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  1. RubberDucky451

    Short Story

    If anyone could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I know it's a bit long, but stick in there. I'm linking to the .html version because this forum kills any typographical formatting it contained. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25795954/story.html
  2. RubberDucky451

    Choosing a major

    I'm at a crossroads in my life right now. Everything is set up for me to transfer to a 4 year Uni, but I haven't declared a major. My parents tell me I should go into law, because I love to argue. Though I'm not entirely sure If I'd be willing to go through all the schooling required for a...
  3. RubberDucky451

    Post Rock

    Let's make this a Post Rock thread. I'm ready for some epic feels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Juilrg6oQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umfFXnbtZ3I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faEsz0XLMbQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYBulfbBstc
  4. RubberDucky451

    Orange Juice

    I had barely woken up this morning when my brain posed this question: "What are you doing in life?". I'm depressed, right? Maybe I need religion, or another cat. Have you ever had these thoughts? How did you deal/not deal with them?
  5. RubberDucky451

    I need new music

    I've been listening to the same albums for the past 2 months and I'm starting to get depressed. Here are some artists that I currently like:
  6. RubberDucky451

    Summer playlist

    Is anyone else trying to put together a summer playlist? Here are the songs I have so far. Our Composition Book, Wild Nothing Louis Prima, Buono Sera Excuses, The morning benders Green River, Real Estate Lust for life, Girls The penalty, Beirut Any suggestions?
  7. RubberDucky451

    Egyptian Folk Melody

    This is amazing. :elephant: YouTube- El Tanbura - Friends of Bambouty
  8. RubberDucky451

    How good are you at getting back to people?

    How good are you at getting back (replying) to people? This includes text messages, phone calls etc. I find it very hard to reply to my text messages, I've even taken a whole month before replying to one. I usually won't reply for a few days, then feel guilty for not replying and avoid it. I...
  9. RubberDucky451

    The Why Club

    ...But why? :confused:
  10. RubberDucky451

    Memory and Memorization

    I've recently realized my memorization skills are completely terrible. I find a lot of things interesting yet I find it increasingly hard to retain the knowledge. I tend to remember the concept on the ideas specified but not the specific details. This specific learning style has made it...
  11. RubberDucky451

    If you could learn a style of music...

    If you could learn a style of music, what would it be? This question is a bit similar to "what's your favorite style" (but there are some obvious differences). I would love to play piano for a jazz band, the spontaneity and energy would be sublime.
  12. RubberDucky451


    I was thinking about how terrible my handwriting was, yet I'm very obstinate concerning my spelling and grammar while typing. I was curious to find out if other INTP's also have bad handwriting, and if you do what's the reason?
  13. RubberDucky451

    Music and Mood

    Do you tend to listen to music that fits your specific mood at the time? Or do you find yourself listening to music to change your mood? Personally I will choose music to fit my mood at the time. My mood will vary significantly so there's always a diverse selection of music to be heard.
  14. RubberDucky451

    About time

    Well, I never introduced myself on this forum. I thought it was about time. Although is it always entirely necessary to introduce yourself first? I always eat my fortune cookie before I consume my Chinese food...:phear: I enjoy: -Typography -Graphic Design -Documentaries -TED -Arguing with...
  15. RubberDucky451

    High Resolution Historic Photos

    I've been going to shorpy daily for a few months and the photos are always very interesting. http://www.shorpy.com/ Here are some of my favorites. http://www.shorpy.com/30-Rock http://www.shorpy.com/Moonlight-Tower http://www.shorpy.com/node/1414 http://www.shorpy.com/node/1404...
  16. RubberDucky451

    Let's make babies

    Let's make babies!
  17. RubberDucky451


    I've been really into color lately and i found a really interesting site. It's called color and it allows you to make your own color pallets. I'm now really obsessed with color theory :p kuler.adobe.com And here's a few that I made http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/search?term=userId%3A351966
  18. RubberDucky451


    If anyone is interested in Philosophy I highly recommend this series. The website contains 12 episodes with discussion questions. It starts with utilitarianism. justiceharvard.org :storks:
  19. RubberDucky451

    Classical Music Recommendations?

    I've been in the mood for romantic era piano music. I want something similar to Chopin's Nocturnes. Anything dark or moody will do nicely. Solo piano and piano + violin duets are also to my liking Please feel free to list an insane amount of albums or artists.
  20. RubberDucky451

    Most Anticipated Album of 10?

    Personally I'm looking forward to another LCD Soundsystem album. I'm also curious to see if Arcade fire can shake off Neon Bible and create another album comparable The Funeral. Finally a new magnetic fields album is coming out in about a week, good times! (EDIT: I forgot all about the...
  21. RubberDucky451

    Typography Test

    Can you spot the correct typeface? The Typography Test http://www.okcupid.com/tests/the-typography-test
  22. RubberDucky451

    Favorite Jazz Album

    I can't decide between Time Out and Saxophone Colossus. Any other favorites?
  23. RubberDucky451

    Music or Lyrics?

    Do you find yourself listening to the music or lyrics concerning songs? I'm always concentrated on the music and even when I sing the lyrics I'm not really contemplating what I'm saying. Could this be an INTP trait?
  24. RubberDucky451

    Problem Solver & Optimizer?

