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  1. Death

    Post your Big Five test results

    I took this from Facebook app called myPersonality..
  2. Death

    Feeling of being limited

    How about finding a course in university where all the technical skills you've learned is transferable skill. I am doing Chemical Engineering, and sometimes I study other things that might be related to what I am studying but can be used in other professions, currently I am looking into...
  3. Death

    meow` =^_______^=

    Hello there...you look interesting..
  4. Death

    Am I the only fashion obsessed INTP?

    So an INTP can care about fashion? I like this forum much more. Being a fashion icon is far from my ideal and current self, I dress comfortably and have a good first impression. I think I choose my choice of dress to describe myself rather than to define myself, and my most favorite shirt is...
  5. Death


    I am very big fan of this site, the talks about human brain regarding love/work/etc. in that site is the best thing ever.
  6. Death

    Control + V

    the mu [There is nothing in my Ctrl+V/clipboard,so i pressed middle mouse button,a much easier way if you're an linux user.]
  7. Death

    Fear of winning

    I would not feel bad if it was fair competition and I never fight dirty. I don't like having a limelight of winning either and unnecessary dramas that goes with it. How it is having edge against your opponent not by external means but your own skill could be unfair?
  8. Death

    Share your cool Tech. Tips

    I use google dictionary since I am using chromium.. Google Dictionary (by Google) With this extension, you can: 1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. 2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the address bar dictionary. Both features are...
  9. Death

    What we are

    Ninja :phear:
  10. Death

    What's your GPA?

    very recent examination.. 3.53 out of 4.0 got a lot of B+ one A+ and one A- :aufsmaul: minimum CGPA I have ever get is 2.00,but that is different examination..
  11. Death

    Distinguishing Left and Right.

    I also had this problem once, but for my love of knowledge I have learned that the heart is located in your left side of chest, so whenever I need direction, I just listen to my heartbeat using my left hand.:phear:
  12. Death

    The Best Personality Type For You Test (for romantic partner)

    ENFP - The Champion You scored 75 I versus E, 20 N versus S, 20 F versus T, and 20 J versus P I was rooting for INFP..all ENFP I know hates me for some weird reason..:storks:
  13. Death


    I shower once a day, wash laundry once a week. Shave once a week. Wash my hair thrice a week. Brush my teeth twice/thrice a day,and that's it. :)
  14. Death

    Jokes and Joking --- I am bad at them

    My primary method of telling jokes is of course by using graphs and number theory but finding people who knows both is such a tedious task. :storks:
  15. Death

    Describe your life

    20 years old, male, planning to go for chemical engineering even though I have my interests in IT,and of course afraid of choosing only for-profits school.:storks: I can use/learn any devices/computers intuitively. I am an underachiever and procrastinates a lot but once a lecturer once described...
  16. Death

    Hello INTPs! :)

    Hi You look very green and welcome to the forum.:phear:
  17. Death

    Funniest INTP pics

    Re: Funnyest INTP pics I don't think that's a punisher logo,just a plain skull T-Shirt...punisher's skull has elongated teeth..
  18. Death

    Theme Song²

    This is not song,but the music is cool... YouTube- Naruto Shippuden OST - Reverse Situation
  19. Death

    Google Chrome?

    I used Chromium Browser (open sourced chrome not tied to google) in ubuntu, and I think the plugin displays all webkit browser as Safari...:phear:
  20. Death


    Been using Ubuntu since 2007 (7.10), now just upgraded to 10.04 LTS. I once tried KDE before but never liked it. I liked my desktop minimal with small icons and KDE's look doesn't fit my taste.
  21. Death

    A productive Member here

    Because INTP like blues and with your uncertainties, I guess you're an INTP after all.
  22. Death

    Na-No-Wri-Mo 2009! The year I win!

    I planned to write in NaNoWriMo last month, but life been so busy here. :(
  23. Death


    I just the very first episode of Dexter, it was really interesting and intriguing but I never watched that show again because of schedule,heck I have no idea what day and time it airs in here now.:storks: He sounds pretty Ne to me,the part where he sees ice cream truck and deduces that the...
  24. Death

    Least favorite MBTI type?

    I hate every fucking humans equally. :evil:
  25. Death

    Being 22 and Confused

    Talking about books, I am currently reading Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats,at least I found out where my source of confusion came from and how they occur.
  26. Death

    Being 22 and Confused

    I totally with you on the same boat.I am in my 20's and I also feeling ambivalent about my self-concept, my strengths and my flaw.Like the other member had,just don't let this pull you down. You reap what you sow,just do something productive.:rolleyes:
  27. Death

    Your Clone?

    I would add him in the facebook...and then wait for each other to initiate conversation which will never happen.:slashnew:
  28. Death

    Where Will You Be in a Year?

