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  1. Why was my previous thread deleted?

    The one in the lounge on books. May I know why?
  2. How does someone with extremely weak linguistic skills formulate their thoughts?

    I'm not sure, to be honest. I can't visualize well or imagine how that feels. I'm kind of tone deaf too, if that is relevant. I'm asking because I really have no idea hence I'm curious. Maybe I've thought in smells or images or anything, but I didn't realize it. Perhaps I'll know better once...
  3. How does someone with extremely weak linguistic skills formulate their thoughts?

    I'm curious. How does someone with extremely weak (like being tone deaf for musical intelligence) linguistic abilities formulate their thoughts in their heads? And by thoughts, I mean deeper thoughts that are perhaps philosophical in nature. Maybe if they score better in musical intelligence or...
  4. Striving to be a polymath->people think you are stealing their identity

    Secretly acquire all the knowledge and keep your mouth shut. I have this problem too. I annoyed many people back in school because lessons always end up as discussions between the teacher and I, we'll end up debating or discussing about politics, philosophy, and other subjects that aren't very...
  5. What are your five love languages?

    http://www.5lovelanguages.com What is your love language
  6. What do you perceive to be your greatest flaw?

    For me, sensitivity to stress. I know it's illogical. The source won't disappear just because I avoid it but I really do feel helpless at times. I feel like a wimp. Curious to know about yours.
  7. Any fellow sociopath INTPs?

    If I were a sociopath, I'd never admit it in any context, regardless if under anonymity or not. If I were one (which I'm not).
  8. How do you respond when someone smiles at you?

    Yes, and the thing is, when I smile, my lips don't curve up naturally. I didn't realize until I observed myself in front of the mirror. My lips just form a straight line. No wonder I do not get "normal" responses! I've tried practicing but I just can't smile naturally. In the end, I gave up...
  9. How do you respond when someone smiles at you?

    I understand that it is probably polite to smile back. The thing is I always forget to smile. I just keep staring at the person. Rude, I know. I only start to remember that I am supposed to smile back when the person has long left. How should I cultivate a habit of smiling back? I don't want to...
  10. If humans no longer require food to survive...

    Haha, as I said, food will have no effect on human at all which includes the digestive process
  11. If humans no longer require food to survive...

    If humans no longer require food to survive and they will not gain weight from excessive calories, will there be an increase or a decrease in food consumption? No, they will not feel hunger. No, they will not ever feel full either. Food will not have any effect on their body at all. Edit: by...
  12. How to find your tritype?

    Interesting. Eh. Preoccupied with? I'm not sure how to answer most of your questions as they are quite vague. I do agree that the order of the last two probably isn't as important as knowing the first number.
  13. How to find your tritype?

    Tritype definitely seems more detailed and accurate. I'm quite certain about the first digit (and tend to score higher on that while the other two have similar scores); it's the last two I'm unsure of. I've actually come to a conclusion months ago, but recently am having second thoughts. Back...
  14. How to find your tritype?

  15. How to find your tritype?

    Should more importance be given to reading the individual description (863 is xxx & 683 is bbb, it seems like I am more bbb than xxx) or by assessing the respective values of all 3 types (I resonate more with 6 then 8 followed by 3, therefore I am 683)? Thank you. I am still an amateur and will...
  16. Do debates actually change anyone's mind?

    I debate for the fun of it. I feel so good after every debate, though sometimes frustrated when faced with my opponent's selective memory. Also, "it's just my opinion, though." You can have your opinion; that's your freedom. But that shouldn't be an armor against other people having an opinion...
  17. You know you're NOT INTP when?

    You know you're not INTP when you rather socialize than choose solitary activities. You know you're not INTP when you detest learning new information. Thank you for this thread too. Thanks for the blessing.
  18. Is this considered low EQ?

    I've been told that I have low EQ because that's what happens when you have a high IQ. It's a weak argument but I'm certain the other party just wanted to sugarcoat his words. However, many times, I feel that I understand what others want to hear; I just do not care enough. I may know that the...
  19. What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    When someone lacks sleep, food, water, or any of the most basic necessities, his self-control immediately dwindles down... I am (also) speaking from experience. This is not just a simple case of common sense. It hurts more when you speak from experience.
  20. Suggestion: allow changes to our display name

    Many websites have both usernames and display names. I suggest we allow users to have display names, in which they can change as they please (perhaps once every few months). But our usernames remain the same. I once read that a mod mention something about confusion... will this solve the...
  21. What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    Share some.
  22. Amateur question regarding enneagram

    Unhealthy 8 = deviate towards 5 Type 5's growth = deviate towards 8 Unhealthy 5 = deviate towards 7 Type 7's growth = deviate towards 5 etc. Wouldn't it be rather easy for people to experience all types? Then, there won't really be a "type", just an endless cycle. Pardon my ignorance, not...
  23. The greatest mysteries of life

    Damn, I love comedy.
  24. what is the definition life

    The definition of life differs according to the individual. As for me, I don't have a clear definition. There's only something vague and intangible in my mind. If anyone were to ask me to explain, I'd be rendered helpless. However, it doesn't quite matter to me. As least I know that there is...
  25. Please Help

    Once your English is "perfect", you'll start thinking that you can do more things once you rid yourself of yet another insecurity. It's a never-ending cycle. Take the first step. How do you define "perfect" anyway? If you don't have a clear definition, you may never reach what you deem "perfect"...
  26. Please Help

    Ignore how people view you. Don't worry about that. Really, once you get over that, it should be easier to speak. If anyone were to make fun of you for your accent or anything, that person isn't suitable to be a friend. In the past, there were rare occasions where I stuttered when my train of...
  27. Confess all your sins here.

