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  1. ZenRaiden

    What's more valuable: Our personality type or IQ?

    The human brain is terrible at it. No matter how smart you are, you will be dumb unless you train yourself and master your skill to the max. Its been show time and time again. There are natural talents, but whatever the case preparation and hardwork just payoff so much more that anyone who...
  2. ZenRaiden

    What's more valuable: Our personality type or IQ?

    True to some degree. Its not bad thinking about it, but one can develope unhealthy attitudes surrounding ones potential. Best way is to try out things and see. Being either too uncritical or too critical can be a huge burden since performance, accordingly can take a nose dive. I was just...
  3. ZenRaiden

    the joker

    I dont know if I really want to watch it. I know it has gotten some good reviews, but its probably one of those movies where a guy has a bad day and he breaks down and it goes all the way through the movie.
  4. ZenRaiden

    What's more valuable: Our personality type or IQ?

    Young people always look at potential as that is the only way they can think of success, but once you do real world sutff and have real world success you will start thinking in terms of actual ability rather than potential, as potential becomes less of a thing for you. Everyone goes through that...
  5. ZenRaiden

    Which tv series are you watching?

    Back at the time I remember I though it was very convincing in developing characters in the historical context. I think a lot of it was great and the ambienc of the whole movie and the drama tone they set was pretty interesting. I dont like movies like it, especially I hate drama. Drama for...
  6. ZenRaiden

    Which tv series are you watching?

    Back at the time I remember I though it was very convincing in developing characters in the historical context. I think a lot of it was great and the ambienc of the whole movie and the drama tone they set was pretty interesting. I dont like movies like it, especially I hate drama. Drama for...
  7. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Nothing new for me. Ageless dilemma for humans, doing what ought to be done and what they will do. Rules are broken yes, but that doesnt mean they have no impact. Now if no one were ever to follow those rules then yes, they arent practical. There are good rules and stupid rules and rules that...
  8. ZenRaiden

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    I mean cog you got some great points, but you also use the kind of language that confuses me and I left to wonder what it all means in context of things. Your focus on religion is not really necessary as anyone including atheist have morality or lack of morality. Thats universal. Not all people...
  9. ZenRaiden

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    I just want to point out that ethics and laws are kind of different and that although they may intersect, laws arent only flawed, but many times really nonsensical in many instances so its kind of crazy that someone follows only laws. You ought to do the right thing, but laws are not always...
  10. ZenRaiden

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    The part I dont understand about is where did you provide the evidence that your morality is in any particular way superior to ten commandmants. Other than you are willing to change your mind. If someone wants to others to take them seriously they have to provide basis for their idea. Now I...
  11. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    I dont think I understand your point. I think social dynamics are complex sure, but just because there are people who dont follow them be it written or unwritten rules doesnt mean the rules dont matter at all. Also when you abandon rules all other people will be forced to abandon rules when...
  12. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    No I understood it well, I think you missed the point. There is always the rule 2 + 2 = 4 In this universe there are things that we understand and thus they have certain order its not arbitrary its give by what is. Now our on act of will can seem arbitrary and it might be seen that way, but the...
  13. ZenRaiden

    Major senses

    I really wound not want to give up any of them. We have them all, because they are all essential for life. Now of course you can live without some of them, but it would suck. On otherhand if there is some sure way to upgrade any of the senses I would love to hear it.
  14. ZenRaiden

    Positive correlations between dormancy and genius in tech

    If people had the time to think we would have airplanes in 1000 BC. The thing is you can only think about as much as you have time and resources to feed yourself so you can think. Ergo philosophers were smart people, but they had to make money so they had to teach and do stuff. In their free...
  15. ZenRaiden

    Bill Gates: INTP

    INTPs arent lazy they just pick priorities differently from ENTJ and INTJs types. INTPs go deeper. What bothers me here that a lot of stuff can be explaine very simply. First of all he is very passionat or fanatical or whatever, and that happens to INTPs too. The thing is most INTPs are lazy...
  16. ZenRaiden

    Amoral behaviour

    You and everyone can do whatever they like. We all can exercise our will any way we like. The problem is that it all has consequences. Lying is kind of problematic and complex issue. Lying isnt always bad. Lying is survival skill that is necessary for cooperative species like humans to...
  17. ZenRaiden

    What's more valuable: Our personality type or IQ?

