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  1. saffyangelis

    Happy Late Birthdays to Waterstiller and IB!

    Well, you're not escaping now =P And Happy Belated Birthdays, to each of you! =P
  2. saffyangelis

    Musical Snapvine!

    Yep, someone finally got around to making it. <center sv="start" height="207"><img src="http://www.snapvine.com/images/gadget/vp_top.gif" border=0 style="display:block;"><EMBED width="355" height="160" style="display:inline;width:355px;height:160px;"...
  3. saffyangelis

    Advice on Melkor....anyone? [thread split]

    Both, I think. Is it just me, or is everyone pairing up recently? Wisp and Kinara, Auburn and Chime, Snail and Cryp, Melkor and anyone, etc.
  4. saffyangelis

    1000th Post!

    I don't know how I did it, but I've gotten my 1000th post. You should all be afraid, 'cos now I get a user title, right? =P And now, my only real goal is to cause chao.... I mean, be responsible. But as for the user title, any suggestions?
  5. saffyangelis


    On the IRC chat, everyone was going on about programming (mainly because of Luzibot I think) and I have decided to learn, and apparently I should get a book on it. So, any reccomendations? I've downloaded Python, but I can download something else if it that's hard to learn from or...
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