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  1. Beat Mango

    Report: Only 20 Minutes Until Introverted Man Gets To Leave Party

    The Onion wins at life and the internet: http://www.theonion.com/articles/report-only-20-minutes-until-introverted-man-gets,35507/
  2. Beat Mango

    What is a social group?

    How do you know when you're in one? Aren't we all islands? Without the memory function of our brain, would groups even be possible? Discuss.
  3. Beat Mango

    Is there a moral obligation to be nice?

    I saw this sign posted on a coffee machine: And I thought, I am rarely "nice" to the barista who serves me coffee. I ask for the coffee with only the slightest hint of a smile, wait my turn, and take my coffee. However, there are clearly some people who are offended by such behaviour...
  4. Beat Mango

    Are you stingy with your Fe?

    In my perennial quest to be normal, I developed the ability to amp up my Fe quite considerably. I even sustained it for months, rather than just hours or days. People would think I was very sociable. People still do, in fact. It was quite the contrast to my pre-Fe days, where I would be...
  5. Beat Mango

    Nihilistic, or just depressed?

    I say to people I don't care about anything. That there is little I value, at least not enough to chase it. People respond by saying I'm depressed. I disagree, and think I'm simply nihilistic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nihilism Is there a difference, between nihilism and depression? I'm...
  6. Beat Mango

    The social component

    I was watching Seinfeld the other day, and Elaine was telling Jerry how she doesn't like to talk to the cabbie when she gets a taxi. She says, "why does everything have to have a social component?" I thought it was so funny and true. I'm somewhat certain that the things I enjoy most do not have...
  7. Beat Mango

    Turning 30

    Ok so I'm not 30, but turning it this year. I'm find it a strange feeling to be entering my 30's. If I could sum it up, I'd call it pressure. Pressure to have a career. Pressure to get married. I mean, isn't it the case that we're generally defined, socially, by what we do in our 30's? Ok...
  8. Beat Mango

    Neuroscience & Pharmacology resources

    I'm sure people here will know of some good online resources for neuroscience and pharmacology? At the moment my sources are wikipedia and google, I've come across some good one-off articles that way, but am after something more centralised.
  9. Beat Mango


    Newsweek magazine has as its cover feature an article called, "Your two year old child can read. Should you be worried?" http://www.newsweek.com/2011/04/10/the-child-you-didn-t-dream-of.html Well I taught myself to read at the age of three, and I still don't like saying hello to people. Go...
  10. Beat Mango

    Why does my pen smell like strawberies? And other questions of science.

    Ok, background: I keep my pen and my quite fragrant strawberry-flavoured chewing gum in the same compartment of my bag. Understandably, the compartment smells like strawberry. However, what I found strange was, when I took the pen out to use it on my desk, far away from my bag, it still smelt...
  11. Beat Mango

    omg FREE university courses online

    Ok that sounds like spam, but MIT seriously does make all its courses, over 2000 of them, available online for free on its website: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/. Anything and everything is there including computer science, philosophy, maths and whatever else you're interested in. If there aren't...
  12. Beat Mango

    Social Stratification

    What do you think of social stratification, ie, the divisions (express or implied) of people into various social classes? In particular: - why does it occur, and why is it so widespread? - is it inevitable? - is it beneficial for society? For example, is it more productive? More fair...
  13. Beat Mango

    Broken Window Fallacy?

    Ever seen the Fifth Element? Remember the part where Gary Oldman's character Zorg, the bad guy, makes his claim that destruction is a positive thing? He illustrates it by dropping a glass, and showing how it creates work for his technicians. The clip is here: YouTube - Fifth Element -...
  14. Beat Mango

    The Law

    Anyone else studying law? Post here... (particularly if you're from a different country to mine, Australia - it'd be interesting to compare) If you're not a lawyer - do you have any theoretical qualms or grievances about the legal system?
  15. Beat Mango

    Ah Kazantzakis, you're so dreamy...

    From Report to Greco: *swoons*
  16. Beat Mango

    Why is Fe so tiring?