    IQ is really cool stuff, but if I told you your IQ is 130, what would that exactly mean to you???? Would you think you are some genius and try to solve a sudoku on hard or what? IQ doesnt dictate your direction in life or anything. IQ is important, but personality is something integral to...
  18. ZenRaiden

    Becoming a Commander, not the archetype but the function

    Sure INTPs can lead. There are simply better people at being the captains of the ship. That being said INTPs seem they can learn and thus if they are put into situation where they have to do something they probably will figure out how to do it. Its just that they wont be naturally good at it...
  19. ZenRaiden

    What would you do if money didn't matter?

    Become a warlord and hoard all the gold and dimonds. What else can man do without money.
  20. ZenRaiden

    INTP Memes

    DAMN! This is really some hardcore shit.
  21. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Its not arbitrary though. There are various ways to talk about morality, but only people who think about morality as arbitrary are INTJs of low intellect and people who never looked into morality or thought about it. Disagreements can exist and sometimes it seems arbitrary, but a lot of morality...
  22. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    True/ not True See you are confusing the internal affairs of people inside a state and relations of states outside of state, ergo state to state relations. Inside a country people can live at peace and think about stuff and not be subject to abuse, because they dont fit particular political...
  23. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Christianity in medieval times was political tool not just a mere religion. It was way of imposing control over people. Nowdays you can just not be christian and no one will stone you or hang you or burn you. Its 2019. Time to live in present. Now I know that priest even today use religion as...
  24. ZenRaiden

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    You kind of have to have society that agrees on certain values and rules. Without that you have chaos. I think modern society has addressed the issue pretty well. Atheist can cooexist with theists. I dont see any insurmountable problems with it. Sure there are disagreements, but they are often...
  25. ZenRaiden

    what is the hardest subject you study or encounter

    At some point everything becomes hard. History might be simple learning of facts, but when you go down that rabbit hole and really try honestly at understanding history and all the things you will find it more challenging as you go. Not just that, but imagine a historian collecting data from...
  26. ZenRaiden

    What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    Whoa people on this forum have a life? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For real I am thinking and I cant remember playing games that were too difficult or anything. I was able to beat Quake III on nightmare, but that wasnt difficult for me or dont even...
  27. ZenRaiden

    INTP and the uncontrollable emotional surge

    Sometimes you feel only what you allow yourself to feel. Maybe this time was really first time it was OK to let emotions go and not think about it. Sometimes its OK to just feel. Being a thinker doesnt mean you have no attachment to people or anything.
  28. ZenRaiden

    How much smarter would you be if you went to library and read....

    Exactly. I think parents and teachers often tend to hugely underestimate kids anyhow, and mainly kids learn to take that message as way of not trying hard enough in longterm.
  29. ZenRaiden

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    It doesnt take rocket scientist to realize that the system isnt working as intended. Anarchy, communism, capitalism, monarchy or whatever it all falls within the same problem and that the guy driving the system isnt really competent at all. When you drive the car you have to kind of know how to...
  30. ZenRaiden

    What are you currently eating?

    I just ate something sweet and nonessential for my survival with bad impact on my dental hygien. Also dangerous to my waist.
  31. ZenRaiden


    I remember reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court by Mark Twain which is probably my favourite book from Mark Twain.
  32. ZenRaiden

    In a perfect world, _____________________________________

    In perfect world I would be the king of the world thereby making the world perfect, obviously LOL
  33. ZenRaiden

    Pros and cons of being INTP

    I was kind of meditating on all of this and I came to the conclusion that INTPs are the prototypical energy conservation types. Ti, is habit forming to maximaze meaningful action, Ne is idel thinking in order to gather as much facts and informations since gathering information is far less energy...
  34. ZenRaiden

    prove yourself wrong

    A lot of skeptical people are skeptical only towards others not themselves, but I think that means they are not truly skeptical. When I say I am skeptic it means, whatever I say and I truly mean it, has been through my skeptic filter. Being skeptical only towards others means you are paranoid...
  35. ZenRaiden

