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  1. Latte

    Morning Person, Night Person, Evening Person

    The default is generally seen as one being either a morning person or not a morning person, with the implication being that to be a morning person is at the expense of being a night person and vice versa, and not at the expense of being an evening person. I just realized that my favorite parts...
  2. Latte

    Which type is Fukyo and crocodile and volcanoforum, the final affrontier

    So we're living in tumultuous times in our grand forum world. Verbal terrorism perpetrated every hour, explosive feels murdering moods all around. I've been informed that the bomb has to be defused by 10.000 bananahammers, or the discord in this cave will blow our rhymed batons into what would...
  3. Latte

    The enjoyment and expression of male enticement seems culturally repressed

    I don't want this thread to be about inserting product irrelevant aspects into commercials. I just read/watched http://www.buzzfeed.com/caitlincowie/what-happens-when-you-replace-the-women-in-ads-with-men And the ending line is a conclusion that the gender-swapped versions are ridiculous...
  4. Latte

    Conversation with Conversation

    I'm certain we all feel as if this is a tradition by now, so let's converse. I've recently been pressured into making a specific meal before I feel eating-ready enough to eat the meal. It is a meal of a nature that degrades in yumminess very quickly and as such, heating it later will yield a...
  5. Latte

    Type this video celebrity

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIdQduAYSW4 She has mannerisms that are strongly stereotypically introvert, but also mannerisms that are strongly stereotypically extravert. She also utilizes jokes that might imply NF, but her emotive active expression and passive expression in body language is...
  6. Latte

    Type the two members mentioned above as something they don't identify as

    Also, you are not allowed to pick the extraverted or introverted counterpart to what they identify as. For example, if someone identifies as INTP, you may not say they are ENTP. If in doubt about what they identify as, exclude INTP from the list of options. I'll throw out these two for you...
  7. Latte

    Does your cat meditate?

    Cat #2 at my household seems to do it quite a lot. Several times a day being the norm. Cat #1 very rarely. I tended to a third 12 year old cat during his early years and last year that barely did it. He was quite restless internally or externally when not sleeping or lazing. Suitably cat #2's...
  8. Latte

    Variety in sense of sureness when stating soft-knowables or possibilities

    Some questions got me thinking the other day about how two people while having identical ideas can react to non-definite or hard-to-prove junctures in their constructs in very different ways when it comes to exhibited and felt confidence. I must elbowrate. Say you have an NJ whose ideas...
  9. Latte

    Link videos or text that you think might improve the intersubjective thinking abilities of forumites

    I'll start off with these : ) http://youtu.be/mE__MFz8oy8 http://youtu.be/syjEN3peCJw
  10. Latte

    Cease self-hating/self pitying/self-whatever you crybaby and return asap THD

    :D It's not the end of the world
  11. Latte

    Can makeup contribute to reduced empathy?

    When conscious of it, I have usually had some degree of an eerie feeling the higher physical proximity I have had to a face with heavy makeup. When not conscious of it, I have tended to in retrospect observe that my experience of the person as an emotional being was diminished compared to how I...
  12. Latte

    The "official "unofficial"" troll thread

    Your thread is bad and you should feel bad. It's like playing poker with all cards face up on the board.
  13. Latte

    Study interpretation: Cognitive Sophistication Does Not Attenuate the Bias Blind Spot

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=west%20stanovich%20meserve How does this make you feel? D: Are you scared? Does this not apply to you? Discuss as vigorously as you shave your legs every Wednesday whose date is divisible by 7 with your favorite cheese grater named Tim who is...
  14. Latte

    Semi-Random / nonconcrete context bound pieces of motion picture art

    Humorous and non-humorous welcome. Share and potentially discuss. Wake up your Ne and come join the fun! Warning: Contains 911. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxgDLxTtXL4
  15. Latte

    Hi, I am Latte; the greeter of greeters who would greet me when I greet them for greeting me

    I will maybe post stuff and likely read stuff and I hope that will turn out nicely for me and everyone else. *hug*
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