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  1. saffyangelis

    *decides to be nosey* Where's your avatar from? It's really pretty so I decided to ask. *resumes...

    *decides to be nosey* Where's your avatar from? It's really pretty so I decided to ask. *resumes hiding*
  2. saffyangelis

    Creating A Personality.

    Entirely off the top of my head, wouldn't the best benefit of having an alternate personality to be able to adapt faster to different situations? You mentioned this slightly, with the idea of an ENTJ to work, and an ESFP for social situations, but if you were able to, the best possible way would...
  3. saffyangelis

    What are you all reading?

    ..... Okay, so I went through all the bookshelves in my room, piled up all the books I've not read/finished and this was one of them *backs slowly away from Kuu* (There's around 30 in all, so I'm not going to bother typing all the titles out though)
  4. saffyangelis

    So what did I miss?

    IB ^_^ Welcome back!
  5. saffyangelis

    FacetiousPersona Where are you!

    Ogion's in spain, with limited time/internet. =/
  6. saffyangelis

    Guess who's back?

    Hey! It's not poisoned or anything! I wouldn't poison them when they've /just/ got their old usernames back, I'd wait a bit, lull them into a false sense of security and.... *decides to shut up before she gives her plan away* =P
  7. saffyangelis

    Guess who's back?

    =D Cog! Auburn! Yay! You two have your old usernames back! *hands out cake*
  8. saffyangelis

    merci beaucoup, Well ^_^

    merci beaucoup, Well ^_^
  9. saffyangelis

    ~The Melkor BIRTHDAY club~

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELKOR! =P *resumes hiding*
  10. saffyangelis

    Hello. Random visitor message? *blinks*

    Hello. Random visitor message? *blinks*
  11. saffyangelis

    What type is Black Cat?

    It's a manga too, so you can just read online. http://www.onemanga.com/Black_Cat/ is where I read it a while back. And I'm leaning towards IxxP. Not so sure about T, but I'd lean towards that, and I'd say P just on the basis of the P stereotype of being a lot less plan-oriented - One thing...
  12. saffyangelis

    Thankies =) and yeah, I did. I've been meaning to get a new avatar for a while anyways too, I...

    Thankies =) and yeah, I did. I've been meaning to get a new avatar for a while anyways too, I just couldn't find a picture I liked.
  13. saffyangelis

    The Graphology Thread

    Fixed it now I think. I had to upload it to photobucket instead, and that freezes the computer I'm using up more =/
  14. saffyangelis

    The Graphology Thread

    I know I've posted before but.... http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii316/saffyangelis/writing.jpg?t=1268254133 I started off with the left handed writing on the right of the paper, then I wrote my left handed writing. My writing's changed a bit since I last posted here, and I want to see...
  15. saffyangelis


    Grey! I remember you! Although I don't know if you remember me.... Anyways! Welcome back! ^_^
  16. saffyangelis


    *resurrects* HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIME!
  17. saffyangelis

    About you?

    Not me: ^From my user profile =P I was pretty close though... I just didn't post in this thread until January, I think.
  18. saffyangelis

    INTP Characteristics

    Female Middle of three children, all girls. Right handed Parents still married, divorce threats about twice a year, but no sign they'll ever bother to go through with it. MBTI of family: ISTJ Dad, ESFJ Mum, ESFJ Older sister, ENFJ younger sister. 168 cm tall 15 years old Born three weeks...
  19. saffyangelis

    The Infamous Marriage Thread

    O_o *stabs JJ with a rake* I pair JJxRubberDucky =P (And I'm free again =P)
  20. saffyangelis

    Guess the forum member?

    Decaf? I think that's caffeine....
  21. saffyangelis

    The Gentle Seduction

    Most definitely interestings, and a nice story ^_^ The girl's attitude at the start seems to be the main attitude I've come across when trying to explain transhumanism and the singularity to various people (Well, they /did/ ask what I was reading about... =P) and rather than becoming...
  22. saffyangelis


    Another Discoverer. =P
  23. saffyangelis

    INTP Haven

    1. Where/what is your haven for when you need to be alone and can't particularly get to your house? It's at the top of a hill, about a half-hour's drive away from my house in the middle of nowhere. There's not often a lot of people there, and you can hide easily between all the giant rocks...
  24. saffyangelis

    Going Rogue : Report on The Incident of the 31st of January

    I really don't think it was Jesin that did this. Firstly, he's not the sort of person (from what we've seen, and from what Mus (RMustela) has seen in real life.) who would do something like this. If he did get his account hacked (which I think is the most likely scenario) then he should at...
  25. saffyangelis

    Test Your Inner Calvinist

    42% You are somewhat of a Calvinist. Some of your points of view make you look like a Calvinist. However, you live your life in a lighter way than Calvinists do, which allows you to enjoy it more. I got quite a bit on 'work' I think most of that score was to do with the fact that I know I...
  26. saffyangelis

    Linux user feels alone

    Used to use ubuntu... against my will I'm back on windows. My laptop's dead and I'm on my dad's old one, but normally (and once I get my laptop fixed/get a new one for my birthday, whichever comes first) I'll be back on ubuntu probably.
  27. saffyangelis

    Latent Superpower Test

    Glad to see it wasn't just winding me up =P I actually corrected it in my post 'cos it was annoying me....
  28. saffyangelis

    Latent Superpower Test

    Telekinetics Your powers are 89% Mental, 28% Emotional, and 28% Physical!
  29. saffyangelis

    Worst Fears [Phobias]?

