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  1. Hadoblado

    How do you argue with someone once they have attacked you personally vs. your ideas?

    When I know I'm right? Then generally... I'm less engaged tbh? Why does it matter so much that you convince them? I get super engaged in arguments if someone is pushing their beliefs on me, or if I'm not sure where I stand, but if I'm confident in my position I can let it go. Also, you've...
  2. Hadoblado

    the joker

    I'll watch it if it's not reviewed as a bomb. I don't have high hopes though.
  3. Hadoblado

    How much smarter would you be if you went to library and read....

    The internet exists. Libraries are clumsy by comparison. Stuff like this does help, but there are diminishing returns. You're also not guaranteed to spend your time productively. School also doesn't really stop you if you're not invested in it. I used to read books under my desk during class...
  4. Hadoblado

    I've outgrown comedy...

    Don't like it don't watch it?
  5. Hadoblado

    Yep. Super frustrating to navigate this whirling deathtrap of interlocking baggage.

    Yep. Super frustrating to navigate this whirling deathtrap of interlocking baggage.
  6. Hadoblado

    Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    You want people to talk about you too much/10
  7. Hadoblado

    Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    I don't really want to get into an extensive quote war. I was trying to be honest and direct, it's obviously not working for me. I'll fuck off now.
  8. Hadoblado

    Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    I'm sure you know your drug situation better than I do. It is super weird how much you talk about drugs and your drug taking experiences if you don't do drugs often though. But whatever, I'm happy to be wrong. The mental health comment wasn't meant as an accusation. Most people here have poor...
  9. Hadoblado

    Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    I know I'm not the best person for you to hear this from, we tend not to get along, and historically we haven't treated each other with respect. I feel compelled to step in because I think Jansen has you mispegged, and is forcing you to defend against claims that, while not unfounded, are...
  10. Hadoblado

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    This is the worst thread I've ever read.
  11. Hadoblado

    The single flaw with hard determinism

    How does a conversation about determinism even get heated? Peak internet.
  12. Hadoblado

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    The only thing worth discussing is sexual and intellectual insecurity.
  13. Hadoblado

    Is self-discipline good or not

    I think it's important, and that (for me) aesthetic concerns tend to be more of a manifestation of imperfect self-discipline than a legitimate challenge. If you've chosen to be disciplined in working towards goals you have accepted, freedom is not an issue.
  14. Hadoblado

    Being Pedantic

    Pedantry is typically a losing social strat. It's self-defeating. It's usually seen as a weird dominance thing and people watching are more forgiving of the correctee than the corrector. If someone is incorrect about something and you want to bring their attention to it, phrase it as a...
  15. Hadoblado

    Hiding behind hair

  16. Hadoblado

    Why logical types have poor social skills although social stuff has a logical structure

    I don't disagree with anything stated in OP but also Explicit logic is a different cognitive system to the one we use for socialisation. To the extent people realise you're thinking in explicit terms about the subtle implicit complexity of socialisation, they'll tend to implicitly reject your...
  17. Hadoblado

    panamath test

  18. Hadoblado

    Why IQ does not matter as much as people think....

    I basically agree with OP, though it was a bit wordy. IQ is a good predictor of success (or is good for a psychological construct anyway). But for most of the conversations I see on the internet, it'd be better to ask "are you successful?" than ask someone their IQ. What you have done is...
  19. Hadoblado

    If you’re a colored guy with (a) non-colored girl(s) how many times have you heard the “negroes are 3/5ths of a man” comment?

    What the actual fuck. That's some generational white supremo BS right there. Those laws are almost 100 years dead.
  20. Hadoblado

    Last movie you watched

    Yep. Fuck people.
  21. Hadoblado

    Last movie you watched

    What were your thoughts on the first two? I haven't seen the third, but I enjoyed the other two. Not because they were super deep or thought provoking, but because they knew what they were and concentrated on being exactly that. I can't remember either of them trying to be funny?
  22. Hadoblado

    Pokémon Yellow

    Nope. Pikachu is just the most popular point of reference in pokemon. I never played yellow (only the rich kids got that version, I was stuck with a second hand copy of blue during that period). Last one I played was emerald which I thought was a considerable improvement despite the lackluster...
  23. Hadoblado

    My low processing speeed index

    Is your eyes being blurry the same thing as processing speed? My vision isn't blurry, it just takes a little longer for me to register what's happening. It's not really noticeable until I'm forced to do complex reflexive actions. It'd be kinda funny if you've got a vision problem not a visual...
  24. Hadoblado

