & Personality Test (Very Good!)

    According to this I like impressionism, but that is not true. I am a huge fan of surrealism. I like to look at art, but I rarely enjoy it unless it's something crazy, surreal or psychedelic. Honestly, I didn't like any of those painting very much!
  39. Saturnine


    Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Very High Schizoid: High Schizotypal: High Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Very High Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Very High Dependent: High Obsessive-Compulsive: High I don't think I'm highly obsessive compulsive...haha I do know that I...
  40. Saturnine

    is it true that INTPs are shy?

    I would say I'm shy, but I think it's just a self precaution. I'm very open around people I know and trust *there are VERY few*
  41. Saturnine


    I hate being lonely, but am generally unmotivated to find companionship.
  42. Saturnine


    I forgot to put exercise under my list of hates! I don't mind going for a walk but the temp. has to be perfect, and I have to have music with me.
  43. Saturnine


    I smoke a lot. I smoke cigarettes, and weed. I also like to get drunk, but not that often, and never without weed. I'm also an avid tea/coffee drinker, I feel better having a warm mug in my hand. I also could not survive without my favorite bands...and occasionally I go on week long drawing...
  44. Saturnine


    I've always been pretty moody. I tend to get easily ticked off, or overly emotional sometimes. I hardly ever cry, but when I do it's realllly bad. I bottle things up too much.
  45. Saturnine

    INTPs and family issues

    I've always had issues with my family...sometimes they are bad, and sometimes they are VERY bad...but they are pretty much all I have so we struggle to get along. Every day is a struggle!
  46. Saturnine

    INTP and anorexia

    I occasionally feel the extreme need to starve and lose large amounts of weight...but usually go back to normal.
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