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  1. RubberDucky451

    _Good_ dubstep.

  2. RubberDucky451

    Short Story

    If anyone could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I know it's a bit long, but stick in there. I'm linking to the .html version because this forum kills any typographical formatting it contained. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25795954/story.html
  3. RubberDucky451


    Re: psycopathy Don't worry. If there's a question in your mind that you're a psychopath, you're not one. The fact that there's any uncertainty in your mind means you're in the clear.
  4. RubberDucky451

    Where has everybody gone?

    Still have love for you guys
  5. RubberDucky451

    A question about the use for philosophy

    The INTP weakness would be to know every ethical system inside and out, yet have no attachment to any of them. It may sound anti-philosophical, but at a certain time every person has to choose what they believe. Do you want to be Spock (cold, logical and detached from the world), or something a...
  6. RubberDucky451

    Hearing voices before sleep?

    Sometimes I'll hear whispering if I keep my fan on. It's almost as if the sound of the fan is suggesting the sound of voices and the mind is filling in the blanks. Just like if I was faintly hearing a song and my mind was filling in the portions I couldn't hear as well. Is this considered a...
  7. RubberDucky451

    What makes a subject or question philosophical?

    It's already been stated before, but ultimately every subject is potentially philosophical. That is to say, every subject can be approached from a philosophic standpoint. The philosopher's toolkit for understanding the world will be somewhat different from a scientist or an engineer. Philosophy...
  8. RubberDucky451

    What is Religion for?

    I've never seen religion as a method for learning information about the world. People who view it as such usually compare it against science. Religion gives meaning and motion to life. Everyone has their own "religion" or meaning, unless they're a nihilist.
  9. RubberDucky451

    Hotline Miami

    Love it, the game gives such visceral satisfaction. The perfect pick up game.
  10. RubberDucky451

    The question is.... are you still on INTPF?

    The question is.... are you still on INTPF?
  11. RubberDucky451

    So what have I missed?

    I don't recognize anyone here anymore... shit.
  12. RubberDucky451

    Obsession with the future

    Spending too much time examining the past or the future is dangerous. Especially for INTPs I imagine as we're likely to fall into the Ti Si loop.
  13. RubberDucky451

    INFP for sho

    Mmmm, this sounds a lot like me. I'll go for walks in the middle of the night just to think about life. Do you keep a journal? I've noticed if anything was personally bugging me I'd hide my feelings (some sort of internal denial?). Until I wrote my thoughts down, or talk to a friend about them...
  14. RubberDucky451

    To take a life

    Before someone reaches the point of taking another life, it seems necessary to abstract or generalize the victims existence. Like DreamMancer mentioned, technology like unmanned drones allows the murderer to kill from a distance, an emotional distance in which the subject is abstract. I'm not...
  15. RubberDucky451

    A new feeling...

    If you're looking for material that makes your head swim just PM me, I can recommend you a few books. You seem to be in the INTP honeymoon phase. YES THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE YOU! :cool:
  16. RubberDucky451

    Figuring out by talking?

    intpz Journalling and talking both include externalizing your feelings. I'm not sure if you're confident expressing your feelings to yourself or to other people. I assume it's common for INTPs to have trouble expressing their emotions confidently.
  17. RubberDucky451

    Facebook's MBTI Groups v. MBFriends? (...I'm looking for a cool MBTI social network)

    The facebook groups are interesting, but most of the serious conversations devolve into trolling after a dozen posts. A fellow INTP friend of mine started a more serious facebook INTP group where trolling is less existent. https://www.facebook.com/groups/189664041166483/
  18. RubberDucky451

    Figuring out by talking?

    Journaling works the same way for me. Once everything is out in the open, not in my mind, I can relax.
  19. RubberDucky451

    Choosing a major

    I'm at a crossroads in my life right now. Everything is set up for me to transfer to a 4 year Uni, but I haven't declared a major. My parents tell me I should go into law, because I love to argue. Though I'm not entirely sure If I'd be willing to go through all the schooling required for a...
  20. RubberDucky451

    What's your typing speed?

    102 WPM and I play piano :3
  21. RubberDucky451

    Post Rock

    Let's make this a Post Rock thread. I'm ready for some epic feels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Juilrg6oQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umfFXnbtZ3I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faEsz0XLMbQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYBulfbBstc
  22. RubberDucky451

    I write like:

    Writing "nigger" 20 times produced: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ...Anyways! Writing normally I got James Joyce most of the time.
  23. RubberDucky451

    American teens

    "I mean" "you know" and "like" are filler words. If I ever use an "I mean" it's to give myself extra time to think of the next word. Dude, man and bro are very popular words in CA. It's just slang, and like all slang, some people will look down on you for using such words.
  24. RubberDucky451

    What's your typing speed?