    OP, the real question is, how did your piss taste? I am genuinely curious. I've always been curious about it, but never enough to actually drink it.
  28. Check out these delicious Hong Kong classics

    Why haven't you?
  29. Check out these delicious Hong Kong classics

    Well, I thought so too. No, I didn't smash it. It was already smashed, which was why I called it a mess.
  30. Do you believe in giving thanks?

    ^ this. But my case is more extreme (for the first paragraph), people have suspected I was a cunning person because of how "fake" I seemed, especially my smile. I give up. I'll still do what I feel is needed, but it's up to them to think what they want to think. Oh yeah but I must say, my smile...
  31. Parents and being privet

    I greet my father everyday, but that's about it. I don't talk to my family unless they talk to me, and apart from my father, they're usually pretty hostile because I'm not "normal". My mum's ESTJ. My dad is likely a sensor as well. Not sure about my brother, we usually don't speak to each other...
  32. Do you admire intelligent or kind people more?

    This question is derived from this quote: “When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel I encountered this quote when I was younger. At that time, I admired intelligent people. When I saw it, I wondered if I'd ever...
  33. Rushing mind at nights

    Same. I have no tips. I take meds which help me, but last night I had so many ideas the meds didn't work. I kept thinking although I was very sleepy. Quite hard to stop thinking. Had to constantly convince myself that I could act on my ideas the next day. I find meds very helpful TBH. Without...
  34. Why are many Chinese so extreme?

    It's actually something like the Chinese version of Quora. Pretty large scale. Not uncommon to get 5 or 6 figure likes. I came across "When were you the most cruel to yourself?" and then went to search up further and realized it seems so normal to them.
  35. Why are many Chinese so extreme?

    I think that may be a different situation. I'm asking why the Chinese are extreme in this situation in which they are extreme in order to "grow" or to improve themselves. Maybe my writing was vague.
  36. Why are many Chinese so extreme?

    I'm not really referring to the extreme views they hold as I kind of can understand why they do so. They seem to be extreme regarding nearly everything. A common theme I notice in Chinese forums and websites is 'cruelty to yourself'. There are tons of threads about that topic and lots of...
  37. What are the chances of this community ever allowing username changes again?

    Well, that's a very relatable sig. Nice one, Sinny. This isn't my first account. I still think it's better to be able to change usernames.
  38. Check out these delicious Hong Kong classics

    And here's the menu. Here's what I got in the package :D - ... Hong Kong classics, they said. - Lol ok I'm done bye - Update: ...mess.
  39. Why do many Koreans and Chinese think of themselves as the superior Asian?

    Did Blarraun just deleted his reply?
  40. What are the chances of this community ever allowing username changes again?

    Petition for username changes to be allowed! Perhaps, a limit could be set, such as allowing username changes only once. I think it's better than people asking for their accounts to be deleted and coming back a year later with a new account after they got a new phone.
  41. Why do many Koreans and Chinese think of themselves as the superior Asian?

    I thought so too after I heard JJ Lin by chance. It was simply a video of him singing life but I fell onto my knees when I heard that perfection. It was then I found my new religion.
  42. Why do many Koreans and Chinese think of themselves as the superior Asian?

    Hmm... though it seems to be nationally accepted. Have yet to see anyone (not necessarily SJWs) have a different opinion or speak up for the other races. It's very common to see celebrities and TV programs putting down other races on TV. "You look like an Indian." "I'll mimic a black person."...
  43. Why do many Koreans and Chinese think of themselves as the superior Asian?

    Why do many Koreans and Chinese seem to think of themselves as the "superior Asian"? When I go to Korean forums, I see a lot of degrading remarks made towards other Asian races, especially the Chinese and southeast Asian. Describing someone as looking like a southeast Asian is often used as an...
  44. which type struggles the most with life?

    Give INFPs some credit. When they use their Te well enough, they can actually be pretty successful. I know an INFP who was close to being a millionaire, but he donated most of his wealth. I don't think INFPs have it the hardest. If anything, INxPs should share that title. INFPs usually have a...
  45. Wanna Play?

    I'm not interested in your cookies, especially not after you've described them as "scrumptiously beautiful". Why do I feel like you think you're INTP? I didn't read any of your hints though, only those above. If you don't think you're INTP, I question what you're doing here. If you think...
  46. Do You Donate?

    Not often and not a lot. My current financial status doesn't allow me to do so.
  47. Choose (for fun)

    It depends on my health and financial status. Currently, my health is deteriorating, and I barely have any excess $$$. I choose healthy and cheap. It'll change according to my health and financial status.
  48. What kind of IQ do you have?

    0% Interpersonal 20%Visual 30%Verbal 50%Mathematical How do I score 3% higher than my peers if I got 0%? Is there a negative value in this test?
  49. Notebooks?

    I don't, but I used to store my ideas in my phone. I feel too paranoid to carry a notebook around at all times. What if someone reads the content? However, I do have many notebooks.
  50. What's wrong with me?

    It's a rather foreign feeling to me. I've always been a loner, and very likely had dismissive-avoidant attachment pattern as well. ("If one is very poor at doing this, one would tend to note feelings only as manifested in somatic symptoms like fast heart rate, discomfort, loss of energy...
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