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  1. I request a ban.

    I cannot say why. Thanks.
  2. The Queen and The Cat

    Queen, there's an entity in the sky, named cloud, but I differ in thought: it's a cat; a head of what should be a cat. Where's the head of nature? Cloud or cat, detach the head, like the roots of a tree. Deforestation is room and I need a kingdom above. Ma'am, the amorphous cat, a shaped...
  3. Tough Love

    My family is of high opinion of this strategy and thus I was also a strong advocate of it (or so I thought...). Now, it seems to me that it is of the opinion of those who partake in this method often find the problems they are consulted about to be frivolous and to be 'taken care of'...
  4. Zombies

    Do they bleed? I was informed by a zombie expert that they do not because the cell activity would cease (presumedly because they are dead?) but when they are re-animated (or however else they rediscover their legs (feel free to enlighten me)) what impact would it have upon the blood...
  5. Social Skills

    What exactly does it mean to have good social skills? What does it mean to be socially inept? Whose criteria is used to judge this? What are some social skills or tactics/strageties have you noticed or developed in yourself or others? What makes these work and in what context would they best...
  6. Mental Drainage

    www.take-20.com/2007/10/26/how-to-stop-wasting-your-mental-energy/ This is an article regarding the feeling of stagnation via mental energy. Some key points: Wasted Energy= -Upholding self importance -Fighting present moment -Unwillingness to accept responsibility for circumstances...
  7. The Confusion Club

    I didn't do it. o.O
  8. Identity Crisis

    So, I have been exceedingly confused in thoughts regarding my identity for various reasons. Below is disclosure of my thoughts, etc. but if you wish to skip the prompt to this thread I will provide the questions I have .... Before I came to INTPf and the IRC I rarely voiced thoughts of my...
  9. I feel like I am very fucked up.

    Judging by my posts, if you cared to view them, would you agree?
  10. Infestation

    Recently my front yard has, once again, become infested by a swarm of wasps. All day they fly a few inches above the grass, in circular patterns and never once have they stung someone. They seem to be attracted to my yard, in particular, as they do not fly/swarm anywhere else to our knowledge...
  11. S vs N

    Just a few obvious things I was thinking about at one point or another. Sensors focus on taking as much experiences/ sensations as possible, thus acquiring more than an intuitor. An intuitor focuses on the second part of the human knowledge processing functioning- after less data is acquired...
  12. Yay for INTPforum ^^

    I believe I`ve become quite attached to this forum. I`ve visited many forums but they all seemed to be lacking in the aspect of connection- ie I could never seem to integrate the way I feel I`ve done here and my connection to this place came quite naturally. So... yay for INTPforum! ^_^
  13. Break away

    Do you ever just want to... break away? Leave it all behind, and escape to something more peaceful? It needn't be a leaving in anger or pain, just a peaceful leaving, some how just letting go on all, dissipating into the air and floating into the sky floating forever, without anger, pain or...
  14. Suggestions for a puppy?

    -short hair -low maintenance -calm -small Any suggestions?
  15. The Social Masses

    When humans are placed together in a large group, where they have no choice as to whom they are seated next to, they seem to grow insecure. They look around for people they know and point them out to any friends that may happen to be nearby. Why do they do this? They are probably not...
  16. Games

    A disagreement between two individuals sparks a debate. The debate degenerates into an argument where the two individuals resort to name calling or to subtly insulting the person whom they are arguing against. This is because they feel threatened by the person with whom they are arguing, they...
  17. A Bother?

    As of late, my threads have led to subjective answers or no anwers at all. Is this a bother or is it welcome here? My main motive for posting them is not so much for debatable purposes, as much as the want for different perspectives of a topic.
  18. The Unknown

    Why do people fear what they do not know? Is it that they fear that the unknown is "bad"? If so, why? Is it because they have no room for it in their lives? Tell me what you think.
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