    Things I'm afraid of: - being in the pitch black (a little bit of light is okay, as long as I can see, otherwise, my paranoia kicks in) - anything being around/attached to my head/neck/ anywhere that I can see my veins on my body that I can't get away from easily (the reverse beartrap thing...
  30. saffyangelis

    INTP = untidiest?, ESFJ = tidiest?

    *watches a kitten fall over and die* =P Also, my ESFJ sister's room is usually messier than mine - she's often out when my mum's wandering around bugging people to tidy up so she's not under as much pressure to tidy it as I am. She's also perfectly happy with having everything all over the...
  31. saffyangelis

    Mikky Rain or Mikky Mikkel?

    Mikky Rain or Mikky Mikkel?
  32. saffyangelis

    Can't start with what?

    Can't start with what?
  33. saffyangelis

    Thank you

    ^ This =P And this is also one of the few places that I know I'll always find someone else has said exactly what I want to say before I have. It's nice knowing that, since it's rare enough to find anyone who has a clue what I'm on about elsewhere. maybe 'cos no-one else manages to sit through...
  34. saffyangelis

    Death Note

    *attempts to look innocent* *fails miserably* Nah, I'd probably go for people at school... I can think of a few I wouldn't miss. =P seriously... who the hell thinks 'racy' is going to be about racism? *rolls eyes* The people in my class are sooo annoying sometimes
  35. saffyangelis

    Death Note

    I hope that if I did get a Death Note, I wouldn't use it. I think I would be tempted to, and I hope I would have the foresight to at least get rid of the death note before I did, but until I had reached that stage and been corrupted by power (Which I suspect could happen to me) I think I would...
  36. saffyangelis

    The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything Test

    The Medic You scored 33% Egocentricism, 39% Heirarchy, 46% Spiritualityand 29% Morality! Interesting =P
  37. saffyangelis


    Oxford = no accent? Lies! Oxford accents are soo funny XD They sound so posh. But I'm from south yorkshire, so I have no accent (Kidding). Actually, I tend to find any accent amusing, but I'm easily amused. I don't have any particular favourites though.
  38. saffyangelis

    Spot the Fake Smile

    Just as a note on this, I've read about microexpressions before (I'm still bad, I got 14/20 on the test =/), and Paul Ekman actually was used as a consultant on that show, and he's the one that developed a lot of the research that went into these. (/random)
  39. saffyangelis

    Long Posts

    Okay, ONE time! Once! That's hardly anything Well.. I only remember telling you off once anyways... Also, having googled ball-gag, I feel I should add O_o here too. And the better answer is to read more =P Okay, maybe it's twice now...
  40. saffyangelis

    Hello, friends!

    Ers! Yay! *tackleglomps* Welcome to the forums (And I see your .ui latros. and raise you a .uisai) *hopes she's not still mauling every attempt at these*
  41. saffyangelis

    Long Posts

    I don't really get the feeling of thoughts being 'established' so much as as if thoughts are being offered up for consideration. One of the things I've noticed here (as compared to a few other forums I lurk on) is that everyone tends to be a bit more cautious with their ideas. People don't tend...
  42. saffyangelis

    Long Posts

    Personally, I'm not particularly put off by long posts, unless they're written without any paragraphs. I read pretty fast, so it's not too bad for me, but I don't tend to write longer posts myself. (I always feel like I'm rambling on stupidly, and making less and less sense, before mostly I end...
  43. saffyangelis

    Sneaking back quietly

    Fusion! Yay! (You probably don't remember me...) But welcome back!
  44. saffyangelis

    The Game

    >_< drat... I just announced it on Skype too =P
  45. saffyangelis

    Absence from the forum

    I'm back too, in case you didn't notice already =P
  46. saffyangelis


    Good god... I go away for a while, and Cog goes and makes a new account... Right! /me sets fire to both old Cog and new Cog. That ought to fix it all ^_^
  47. saffyangelis

    Qs about your personal library

    Well, I've got two bookshelves and a shelf in my room, and one wall in another room in my house is covered in books, and a good few of them are mine, but I'm not sure how many exactly. Mostly fantasy, a few others and I've been reading bits of sci-fi here and there recently. A good few non...
  48. saffyangelis

    Forum Members = Fictional Characters

    Can I be after Toad please? *is curious now*
  49. saffyangelis

    Absence from the forum

    I'm on holiday from saturday onwards for the next five or six days, I can't really remember atm.. I don't think I'll have internet access there, so see you all when I get back.
  50. saffyangelis

    Hi, INTP from England

    How about the french? You know, if they're not too busy running away =P And hey Sky, welcome to the forum.
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