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    Jall just btching cause you didnt know the right answers to the test. I got 96!
  36. ZenRaiden

    What to answer

    Another thought occured to me he might be interested in someone else and you might have put him in situation where he might think he will lose a friend.
  37. ZenRaiden

    What to answer

    Maybe he wanted to know what sort of relationship you want. I mean there are many kinds from fuck buddies to platonic ones and anything inbetween. INTPs that are immature tend to use Ti instead of Fe when dealing with people. He might be retarded and all and he might be a little slow, but your...
  38. ZenRaiden

    Sticky-situation...any advice?

    Who is B and who is A? Why do feel feedback is necessary and why not just give some feedback and see what happens?
  39. ZenRaiden

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Gut instinct is rather a rational thing. Not always, but a lot of cases it works. I mean whats a person got to lose when all they got is gut instinct? Is doing nothing or avoiding the problem a better solution? Well sometimes not at all, therefore a lot of time its exactly what we do. The...
  40. ZenRaiden

    Dream Big Twig

    Nice word salads man! Very decadent indeed.
  41. ZenRaiden

    How do you argue with someone once they have attacked you personally vs. your ideas?

    Well it depends whats it about and why its being presented and also who is going to read it for what reason. Kind of hard to tell if he is right or wrong. The thing is I dont care what people think of me or write about me or whatever as long as its factually wrong and doesnt impact me directly...
  42. ZenRaiden

    What keeps you up at night?

    I just adjust by not sleeping then crashing and sleeping. For example I can finish at 6am and go home. I do stuff then I figure its 12 am and I am not sleeping so I stay up go to work and come home at 6 am again. I stay up till say 9 am and then sleep until say 7pm then go to work etc.
  43. ZenRaiden

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I recall sitting in the back seat of the car and both my parents sitting in front seats. Anyway whole boring ride I was thinking about stuff and meditating on meaning and understanding. At some point I asked both my parents if they know the point of the story of ugly duckling. They couldnt say...
  44. ZenRaiden

    What is "healthy"? How do you stay or make progress towards being healthy?

    Recently I cut sugar intake by about 90 percent. Started drinking just water and black coffee. Got down by 4 kilograms (thats 8.8 gringo pounders) in a two week period. Now I go by mantra that sugar is evil. I heard also that salt intake is huge in todays diet. I think all people can agree that...
  45. ZenRaiden

    Any female INTPs here?

    If its true I would not be suprised at all. Life is a lot more than MBTI. MBTI is nothing compared to life complexity. Tempo, rythm of life, outlook on life, attitudes, sexual predispositions, ability to adujst and ability to share and ideals or culture are completely disregarded in MBTI. Those...
  46. ZenRaiden

    Mental illness on the forum

    Being professional is not about knowing all. Its about knowing your limitations. Thats the problem with professionals. Many cultures see them and trust them and the professionals are often prideful people too who put a lot of effort to have a badge of professional. So the expectations of people...
  47. ZenRaiden

    The future...

    Kind of reminds me I was flying over Europe on a plane and we were flying low enough to see different cities. Anyhow there were almost no forests to be seen. Just villages, cities, roads and fields. Few patches here and there, but mostly just humans. I mean rewind that time and it was all...
  48. ZenRaiden

    Religion and Irony

    Ill give you that. I think its important part of human developement to be able to think out side one self, and not just about self. That being said I think its little tricky. Lot of people talk about love like hippies, but then when it comes to action there is very little left of it. I think...
  49. ZenRaiden

    Mental illness on the forum

    I think there is lot of irrational stuff about mental illness going on. First of all its this idea that mental illness can be systematically classified and dealt with in certain way. While it might hold true to some cases each case has its own specifics. Second its the stigma and people...
  50. ZenRaiden

    What keeps you up at night?

    Well I work at night lol.
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