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  1. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    Sup yall. Self explanatory question. Im a triple alarm kind of guy, drives my sig other crazy. Shes one of those up and at 'em types. Heh she'll be making my breakfasts for the forseeable future. Please post what u find works.
  2. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    Hey y'all. So I've been studying the r/pickup community on Reddit and I think some of you may be interested in it as well. It's not about picking up I found so interesting, it's this guy... xxxmoneypower.. and I see some major entp in him. He is telling people to live true, in a pickup...
  3. lucky12

    CS:GO Beta

    Hey there, I've been playing a bit of the CS:GO Beta. I like... -New graphics, new sounds, new buy menu -Continuation of the old games console commands, menus, etc. -Rebuilds of old maps -Dynamic cross hair (actively shows accuracy) -Tec 9 (mostly for joking around) -And all other new...
  4. lucky12

    Surviving conspiracy & Michael Ruppert

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDjObEJy-hM I went ahead and did the noble STJ thing and put some credentials in my title. Didn't think this fit anywhere but here, prove me wrong. Discuss?
  5. lucky12

    Verbal caricature of yourself

    ;) - I could pretty well do me all in this one wink but.. I'll be generous. Describe yourself verbally, a few strong traits which would stand out. Traits could be related to things beyond physical appearance, of course. We all have a bit of imagination so tell tall tales cause I like to hear...
  6. lucky12


    I don't know if ill have time to play all these games coming out. Rage is calling me loud and clear though, been playing iD's shooters since I was a kid (3 or 4). The first day i got my gaming PC I played doom 3 and almost shit my pants too, so I guess I'm looking for some more pants poop...
  7. lucky12

    Member stories, lets hear some

    So, I'd like to read some stories from y'all. Anything at all. I will post one for now, in person it always gets the best reactions. I will try to keep them short, I am a constant skimmer so maybe there are people who will appreciate it like me :p Story #1: Uncomfortably numb Me and 2...
  8. lucky12

    Dreamers and Wannabes encouraged

    I don't know whether to love or hate dreams right now, but I do have some fond memories of some crazy stuff my mind has projected. I have got into a bad habit of waking up and falling into a "wake-initiated lucid dream" which is what I take to be after I have woken up and I go into a dreamy...
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