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  1. Do you feel like you belong anywhere?

    I feel a belonging when I am with myself. I enjoy my own company. I don't have any problems being social, I have friends and a job. But true tranquility for me is being alone. I don't look for somewhere to belong because I know where I belong, with myself, and I like it.
  2. What's your typing speed?

    The key to write "unreasonable" quick with some practice (200+ WPM) on a test like this is: 1: a small keyboard, something like this, every milisecond counts: http://www.walyou.com/img/small-keyboards-palm-sized-2.jpg 2: be one line in front of what you are actually typing, memory I'll post a...
  3. Strange mannerisms around complete strangers

    Not a big issue one to one, but if it's a group chat and the conversation flows, the subjects move on etc. then you'll be late and out of context. Same problem, different route.
  4. Most respected members

    I am merely an ocasional lurker, so some data might be missing in this particular regard. However, I appreciate reading posts from EditorOne.
  5. All smokers are old or stupid?

    You never know when you gonna go. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Non-smokers use arguments like "If you quit you will live longer" Why delay the inevitable? Sitting in a nursing home having your ass wiped by strangers, feeling like a burden to everyone around you, loosing all dignity, looking...
  6. Type and sports

    I watch sports I play sports on the console I play sports in real life I bet on sports I like sports
  7. INTP. Serve it right.

    I mean, To explain our personality to a third part.
  8. INTP. Serve it right.

    So I met a girl. We are all sharing and caring. We're discussing personality. And from your opinion. Where do I find information about the INTP personality type that is "approved" by the INTPs :P Thanks guys AND girls :)
  9. The funniest guy on youtube.

    Lost my appetite, thanks..
  10. Constant Sense of "I should be.."

    Always. I could make an endless list...or probably not since I detest lists like the plague. For the fiances I found a nice solution, it actually works. Add restrictions on yourself. Open a new savings account which is locked, one that requires some effort to transfer money out of, like having...
  11. Share your thoughts

  12. Share your thoughts

    Don't worry man. Always remember there is people worse of than you, imagine those 40+ years old virgins. Those that have a sex drive, now, that is a dry streak.
  13. Share your thoughts

    Yeah, sounds very familiar. It's not like the money is spent on anything useful either, or what could be categorized as useful. My solution to the "problem" was to create a locked bank account. Every time the "USE SOME MONEY DAMNIT"-abstinence came around I transfered the sum I would have used...
  14. Share your thoughts

    Hello. Guess it's been two months now, what can I say, it's all good. Still the same problem but I don't worry, it always work out :)
  15. Share your thoughts

    Having a good time? I used to drink, then I realized it's just waste of time.
  16. Share your thoughts

    Why don't you say hello?
  17. Open book

    I agree to some extent, but I think it's better to wait with the craziest till one are better friends, test the waters a little bit. For example in work/school and other places where you are "locked down", being perceived as a psycho creepy mofo isn't really beneficial and words spread around...
  18. Share your thoughts

    We think a lot. Not everything fits for a whole thread, so why not throw them all in one place? What's on your mind or are you just bored? Share your thoughts with us or comment on them. :) I'll start with a thought: I don't have a steady income, in fact I don't know now how I will pay for...
  19. Ask me a question.

    Why do you believe you are so interesting?
  20. Skyrim

    I used to be an adventurer like you.. Always brings a little smile to my face when a guard say it.
  21. Learning a new language

    What language would you like to learn and why? Or if you are studying one, which is it and why?
  22. Typing someone based on appearance/action

    Could you please elaborate on this? How does an INTP walk, dress and stick out in a conversation in your point of view? Would be nice if you could be a little bit more specific about the details. Why? Same as above, what sticks out abling you to narrow it down? Personally, I find extroverts...
  23. Typing someone based on appearance/action

    I think you have some interesting observations there Chronomar. Speaking of this, a few minutes ago I was at the store, we were 3 people in line. The first guy had to hear the price from the cashier, look in his wallet, ask again about the price and look more. Being unprepared for the...
  24. Typing someone based on appearance/action

    It is never going to be accurate in every situation, there are too many variables to consider before one can jump to an absolute correct conclusion, I agree. However, let's stick to an observing point of view, a pre-judged point of view based on knowledge and former experience. Imagine you sit...
  25. Hoarding

    As others have said. I'm opposite of a hoarder as well. I try to get rid of so much crap as possible, I only keep what I need. My home is very.. neat and empty of things.
  26. Slow forum

    Ahh, finally it's back... and QUICK!
  27. INTP ESFJ similarities? o__O

    It's our shadow personality type. If your values gets breached and/or your suppressed emotions bottle over you'll go ESFJ-mode. Perhaps that is a connection. I have the same situation with my little sister, kind of. She's ESFJ and I am INTP, we get along very well, always had a good...
  28. What should you be doing right now?

