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  1. work as councillors / therapists / support leaders etc

    hi all, keen to take your opinions on INTPs in the supporting professions, i mean therapists, councillors etc i am tempted by it, but i also know emotional discord i find difficult to handle, but pragmatic advice giving and support giving i have gotten much wiser at i ask this question as...
  2. INTP - focus on work, or other activities

    hi, i have read some posts / articles that discuss that due to the complexities of relationships, and nature of the working world, INTPs in general end up following their own path or become less focused on their work in the formal sense. do you agree, have others done this, and if so how? i...
  3. Angry work colleague - confused intp

    i agree with this also, but its not my forte, but have been trying. big part of it, is takingg things personally so that needs to stop thank you
  4. Angry work colleague - confused intp

    thank you, this has happened, but i am in an odd work position, as we arre a consultancy on site, and my boss doesnt take an interest in such things, and he does know, so it got brushed off its fine for now, i will just avoid this person as much as possible
  5. Work - overthinking

    i find that i am constantly thinking about work, even though i am not that interested in the work in of itself. its my obsessive trait. however there is another angle which relates to fear of performance at work also, although i have generally done well is this a common intp thing, or even...
  6. Angry work colleague - confused intp

    hi all, looking for some assistance. i really struggle with conflict at work, given my intp nature, i dont know how to respond in the moment. on friday past, a new joiner who was getting frustrated went "bananas" on me, blaming me for things that factually dont make sense, and i tried to...
  7. recluse style living / hermits

    I am similar, its part of the appeal of creating nore space
  8. recluse style living / hermits

    hi all, random question, have others toyed with the idea or live like an intentional recluse? as i have been exploring and accepting some of my behaviours under the INTP banner, its a theme that has come up. now i know its healthy to be social and to be engaging with the world etc, but i do...
  9. Anthropology - an INTP interest?

    that is quite interesting, i am looking into doing courses into it. i already have a career, but thinking more as a hobby, as i am investigative by nature but also really like the topic - more on the prehistory side if you mind me asking, do you regret not studying it? what did you do instead?
  10. Anthropology - an INTP interest?

    thanks i duplicated it, as i didnt know where it should be housed
  11. Anthropology - an INTP interest?

    hi all, i know its common that INTP types find philosophy and associated learnings alluring. now i was keen to find out if this also captured anthropology. its a topic that fascinates me - specifically paleo anthropology but my interest does go wider - unfortunately picked up only in the...
  12. Going to therapy?

    i think therapy has its place, for me, and i did it for a few years, i think it has helped me resolve complications from a bad upbringing and make me make sense of the outcomes and my life - would i have concluded the same things without therapy - yes, but likely take even longer. however...
  13. Explaining oneself to others

    i would like to get to this point, i feel the urge to defend myself still
  14. Anthropology - an INTP interest?

    hi all, i know its common that INTP types find philosophy and associated learnings alluring. now i was keen to find out if this also captured anthropology. its a topic that fascinates me - specifically paleo anthropology but my interest does go wider - unfortunately picked up only in the last...
  15. Work - needless overthinking??

    thanks, appreciate the response and having thought about it more - i think its just new job adjustment (3/4 months in) and i am doing well - and i am pushing myself that bit further....and have taken on a role that has a lot more dependancy, so its an adjustment phase once i realise this a bit...
  16. INTP - relaxing the mind

    thank you, i think you are right, by seeing the thought and then analysing a bit then detaching (which i do when less tired), really helps good luck
  17. INTP - relaxing the mind

    Given my other post, the natural other question what do others do to relax their brains as INTPs? i have started doing meditation in the morning for the past 2 months, it helps, but dont feel the full benefits that are stated what do others do? thanks
  18. Work - needless overthinking??

    hi all, not sure if its an INTP trait, but i wanted to check in if it is. I find that i can obsess at times about work, even when fundamentally it doesnt interest me that much. so i will wake in the middle of the night by a work thought, or when i wake in the morning its on my brain first...
  19. Emotional unintelligence

    Do you broadly agree, that by default, we INTPs are Emotionally unintelligent? have you done anything to change it, and what has worked? i personally feel i have learnt about emotions and peoples responses in a more prescriptive fashion and through errors made and learnt, rather than having...
  20. INTP and love / relationships

    Agreed.... Its the shutting down part thats dangerous
  21. intp and having children

    this is another big reason why i ask the question, as i feel the same. i think you should only bring someone into the world when you can be assured they will get a fair chance and not for the selfish reasons many do i think as more ponder the question, less have....but most, as its...
  22. intp and having children

    well said.....i see this a lot
  23. intp and having children

    thanks for this, my reasons have some similarity and additional reasons
  24. Who here eats breakfast?

    any tips for a newbie i have been experimenting withskipping breakfast but that works fine, but in the evening after dinner i have a snacking urge maybe i just need more time to adjust
  25. My latest 16personalities test result..