    I've recently discovered that I'm always looking for a problem to solve or something to optimize (IE: Installing a custom ROM on my phone). The strange aspect of this obsession is that when i finish customizing it (taking 1-2 hours typically) i lose interest and move to something new. I'm now...
  25. RubberDucky451

    Sometimes I feel like Stephen Merritt

    This is the musical genius Stephen Merritt being interviewed, by a bubbly newscaster. It gets interesting. Sarcastic and awkward moments :) YouTube- Stephin Merritt on Good Day Atlanta
  26. RubberDucky451

    Ducky's Art

    Most of my art is based on typography and letter-forms. Enjoy and please comment. I will periodically be adding more art. Lowercase g Lowercase g, in circles Lowercase m
  27. RubberDucky451

    ScummVM 1.0 Released

    http://www.scummvm.org/news/20091115/ Finally, we get version 1.0 of ScummVM :) Time for some monkey island. Anyone else here a point and click fan?
  28. RubberDucky451

    Knock detecting lock

    Check this out. YouTube- Secret Knock Detecting Lock
  29. RubberDucky451

    I drew an A

    I just finished drawing this A. I want some feedback. Be as brutal as you want :)
  30. RubberDucky451

    What time period would you prefer to live in?

    Do you feel like you belong in the year 2009? What time period would be most accommodating to your interests/looks/abilities? How about a time period most beneficial for INTPs?
  31. RubberDucky451

    The Math of Beauty

    I wasn't positive where to post this, but it's damn interesting. Apparently the ratio 1.618 (Also called the phi ratio) has a lot to do with our perception of beauty. I'm sure it's not rock solid but all the applications of this ratio are astounding...
  32. RubberDucky451


    Does anyone else watch this show? Personally i think it's brilliant. It's also a bit strange that you the show allows you to sympathize with a murderer if the murder is appropriate. I would imagine INTPs can sympathize with his unfeeling nature.
  33. RubberDucky451

    Starting point for an independent Psychological study

    Currently I'm very intrigued by philosophy, psychology and other such studies. I've gotten a few books by Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil) and Jung (Man and his symbols) but I'd prefer a recommended starting point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  34. RubberDucky451

    I could do this all day.

  35. RubberDucky451

    A logo?

    Has anyone ever thought of designing a logo(Banner?) for this site? Most V-bulletins I've seen have a logo of some type. Just a thought :p
  36. RubberDucky451

    The Avalanches

    Just watch the whole thing, it's incredible. I had to share it. YouTube- The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (Good Quality)
  37. RubberDucky451


    How do you recall memories? I've now realized i don't remember specific things but i can think back to a time and feel how i felt back then. That's really the only way i can articulate it. I find myself taking pictures of events I'm at with my cellphone, then i examine them and i get an even...
  38. RubberDucky451

    MS Paint Documentary

    Really interesting stuff. YouTube- The Future is in the Past - MS Paint Mockumentary
  39. RubberDucky451

    The Non Club

    This isn't real, don't post. :phear:
  40. RubberDucky451

    Google changed its search buttons.

    Did anyone else notice this? I feel guilty about posting an entire thread about this, but for me it's huge. Sorta... :king-twitter:
  41. RubberDucky451

    How much do you spend on clothes?

    Recently i was conversing with my friend about clothes and he mentioned he spends about 20 bucks for a T shirt. I understand that 20 is pretty avarage but i could never do that. Also, 50+ for shoes these days? Bleehhh Soooooo, how much do you care about what you wear? What's the max you'll...
  42. RubberDucky451

    How will the world end?

    What are your views on how the world will end? Name some methods of survival that may need to be utilized. I thought the INTP community could come up with quite a few interesting viewpoints.
  43. RubberDucky451

    What's your worst/best habit?

    We all have habits, they may be useful or just plain annoying. Personally i find myself distracted too easily and i seem to jump from 1 project to another before one is finished. These habits could be anywhere from drinking to stacking plates a specific way. Go crazy.
  44. RubberDucky451

    What are best at?

    What are you best at? It's a simple question, what are you the best at? Possibly what are you the worst at? I'm fairly certain most of us couldn't find 1 thing we're best at. Prove me wrong.
  45. RubberDucky451

    Make me laugh

    I've been a bit depressed lately, i need a good laugh. Make my day/week!
  46. RubberDucky451

    Preparation without follow-through

    I seem to amass hundreds of books that teach you a certain skill but i never get around to reading them. I'll admit that this trait isn't only prevalent in INTPs but i seem to have a much larger problem then most of my peers. Am i insane?
  47. RubberDucky451

    The Cynic Club

    The Cynic Club Gather all ye bastards and brutally honest.
  48. RubberDucky451


    I just saw Eraserhead and i really liked it. A lot of people said they couldn't stand 30 minutes of it, but the strangeness intrigued me. I almost felt like a part of the strange universe conceived in the movie. Many people debate the meaning of the film, i thought we could also ask a few...
  49. RubberDucky451

    Getting along with ENFJ mother

    My mother is an ENFJ and I find it very difficult to get along with her. -She's high strung a lot of the time and i tend to argue with her for the sport of it. -I've noticed if I present an argument to her that's emotional she'll value it over a logical argument. -My critical remarks...
  50. RubberDucky451

    2 Personalities?

    I find myself having dual personalities depending on who I'm interacting with, or if I'm alone or with company. I was musing if this was a trait of the I in INTP or if it's just natural for everyone. Usually when I'm around people I've known for a long time I'm the funny/relaxed guy. When i...
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