    Working and applying for a new part-time job. But... was to cold outside today, figured I could do it tomorrow instead :)
  29. Slow forum

    The forum is on speed.
  30. Slow forum

    This forum is really slow. I have 100mb up and down and still loading any link on this forum usually take 30 seconds or more, over time that equals frustration. Now I wouldn't come here and start bad mouthing your forum without an idea. How about a paypal donation button? Invest in some...
  31. If Money Wasn't An Issue...

    Invest money in banks/real estate Put money in the bank on high interest rates Do whatever the fuck I wanted to do for 20 years and not be limited by money Then at middleage, buy a company of interest and work when I feel like it. Start a family and give the kids good opportunities in life...
  32. finishing people's sentences

    I used to do this in the past. People don't like it, neither do I so I dropped it. Now I think through my respons to what the person is saying before he finish the sentence instead.
  33. How do INTPs express emotion?

    I don't. It's mentioned earlier, they stockpile in the "Emotions-box" and release in a firework, usually when it's highly inappropiate and usually combined with alcohol.
  34. best possible career

    with inspiration from the pesemistic thread: 'worst possible career' Which careers would make it to your TOP 5 list + a short why? in no particular order: Detective (I think I could be decent at it) Road planner (Looks fun. Plan a road, someone else build it) Self-employed (My current...
  35. Relating to an INTP

    Marry an INTJ instead. Now you see how these quick decisions work out for you.
  36. You know you're an Intp when...

    - When your curtains is pretty much always closed. - When your cellphone is more off than on. - When you find solitude drinking more giving and comfortable. - When people are seeking for an emotional reply, but you don't have any/badly fake one/or reply using logic instead. - When you do most of...
  37. Spot the Fake Smile

  38. Dreams and the Subconscious

    Re: Dreams Interesting site. Thanks.
  39. Dreams and the Subconscious

    Dreams I have had quite a few strange dreams lately, and some even came true. I'm not the superstitious type nor do I claim psychic power, however today I experienced a situation in which you wouldn't predict beforehand out of the circumstances, and with no possibility to 'control and stear'...
  40. Blank mind

    Yep. I can relate to that.
  41. Blank mind

    Perhaps it's thinking in unsubconsciousness. A racing mind isn't much better either.
  42. Blank mind

    Sounds nice. Total opposite situation here.
  43. Blank mind

    Are you able to go a long period without thinking about anything, completely blank mind? After starting in a new job a few weeks back, a tedious assembly line job that is all about rehearsed routine this happens pretty much every day. If uninterrupted I'm sure I could do a whole work day...
  44. If a 5yr od pointed a gun at you

    Lacking data, missing factors. Unavailable to give you an accurate answer. #NerdSmiley# (Where's the nerdy smiley? :mad:) If it's war, and if this kid is a soldier then you are doing a mistake underestimating him. He is trained to kill you. Reasoning won't work. So it's either trick him somehow...
  45. Driver's license tries

    The tester I drove with today had a tell whenever I was doing a mistake. To bad there isn't a 'do you confirm your action?'-option :(
  46. Wealth

    I like to earn money. It is my hobby as it is my job. My budget is low, I have no practical use for it, just for the essentials and future security.
  47. How do you know you're INTP?

    I know because my knowledge has streched to a certain point where I just know.
  48. Startup Businesses anyone?......

    Hello! Reflecting back 4-5 years. I remember working a dead end and physical demanding job on minimum wage. I hated every minute of it and with no education this is where I had to work from. I realized quickly that it weren't where I belonged and it enabled me to think obsessively about the...
  49. Driver's license tries

    Good luck :) Yeah. Easy as dancing in the nightclubs. That's pretty easy too. :) Thanks for the range estimation tip. Looking forward for the realization. Thank you.
  50. Driver's license tries

    Hello like-minded people. Word is this subject has been taken up before, however I didn't find it, so here we go again. I am on a horrible run with the drivers license, next time will be my 4th try. On the theoretical test I passed with zero mistakes, without reading and on first try by only...
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