    i had this, so did an intp vs intj test, and came out clean intp. i still think i sit on the border given how i behave in the outside world, but my core is intp
  26. At what point or when does the end justify the means?

    i dont think we can never know what the end is, so its hard to deduce what the results and impacts are....short term the ends justify the means but broader causes can be triggered later
  27. Have you ever: The Introvert excuse.

    i think you can get this message across without resorting to saying you are an introvert?
  28. Does addiction make you mentally strong?

    i would say having had your 2 months, you have gotten over the worst bit. stick with it. those are easy words, but i feel hold truth as i have gotten over addictions before. i agree the craving stays in the brain, however you replace 95% of it with better habits and processes also, for me...
  29. Where did humans go wrong?

    well said
  30. Sexual Identity?

    i say, if someone else is into anything sexually, as long as they dont impinge on my life and wellbeing or hurt others, go for it sex i think is so complex, and has so many different cause and effects, that there is enough problems in this world, let people have their pleasures
  31. where are we going as a society?

    re facebook posting - i tend to agree, that the PC police are too aggresive these days, but you are on a public forum, so you need to accept some people will get bothered re society progress - people are getting more distracted, people are being told they need to be more extraverted, the...
  32. what is hapiness for you

    ah, i am searching for this answer myself. i can say what i have learnt it is / it is not for me: - corporate job is not happiness as its too rigid and not playful - need a better purpose - more play in my life - small circle of close people - more time spent on my own things / interests (i...
  33. Brains or love?

    as i am learning to also engage my Fe side a bit more, i have started to appreciate it. however as others have indicated, it would be unwise for it to be the driver. i think you should put yourself into circles where similar minds may meet, and not change who you are, as ultimately that will...
  34. intp and having children

    i have seen others post on this topic, but keen to take a view. given your intp type, have you chosen to have children, and if so, was it a conscious decision / decision of your partner. if you have chosen not to, why not. appreciate this is a big question with broad range of views, but feel...
  35. INTP - "Nice Guy"

    thank you for the responses, really helps put things into perspective. i am definitely going through this shift at the moment, as i am "waking up" if you will to a number of things i do that dont yield results. in particular i attended a course and have done reading on assertiveness, that...
  36. INTP and love / relationships

    hi all, continuining to read on my intp nature, exciting and useful to feel less odd, and have this structure to understand myself within. one topic that has me pondering is - love and marriage. now given the context of an intp, i understand myself better in the ways i relate now. question...
  37. INTP - "Nice Guy"

    hi all, i am continuing to learn about my INTP nature and its been quite revealing. one item that has struck me is the natural inclination to fall into being a nice guy to avoid conflict, and to please others. this is a big part of my upbringing as well. it seems like its a blocker often...
  38. intp vs leadership - career progression

    from reading into the intp type, it would make sense from a few different perspectives as to why i have plateud career wise, but also knowing my type, i dont overly care at times. however some element of not progressing is also frustrating. i find i dont think to take on leadership roles and...
  39. Western Work Ethic

    trying a couple of the questions i have tried eating less carb, and ensuring my lunches are very light, so i dont get mid day slumps - this really helps also, going for a short walk at lunch going for a short bathroom quiet break, and just sitting i would also look to how you are...
  40. advise on new adventure

    i think you know you should stay often guilty of trying to change the outside circumstances, when the answer may be closer to home, or the change thats needed is you and not "out there" just my 2 cents
  41. how to not waste your life

    agreed with OP, its taken me a long time to realise some of those items, but they really help working against my intp nature at times
  42. The Enneagram 5 INFP

    i am intp, and came out enneagram type 5, it makes sense to me
  43. review - The INTP: Personality, Careers, Relationships, & the Quest for Truth and Meaning

    hi all, i recently read the above book, and found it quite illuminating for me. as i am new to my intp label, wondered what others thought of this book? thanks Mark
  44. Share your Enneagram.

    going through some old posts, as a newbie. i liked this test. it fitted with my newly realised intp. came out a type 5 - the investigator - thinkers who tend to withdraw and observe
  45. intp born or constructed

    question please: Are INTPs constructed due to rearing and childhood circumstance, or are they already intps on birth? or another way, can circumstances make someone intp? is it set in stone, or evolving thoughts?
  46. INTP realisation stops need for therapy??

    hi all, i have recently had the penny drop about my INTP nature, and having now read a couple of books, its really helping. i have had therapy for the past few years due to a bad family situation growing up - so that was needed. however the last year has been more about me discovering myself...
  47. newbie

    hi all, recently joined the INTP forum, and looking forward to it. i was unsure whether i was INTP or another INTX, but after having done other tests via this site, its coming out clear INTP. i have done myer briggs years ago, but i now understand myself better, and this makes sense. also...
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