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  1. snowqueen

    What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

  2. snowqueen

    Happy Birthday Sapphire Harp

    Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a wonderful day! :king-twitter:
  3. snowqueen

    eudemonia's birthday

    It's eudemonia's birthday on Monday and I thought it would be nice to honour the incredible contribution she makes to this forum by creating a thread in which we can, if we wish, give her our birthday gifts. I don't know if she's visiting regularly, I suspect not, but on Monday I will email her...
  4. snowqueen

    INTP's talent for thinking: strength or curse?

    As a result of this comment: I responded that it's a strength and a curse and our life task might be to work out when it's the one or the other. I thought it might be interesting to ask 1. When is it a strength? 2. When is it a curse?
  5. snowqueen

    INTP and 'people pleasing'

    I've recently been working on my tendency to 'people please' again. It's something I've been aware of for years, sort of on the back burner and I have from time to time tried to change this behaviour with varied levels of success. Recent events made me think I need to work on this tendency in...
  6. snowqueen

    Emotional self-management

    I had a pm from someone requesting that I expand on what I meant by this. I basically had some conversations with my daughter about internal and external motivation. Bearing in mind she was 8 - I explained to her in simple terms that if she depended on an adult to praise her in order to feel...
  7. snowqueen

    Anyone near NY or New Haven?

    What it says. I'm going to be in New York and then New Haven, CT in mid-October - anyone live near there? Fancy meeting me?
  8. snowqueen

    INTP and sibling position

    I am an only child and on another thread INI wondered if being an only child made you an INTP so I thought a poll might be interesting. I've set the poll so you can vote for more than one option
  9. snowqueen

    when snowqueen met eudemonia

    Well Nia and I met up yesterday morning and we had a great time! snowqueen (L) eudemonia (R) You know what they say on those personality sites? INTPs have lots of difficulty in social situations having to meet new people but when two INTPs meet each other they instantly launch into deep...
  10. snowqueen

    An apology

    Dear Forum, I understand from the moderators that my post on manipulation drew some unintended responses. I actually went to bed shortly after posting it so didn't see any of it. I certainly did not post it with the intention of causing even more trouble so I just want to unreservedly...
  11. snowqueen

    How to spot a manipulator

    Courtesy of StarryNights from Personality Cafe: 1. Denial: Playing innocent. 2. Selective Inattention: Playing dumb or oblivious. 3. Rationalization: Making an explanation or justification that makes just enough sense that any reasonably conscientious person is likely to fall for. 4...
  12. snowqueen

    The INTP's guide to therapy

    INTPs tend to have a fairly high incidence of mental and emotional distress and in today's over-pathologised world where everything is a sign of some disorder or other, and where the slightest bit of odd behaviour means you are recommended to go to therapy I thought I would offer my personal...
  13. snowqueen

    London science fiction film festival

    Don't know if this is classed as spamming, but I thought this might be of interest to the few Brits on the forum. Apologies if it's a breach of some kind - feel free to remove. I have no personal interest/involvement in the festival (apart from thinking I might have to take annual leave to see...
  14. snowqueen

    make the 'you know when' thread a sticky

    Suggestion is in the title. I think the 'you know when you're an INTP' thread would be helpful for newcomers as it's an insider's view of INTP, not too serious, some real gems in there.
  15. snowqueen

    Helping INTP develop emotional intelligence?

    I've been reading through the past threads as there is something I have been thinking about, namely how to develop my emotional intelligence. Some of you may have picked up that I am in my 50s and only recently discovered my INTPness so I have been struggling with all of the INTP issues by...
  16. snowqueen

    Who is snowqueen?

    Hi, I'm a 52 year old university lecturer from England. I guess I am testament to being INTP by being old before my time and forever young - what is age anyway? I've travelled miles and centuries in my mind and still feel I am only at the beginning of life's journey. I found out I am INTP...
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