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  1. Rolling Cattle

    Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

    Try: https://www.assessmentday.co.uk/watson-glaser-critical-thinking.htm#section-free Post results. Talk about it. I was surprised how bad I did. In the arguments test, I only got 15/25 questions correct on my first attempt. I partly blame that on not fully acknowledging what was being...
  2. Rolling Cattle

    Do you prefer smartphone or desktop?

    I'm curious INTP users: If you had to make a choice between smartphone and desktop, which would you use, and which could you live without? An elderly couple were thinking about getting a computer or tablet, and asked me which they should go with. Instead of directly answering, I named pros...
  3. Rolling Cattle

    Oh no. Another member.

    INTP -ish. Been stalking for a little while, and enjoy reading the conversations. I want to join in some of them, maybe. I have small fleeting interests that come and go, but often are abnormal. Right now, I'm into making incense with natural materials. I was a little disappointed...
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