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  1. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    Aviators crazy; idk what to say to sleeping once a week.
  2. lucky12

    Old INTP school reports

    I once got a phone call home because I kept falling asleep in class (admittedly I was horrible for this in multiple classes). My dad backed me up, he asked what my mark was (it was unusually high). He then told her to "leave him alone". That was really unexpected, thought I was getting my ass...
  3. lucky12

    Favorite Car

    70s challenger, like in vanishing point. That movie resonated with my soul and that car is a skookum choocher.
  4. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    I generally get up on one.. but if im completely drained i will sleep through one too. Lately ive only set one, but my schedule changes daily because im on vacation and ive been sick. I guess its sort of normal ive been fluctuating so much as of late due to the 'altered' lifestyle of vacation...
  5. lucky12

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    Damn squirrel.. that was beautiful.
  6. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    Sup yall. Self explanatory question. Im a triple alarm kind of guy, drives my sig other crazy. Shes one of those up and at 'em types. Heh she'll be making my breakfasts for the forseeable future. Please post what u find works.
  7. lucky12

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    If whatever youre doing seems too hard try a different way
  8. lucky12

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    Come and see. Russian movie; follows the life of a young boy who gets caught up in the war. The people in his area have to fight off the SS. Its got a lot of drawn out scenes that make you feel uncomfortable. The director manifests fear and discomfort in a lot of ways throughout the movie...
  9. lucky12

    Post photos of people whose minds you find attractive.

    Nikola Tesla; I admire most his dedication to his ideals and ideas. Although he had some undesirable tendencies I believe some of those tendencies arose from a tired, betrayed man.
  10. lucky12

    Dating an INTP - Sharing feelings

    Am I missing obvious signs here, or was she only saying a goodbye? @Kenny if you spank her and she likes it don't worry about empirical evidence. @Grayman you should plot your ideas on a nice pie chart. something with apple in it.
  11. lucky12

    How can we shave the forum?

    Amagi82 You're clearly in middle school, my wonderful american friend. Nah but for real. Out of the shower, wet your face with the hot water. Not the cold. QUICKYLY NOW.. Lather your face up with shaving C.R.E.A.M dollar fuckin' you already thought it. Fuck that gel, gel is metrosexual...
  12. lucky12

    Help - uncertainty about academic path.

    Happiness is always around you in many different forms. Your pursuit of academics should be something that interests you strongly. Something you may already have hobbies in or read up on often. Watch some lectures online, read books. Test yourself :) it will feel like the real thing.
  13. lucky12

    house/trance/electronic music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RL_HBqwLBg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQSHg-SJXR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4r_94EvDZ4
  14. lucky12

    More aware of machines than people

    I can relate to being attracted to older cars; the more problematic the more attractive. I tend to plan my projects, write down notes. It's way easier to track thoughts, my creativity usually emerges a long with that. I started on bicycles, the simplest machine.
  15. lucky12

    Home Alone

    Only if they can dodge a ball. :D
  16. lucky12

    Social Mirroring

    Why not recall memories of fitting alpha characters and mirror them? I think social mirroring exists in everyone to a degree.
  17. lucky12

    What do you drive?

    1998 gmc sierra 1500K 6.5L turbo diesel 200 HP (although this seems disputed online) id say this is @ 2000 rpm, but i have no idea / 360 ftlbs @ 1700 rpm 18 mpg AKA "the beast" Uses: daily driver, farm truck, picking up the ladies Pros: big v8, tinted windows, good body condition, mostly new...
  18. lucky12

    Can anybody identify?

    A sea of text. I identify with the belief that you can make yourself whatever you please. However, you sound like most here. I do see some J in what you describe. I fo sho.
  19. lucky12

    it's a snarling wolf in Montana, according to google images...

    it's a snarling wolf in Montana, according to google images. http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/wolves/1024x768/Snarling-Wolf-Montana-1024x768.html
  20. lucky12

    Do you have a junk drawer?

    my friends told me I could never move because I have so much junk in my house.. honestly.. it's better than it used to be. 4 sheds and counting ;)
  21. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    Yeah, I label a lot of what he does as douche bag material. The handshake induction works well though, and I never let anyone "take my back". What did you think about the hug? that shit is hilarious.
  22. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    heres an example video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHkJ3rPHJtg all videos are private now I still like the mechanics this guy uses.. omg biggest thunder strike ive heard in my life as i typed that.
  23. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    I come with an update. So yes, most of you guys were right. This guy seems to be a complete dipshit/scam artist. The seduction & pickup community of reddit got into some turf war and this guy got banned. I take back any positive things I said about this guy ... he was a bit strange at first to...
  24. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    I love how the topic spins out of control on this forum :D Yeah he's always shirtless, it's probably symbolic lol kinda cheesy but he's a good dude. Meer did you watch the video or are you just chirping? I don't get it.. I mean it's just a concept, people are allowed to believe anything they...
  25. lucky12

    xxxmoneypower and r/pickup

    Hey y'all. So I've been studying the r/pickup community on Reddit and I think some of you may be interested in it as well. It's not about picking up I found so interesting, it's this guy... xxxmoneypower.. and I see some major entp in him. He is telling people to live true, in a pickup...
  26. lucky12

    Comfort Zone

    Driving in traffic.. driving at night is enjoyable, I don't follow the speed limit and I drift a bit. Entertaining. If I do it's hard to relax: people need drinks, activities, and they better not be breaking any of my shit. Talking to extremely drunk women who are making advances. I usually...
  27. lucky12