    I believe it's because when used, we are forced to cease all Ti activity. Nietzsche said that the hermit doesn't like to converse with people because it interrupts his internal dialogue. What I like to do, then, and this is an adaptation of something I read from Adymus a while ago, is to have...
  17. Beat Mango

    Club de Francais

    Je suis Francais en train apprendre. Parle-vous Francais? Parle-il ici. J'ai besoin de pratiquer!
  18. Beat Mango


    The I and the N are obvious, what are the other two? INFP, perhaps?
  19. Beat Mango

    Erotic Capital

    I think this is a good term, what do you think: http://www.heraldscotland.com/comment/colette-douglas-home/erotic-capital-if-you-ve-got-it-you-won-t-need-to-flaunt-it-1.1021754 It's pretty clear that people with sexual charisma have a big advantage even in fields that are typically thought...
  20. Beat Mango

    How to become a hermit

    A financial analysis: http://www.ubersite.com/m/64365 And while you're at it, this made me laugh out loud, several times: http://www.ubersite.com/m/17812
  21. Beat Mango

    Name change

    Can I change my username please? I'm tired of Banana Mango and I'd prefer Beat, if it's available.
  22. Beat Mango

    The three most interesting cities in Europe

    Ok so I'm going on a short Eurotrip next month and I figure I have time to visit three cities. What are the three most interesting cities in Europe to visit? (for an INTP in particular, of course). At this stage, I'm leaning towards Paris, Barcelona and Berlin...
  23. Beat Mango

    I want to get a tattoo

    of the word INSANE on my back, or maybe my shoulder. Too much? Will I regret it if I start to feel more like part of society? The very thought of madness can get people quite edgy to say the least...
  24. Beat Mango

    Who's your favourite person on the forum?

    Come on, be honest, we all have favourites...:elephant: I'll start, ok, it used to be Carnap but she's gone MIA! I think AI has been in top form recently, his analysis is just off the charts...
  25. Beat Mango

    My Photography

    Well everyone else has a photography thread, I thought why not me as well!
  26. Beat Mango

    The Schopenhauer Cure

    My therapist told me about this book she was reading called The Schopenhauer Cure. It's written by a psychotherapist called Irving Yalom who is interestedin exploring the link between philosophy and therapy. In this book, the main character is supposed to be a modern image of Arthur...
  27. Beat Mango

    Can I have my cake and eat it too?

    Can I have my cake and eat it too? Is it possible for me to have the depth of thought (and dare I say, feeling) of the great thinkers and philosophers of the past, and still have the happiness and lightness of being that I see others have, and that I had (and since lost) in childhood? It seems...
  28. Beat Mango

    Solitude and Memories

    People remember things that are of emotional significance to them. Typically, for most people, this involves interaction with other people. Eg, if they have a good time with someone, they anchor their positive feelings onto this person and so in the future, thinking of this person will bring...
  29. Beat Mango

    Texas Hold 'em No-limit Poker

    Anyone else like it? If so, where do you play etc?
  30. Beat Mango

    Woodland Club

    For people who use the Woodland theme for the forum. No-one else allowed! Only us Woodlanders may bask in the awesomeness of the Woodland.
  31. Beat Mango

    MBTI out of vogue?

    I was reading a psych textbook today on personality, and to my surprise, there was little mention of Myer Briggs typology. All it said about it was, "until recently, MBTI has been very widely used...". Until recently? Has MBTI gone out of vogue?? This particular book used the Big Five as a...
  32. Beat Mango

    So I was at a party

    and it was pretty crap to begin with, I was just standing around with nothing to say and no-one to talk to. I thought here we go again, another social fail. But as I wad standing overtly alone, this dude starts talking to me and we get to a cool intellectual discussion and from there I had a...
  33. Beat Mango

    Did you progress beyond your S?