    My low processing speeed index

    How bad are you? My visual processing is quite poor for novel stimuli, but for predictable stimuli it's good. I'm terrible at fast computer games with a lot going on, but I read pretty deece.
  25. Hadoblado

    INTJ here

    Welcome aboard :)
  26. Hadoblado

    INTJ here

    Entry requirement for the job is lack of self-awareness. If an asshole thinks they're an asshole, they've just got edgy self-esteem issues in disguise. Change my mind.
  27. Hadoblado


    Snakes and other large reptiles. Parasites to a lesser extent, they just freak me the fuck out really. I have anxiety about other things, but it's not on the same level.
  28. Hadoblado

    Are you responsible for infecting other people with a cold

    Theirs, unless you live your day-to-day not knowing whether you've got STIs. Get that dick check on the reg champ.
  29. Hadoblado

    The degree to which one is selfish is an inherent characteristic that cannot be altered

    People do all the time. That doesn't mean you can. Childhood is almost necessarily a state of selfishness. Adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it usually means an adjustment. Also, a lot of the time when people are acting selfish it just means they've got other shit going on. If...
  30. Hadoblado

    Humans are apes.

    But to call someone an ape is to place undue emphasis on their uncelebrated aspects, right?
  31. Hadoblado

    Are you responsible for infecting other people with a cold

    I work childcare, and almost never get sick. I'm no superhuman, I just use sanitiser whenever I move around, don't touch my face unless I've just used sanitiser, and don't do anything obviously stupid. I can't require other people to take responsibility for their sickness, because kids don't...
  32. Hadoblado

    ASPD is the opposite of ASD

  33. Hadoblado

    Climate change and capitalism

    I basically agree. In theory government is supposed to be able to step in and adjust the capitalist system to prioritise certain things such as climate change (with a carbon credit system for instance). But government is corrupt and busy and subject to the whims of an uneducated population as...
  34. Hadoblado

    Avengers ENDGAME

    Spoilerless review?
  35. Hadoblado

    D&D 5e

    In the hard games I've played, usually there is a non-death cost to dying (unless the DM doesn't like you). Perma killing people requires some hoops jumping. You just have to go into debt to be resurrected which is then plot fodder for your next adventure. That character died three more times...
  36. Hadoblado

    why I have given up on cosmology /space science

    "Why don't we just solve the problem before we understand it".
  37. Hadoblado

    Avengers ENDGAME

    I'm pretty excited. I know it's popular to hate on marvel movies for being repetitive etc., but I think there's a lot to be excited about too. They're frequently breaking new frontiers and setting standards for the genre - I'm amazed at how well they've done so far. Infinity War was a lot...
  38. Hadoblado

    D&D 5e

    "Hard" DMs are a different beast. I remember my first ever session rolling up a first level character, jumping into an eighth level campaign, and being nuked by an effectively global (and thus unavoidable) ice storm before my first encounter. No save against Six HP is not a survive good well...
  39. Hadoblado

    Determinism the end of morality and free will?

    This is already how I think about crime, and I believe it's the best way. We don't have access to the pure deterministic mechanisms, but we do have empirical data on what follows what and we should do our best to create the environment most conducive to reducing crime. Prison systems tend to...
  40. Hadoblado

    Future Pets

    Oh gawd leave me alone you people I just liked the post enough to click but not to post about it fkoffnowplzty.
  41. Hadoblado

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    Would you watch porn with your grandma? (please say no)
  42. Hadoblado

    Ability to alter thoughts = Loss of Identity?

    Identity is only a useful concept. It doesn't hold up very well to theseusian deconstruction. The best I can come up with is that identity is one and the same if a later state is the direct result of former state, and believes itself to be the same state.
  43. Hadoblado

    Future Pets

    Anything can be normalised, given time and saturation. I think it's fucked up, but not necessarily that wrong? So long as the created species doesn't experience the exploitation as suffering, I think you're mostly fine?
  44. Hadoblado

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I see it as forever having the option to keep on living, but always having the option to opt out. So at least to me, it's about having the choice to not be taken before I'm ready.
  45. Hadoblado

    Humanity about to succumb to drug-resistant fungi and bacteria

    Whether or not someone was wrong about bees has no bearing on Serac's claim.
  46. Hadoblado

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    shut up about not music both of you/10
  47. Hadoblado

    Sci fi vs Fantasy

    I'm a fan of both, but they're both often limited. My favourite is where they sort of join in the middle? Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I think I probably prefer fantasy over sci-fi, because it owns the fantastical element. With sci-fi (at least that...
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