    Figuring out the 'deep net' and Onion browser?

    hangout on 4chan, or go into some forums. A22 is right, the dark net is full of nothing appealing unless you need to talk to someone secretly online.
  28. lucky12

    Mechanical ability ..... what are you like

    JayRay Were we separated at birth? I'm in mechanical engineering right now, I'm determined to make that my reality.
  29. lucky12

    Mechanical ability ..... what are you like

    Nah, your just jealous.
  30. lucky12

    Mechanical ability ..... what are you like

    Started with bicycles, then atv's, then dirt bikes, now I'm into diesel trucks from the 90's. My shed? I have 3.. plus one 2 car garage, and my neighbors have a barn they let me use a garage port in. My grandparents have a car of mine in their garage. My dad collected a lot of shit before he...
  31. lucky12

    CS:GO Beta

    Heh never said I didn't ;) I'm one of those office players.. the perfect paintball arena.
  32. lucky12

    CS:GO Beta

    CSS always felt like a paintball game to me
  33. lucky12

    CS:GO Beta

    You can now join servers through a list, hosted by valve. Seems to be some movement glitches, you can tap strafing keys while firing to improve accuracy. Also.. the mini map, love the new one. It's very detailed and it's glitch free. Some new alerts pop up according to unconfirmed targets.
  34. lucky12

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    Yes, genetics. You do sway me. One thing I'm wondering.. who wrote these tests? We know WISC, but were any of the writers black? And for the oral portions/instructions given.. do you think the black children would be more inclined to understand black administrators/writers? That brings up the...
  35. lucky12

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    Should be just as accurate as the last piece of information I posted.. minus the whole adoption.
  36. lucky12

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    If KABC test scores were done properly they would be the most accurate collection of results, reason being: they are most recent you mentioned, and they dealt with children (outside influences/educational influences are of low frequency) . Agree? I think separating the visuospatial from the...
  37. lucky12

    The Mythical INTJs...

    I can build very effective traps, using them to command the attention of those involved. It's a great way to express a warning, or just to get back at someone for pulling a pesky prank that I warranted a response to :D
  38. lucky12

    CS:GO Beta

    Hey there, I've been playing a bit of the CS:GO Beta. I like... -New graphics, new sounds, new buy menu -Continuation of the old games console commands, menus, etc. -Rebuilds of old maps -Dynamic cross hair (actively shows accuracy) -Tec 9 (mostly for joking around) -And all other new...
  39. lucky12

    Anyone know anything about bikes? [bicycles not motor]

    Used bikes are everywhere, don't be so hasty. I can't see the first one because the ad had been taken down. Salesmen are always nice! Second one is ok. A better brand name would get you a better deal. I would offer 200, 250 max. If they cry about how it was 700 tell them it's used and stare at...
  40. lucky12

    Anyone know anything about bikes? [bicycles not motor]

    Disc brakes will last forever as long as they aren't lower end. Try to look for brakes made by shimano, hayes, avid. Other than those brands the quality is generally very poor. When they come brand new out of the box I usually have to straighten the brake rotors out, which is annoying...
  41. lucky12

    Anyone know anything about bikes? [bicycles not motor]

    If your a girl you might appreciate the female geometry, and the seat. However it's personal preference, go try some out! I missed the rocks part, watch out and wear a helmet. I'm also assuming snakes love a nice hot rock to sit on. :slashnew: Even if you had a full suspension bike head sized...
  42. lucky12

    Anyone know anything about bikes? [bicycles not motor]

    I've worked in a few bike shops. Best website: www.pinkbike.com Review site: www.mtbr.com Kona's range from 500+ I think, I have one. A dirt jumper. 2 miles everyday might not be so desirable on a dirt jumper, the geometry isn't so comfortable for long range pedaling :) If you're locking this...
  43. lucky12

    hey folks.

    Well well. Another one of us. You thought you were confused before with those regular people, eh? Prepare yourself, within this forum lies many a persons like yourself. One must keep in mind that we are all uniquely weird, therefore you may/not also perceive us to be confusing. :p Ah I'm just...
  44. lucky12

    singing about what is happening

    did some good freestyles today, yo. for some reason I "break it down" around exam time, stress perhaps?
  45. lucky12

    This is inconceivably stupid

    Diesel, 2 strokes, leather. I worked in a bike shop once, and I had a crush on this girl.. until I noticed she liked to spray orange scented degreaser into the air and "walk into the mist".
  46. lucky12

    Hey architect, I like your posts. The letter to young INTP's reminded me that I shouldn't...

    Hey architect, I like your posts. The letter to young INTP's reminded me that I shouldn't discredit mbti fully, and your description of thinking jobs vs sensing jobs was damn good. My colleagues are mostly sensors and the divide is hilarious when we do different tasks, I seem to pick the...
  47. lucky12

    Alternative for jobseekers: Social business

    You can't really call this an alternative for job seeking, it's an alternative life style. Seems like this would only work in low/middle class. But then.. How could my social business provide enough cash for me when I need food on a daily basis? Unless my social business deals with some kind...
  48. lucky12

    Letter to a young INTP

    You should know by now that this usually provokes a look similar to :eek: in the other person.
  49. lucky12

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    Loving aesop and mf, im a big fan. http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Fplaylists%2F1742642&show_artwork=true
  50. lucky12

    what does the poster above look like

    short brunette with proportional breasts? was i the only one who saw that..
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