    A while ago someone mentioned that the S/N dichotomy correlates with stages 3 and 4 (concrete operations and formal operations) of Jean Piaget's model of cognitive development. If correct, and S is no more than the penultimate stage of a progressive theory of development, then this would put...
  34. Beat Mango


    So I'm going to Japan at the end of the year for a holiday. Has anyone been there, or better yet, live there? Where are the cool INTPish places to go?
  35. Beat Mango

    Dwelling on problems doesn't help

    I've been visiting a forum recently for people with anxiety, and about 9 out of 10 threads are someone whinging about some symptom they have. It's always the same, something like, "x symptom, please help!", or "y symptom, what do I do?!" These people don't get over their anxiety because they're...
  36. Beat Mango

    How good is this place?

    Yeah sorry, I'm going to get a bit F here. How good is INTP forum?? It's the only place I feel intellectually challenged.
  37. Beat Mango

    Mr Logic

    Has anyone come across this comic? It's pretty funny, I couldn't find any online though apart from the wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr_Logic INTP much?
  38. Beat Mango

    Jeff Buckley

    Am I the only INTP who adores Jeff Buckley? Gotta love that sweet sweet F...
  39. Beat Mango


    Taking inspiration from walfin's dear diary (yes, I was stalking you walf), I have decided to start a bit of a diary of my own by using Twitter. Hopefully it will make the time go faster at work, provide a bit of an outlet for my weird thoughts while still remaining anonymous unlike facebook. If...
  40. Beat Mango

    Oh come on

    Mod approval needed before starting a thread? :( EDIT: ok, must be because I put links in it. Nevermind, carry on.
  41. Beat Mango

    HSS Club

    The old thread and posts got deleted?? DAMN THAT!!! Oh well, I was going to say, I can feel myself getting very bored with my current existence and the people in it (which makes me feel awful but that's just being honest). I need something crazy or spontaneous or just generally nutso to look...
  42. Beat Mango

    Renaissance Men

    I think INTPs have potential to become true renaissance men, with all our many interests and love of learning new things. What do you think?
  43. Beat Mango

    Not much interest in sex

    I used to cope with the mundanity of life partly by my sexuality - mostly fantasies. I would get big crushes on girls and that would make life interesting. I'd get all stimulated when around them and that would give me heaps to think about when I was doing other things. I'd think about what I...
  44. Beat Mango

    Songs, Artists and their Functions

    Ok so where do various artists and songs fit in terms of their function: Bon Jovi - 'Always', 'Have a Nice Day', 'It's My Life': Fi. Strongly felt internal value system. Can also hear the Se auxilary. Anberlin - 'A Day Late', 'Readyfuels', 'Paperthin Hymn': Fe with Si. The strongly expressed...
  45. Beat Mango

    Practising my Se

    Ok inspired by the person who's doing the planning experiment to work on their J, I've decided I want to tap into my extroverted sensing (Se), and to a lesser extent Fi and Ni because they've been very much ignored up to this point. See when I was younger (18-24), I had a lot of faith in Ti...
  46. Beat Mango

    Where is your truest self?

    In other words, when do you feel like you're most yourself? Where do you feel most at home, so to speak? I think my most honest self is when I am playing guitar, in particular, when I am jamming and improvising. Not all jams are equal, but when I'm jamming, especially when soloing, I am pouring...
  47. Beat Mango


    Laughter - what is it? Why do some people laugh often and other people laugh never? I can think of some people who I've never seen laugh. Other people I know are always laughing, it's like their primary mode of being. Me personally, there are two things that always make me laugh: being tickled...
  48. Beat Mango

    Outlet for Ne

    Do you think it's important that we have an outlet for our extraverted intuition? (or Ne/Ti, perhaps more accurately). Introspection was always a trusty one for me, but it's starting to lose it's magic now that I'm quite aware of the patterns I act in.
  49. Beat Mango

    American Psycho (possible spoiler)

    Is anyone able to make sense of this movie? What is it trying to say, what statement is it trying to make? I've got my theories but I'd be interested to see what other people think and discuss it from there. Some questions: - Why didn't he kill his secretary? Or Luis the gay guy in the...
  50. Beat Mango

    What would the world be like...

    if everyone in it was an INTP?
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