    This means I spend too much time online.
  25. RubberDucky451

    Last movie you watched

    Umberto D, It was very touching.
  26. RubberDucky451


    Listening to a thoughtful comedian is the closest a great deal of people will get to philosophy. Obviously his comedy isn't philosophy in the strict sense, but I've noticed quite a few comedic insights that seem philosophical. I really do enjoy his show. It's a mix comedy and humanistic insights.
  27. RubberDucky451

    If you click on this thread, leave a post!

    Not even mad
  28. RubberDucky451

    Battlefield 3

    http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/RubberDucky451/ Add me guys, will chat over mic if you're down.
  29. RubberDucky451

    What songs put you into your happy place?

    Chillwave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo6ZaCTqxwM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdYLbd51ar8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoN2IvLlK8w&feature=related
  30. RubberDucky451

    Psychedelic-Noise Rock

  31. RubberDucky451

    Psychedelic-Noise Rock

    Not exactly Noise but certainly Psychedelic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUq3oc0lYbw&feature=relmfu
  32. RubberDucky451


  33. RubberDucky451

    Cobblestone deviant.

    Cobblestone deviant.
  34. RubberDucky451


  35. RubberDucky451


    The frontpage of reddit is usually pretty bad, though you can find a few interesting subreddits if you search hard enough. Here are a few of my favorites: http://www.reddit.com/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers/ http://www.reddit.com/r/IWantToLearn/ http://www.reddit.com/r/LucidDreaming/...
  36. RubberDucky451

    E-Book Downloads

    RIP library.nu :(
  37. RubberDucky451

    You favorite music

    I assume this is spam. Although I'm secretly hoping it's not. No one in California appreciates my love for dangdut.
  38. RubberDucky451

    Orange Juice

    @ Missquote & Roran I feel that's what most people do. They're directionless without a long-term strung in front of their eyes. I'm by no means a goal orientated person, which may explain this existential angst for meaning. brb buying a dog.
  39. RubberDucky451

    Orange Juice

    I had barely woken up this morning when my brain posed this question: "What are you doing in life?". I'm depressed, right? Maybe I need religion, or another cat. Have you ever had these thoughts? How did you deal/not deal with them?
  40. RubberDucky451

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    7/10 good for the gerne. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tp-nbchmHU&feature=fvwrel
  41. RubberDucky451

    Thanks Puffy. I haven't been active for a long time but I'll occasionally check up/stalk a few...

    Thanks Puffy. I haven't been active for a long time but I'll occasionally check up/stalk a few select people. It's an honour to be associated with an Arcade Fire song. Funeral is one of my favourite album. On an entirely unrelated note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRvJYdt9MNo
  42. RubberDucky451

    Hi, I'm 12.

    I aint even mad
  43. RubberDucky451

    Haha. You Brits! Are you going to start telling me I'm spelling color and armor incorrectly...

    Haha. You Brits! Are you going to start telling me I'm spelling color and armor incorrectly? Britain would never accept me. I prefer coffee over tea. They're nowhere as adorable as you guys. LOOOOL INTPS ARE SO COOL!1 Lets go read some books and talk about philosophy! Yeah philosophy! Have...
  44. RubberDucky451

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    ^ 8/10 His voice is strange but appealing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6nOnxGIQd8 Shitty youtube sound quality...
  45. RubberDucky451

    FAAUURCCK. but.... what if I want to be sexually assaulted? WHAT THEN? Yes! My thoughts...

    FAAUURCCK. but.... what if I want to be sexually assaulted? WHAT THEN? Yes! My thoughts exactly. It's all pseudo intellectualism and "dose f33lers sure r reterdud!". I ALMOST FELT NORMAL. D: YOU ARE A MASTER! Saying cunt with an American accent doesn't satisfy.
  46. RubberDucky451


  47. RubberDucky451

    Your Ideal Male 'Partner'

    Our ENTP/INTP bond could never be broken. I'm not quite sure if it would be romantic relationship. More of a bromance, if you will.
  48. RubberDucky451

    MELKOR! It has been toooo long. I'm thinking about getting active again, but who knows. The...

    MELKOR! It has been toooo long. I'm thinking about getting active again, but who knows. The Facebook INTP group pales in comparison to you guys ;D Proper ages? Mmmm use those UK terms :3 I lieeek
  49. RubberDucky451

    Pedobear on American News

  50. RubberDucky451

    Hey bro ;D

    Hey bro ;D
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