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  1. serenesam

    How Often Do You Cry?

    When was the last time you cried? How often do you cry? If you have never cried, why do you think that is the case? If you have cried, what do you think you are/were feeling? If something were to happen in the future, what do you think would make you cry? If you have never cried, have you ever...
  2. serenesam

    Celebrities With High IQs

    So with all the talk about IQs, do they really mean anything? What do you think about celebrities with high IQs: http://supercraycray.com/15-surprisingly-smart-celebrities-with-genius-iqs/
  3. serenesam

    What Is [actress] Type? (merged)

    What is Meagan Fox’s MBTI? I know Celebrity Types type her up as an ESFP. Do you agree? Disagree? Somewhat Agree or Disagree?
  4. serenesam

    Alpha Males on the TV Show The Bachelor

    So the premiere of The Bachelor (US edition) is going to be tonight and yesterday I saw a special edition and the guy’s name is Juan Pablo Galavis. Now I understand that people can argue the definition of what an alpha type male really is but why is it that most of the men that are picked to be...
  5. serenesam

    What is My Type?

    I have taken various online test several times and am well aware of how inaccurate they may be but I have scored as an INTJ twice, INTP once, ESTJ once, ISTJ twice with ENTJ as my preferred type and attraction type once but the second time I had ESTJ as my preference type and ESFJ as my...
  6. serenesam

    Supercentenarian People

    I have to wonder what contributes to someone being able to live very long especially over a 100 or 110 years of age. "A verified supercentenarian is a person whose reported age of 110 or more is supported by at least three documents, submitted in a standard process and validated in reliable...
  7. serenesam

    Weird Colleges and Bizarre Majors

    So I found so interesting colleges and interesting majors I would like to share with everyone. Discuss if you want and enjoy. :) http://www.oddee.com/item_98011.aspx http://www.hercampus.com/life/academics/top-10-weirdest-college-majors?page=2...
  8. serenesam

    Eyeglasses And Sunglasses With Respect To Eyesight

    I remember there were several moments in my life that I thought I might have needed eyeglasses but I never got around to getting eyeglasses because I generally never liked going to see doctors dealing with physical health. Even the thought of seeing an optometrist was kind of scary to me. I...
  9. serenesam

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I have been told I am an INTJ or an INTP from other places. Some of you may recognize me. Pleasure to meet you INTPs. :)
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