    Will finish my Pre-U course and probably will go for degree in chemical engineering,but hope I can get scholarship to study oversea so I can get complete freedom...meanwhile in between I probably will learn how to play guitar and try uber sleep thing.:slashnew:
  29. Death

    Good Games for INTPs

    Games I've Enjoyed all Mario games FF6 Lunia 2 : Rise of Sinistral <--liked the unpredictable storyline.. Age of Empire II / III Need For Speed:Underground 2 and later versions.... tried to finish Half-Life but got bored after awhile,and another game I addicted is MapleStory the same reason...
  30. Death

    The INTP's functions

    I like to think INTP's Fe is more of caged being rather than being tied-up,at least this freedom is what fucks us up at first place. :( Ne looks more of Se in this case,he needs crazy Einstein hair and Christopher Walken from Click movie is the perfect figure for the personification of Ne...
  31. Death

    Tales of Mere Existence - INTP much?

    Just randomly found this on youtube,and finds an irresistable urge to post it here and I did..:phear: YouTube- "Conversation" Tales Of Mere Existence YouTube- "My Darling?" Tales Of Mere Existence YouTube- "How To Cope With Depression" Tales Of Mere Existence YouTube- "Subtext" Tales Of Mere...
  32. Death

    game theory

    Game theory and fractal is the two things in mathematics that I would like to learn,but my pre-requisite basic maths is still not strong enough...:evil:
  33. Death

    I'm doing fine here,thank you..

    I'm doing fine here,thank you..
  34. Death

    Favorite Monty Python Skit

    YouTube- Dirty Fork http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV0tCphFMr8
  35. Death

    INTP and the sense of failure

    All of above. Thought that my lack of efforts or quality I didn't have contributes to this failure and belief that I may not ever have the needed quality or could put enough effort in the future to succeed in that particular area.Depression and hopelessness is feeling I have with failure. I...
  36. Death

    Is this is INTP?

    I remember much about my life as infant,probably nothing happens much during that time though.My father told I was pretty mischevious kid when I can move freely,and whenever I go to function or party or something,everyone will be wary of me because they can't predict what I am going to destroy...
  37. Death

    Demented: Cataclysm - A Forum RPG\Rules & Discussion\Backgrounds

    Is the RP still on? I think I wanna join...
  38. Death

    What would the world be like...

    The question is rather redundant,maybe being asked by every INTP in their part of their life and maybe an endearing INTP utopian fantasy. I think we could see our place in the world better we ask ourselves what the world would become into if INTP types never exist? :phear:
  39. Death

    Talented liars?

    This post reminds me of Yagami Light/Kira from Death Note,he is one god damn liar. As for lying,I tried to joke it off,if the situation does not permit frivolity and demands some serious answer,I will lie only if the lie does not need maintenance in long run and the the truth is something you...
  40. Death

    Fun Humour Test

    Perfect humour to be popular? Glad I didn't use it often. :phear:
  41. Death

    The Mental Illness Quiz

    The voices is my head are telling this test never ought to be taken seriously.:phear:
  42. Death

    Teaching Methods - MBTI

    SP - hands-on approach SJ - step by step / method NT - debate NF - analogy using animals and ninjas :phear: I think I oversimplified everything...:o
  43. Death

    Hard Work.

    Working hard is not a problem for me,but procrastination and most of the time overconfidence,in one chemistry test when I'm very sure I will ace in it,I happens to forgot which is positive or negative between anode and cathode.:eek: My college counselor once give a talk about...
  44. Death

    INTP & loneliness?

    Socionic's INTp is not equals to MBTI INTP,but it rings very true for me nevertheless. I definitely agree with this part,unable to find a kindred spirit after some time 'extraverting' myself for the purpose of socializing is what makes me very lonely at heart.:(
  45. Death

    An introduction...

    ESTP huh? I hope you post more often,so we could learn something about you.Although ESTP's natural habitat might be a best place to study them than here..:p
  46. Death


    Hello,and welcome.This is first time in my entire existence that I heard INTP did a stand up comedy,I applaud your bravery and hope I will have one in the future. :cool:
  47. Death

    I challenge the student of mathematics

    I thought there is going to be a very challenging mathematical question/puzzle when I saw the title of this thread. I feel very cheated. :evil:
  48. Death

    What's your worst/best habit?

    My worst habit includes procrastination,being idle than doing something that I would like to see myself improve in,also being too laid back to the point of being spineless.:mad:+:( :storks:
  49. Death

    Female INTPs

    I'm a dude,and I don't like sports,well pretty much.:phear: ..and I like hugs,and nobody likes to give me.:( After reading this thread,I think I felt in love in INTP womens. ;)
  50. Death

    Developing Our Best Function

    I don't get this part,because sometime I have too many project (in my head at least)and at any given time might not doing any of those project. :phear:
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