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  1. I request a ban.

    Thank you.
  2. I request a ban.

    aw, the sea animal redeemed you. ^_^ I am serious about the ban, though and the reasons are just as serious.
  3. I request a ban.

    ;_; Mocking me?
  4. I request a ban.

    For myself, plz.
  5. I request a ban.

    I cannot say why. Thanks.
  6. SOS Club

    Sure, I'll be a parody of Orihime.
  7. SOS Club

    Can this be re-opened?
  8. You are wrong.

    Yes, they would have. Nice catch. ;p As for my other statement, this would simply affect how much judgment would be used and how it would used... but this brings to mind the idea of inactivity being action, itself. Judgment would be inescapable? That's highly relative...? I don't...
  9. You are wrong.

    The viewpoint matters less, in cases. Much of the time, it is simply to strengthen social bonds, not necessarily that it is the best. Objectives are crucial to bear in mind, I think. Natural capacity, goals/motivations, context of the view portrayed, many things. Why would they? Value...
  10. You are wrong.

    Judgment is the prelude to action and action is necessary in a practical reality which is what we reside in. It isn't until somebody /makes/ it their 'place' to do so. And this can happen, in similar ways that one can attribute meaning and value to objects or empirical data. A personal...
  11. Thread

  12. About you?

    Ditto... 'Wisdom' could not save me.
  13. How long until I'm banned, anyway?

    No, Redshirts are for new forum members. ;p
  14. Just because...(Blame Lor)

    He reminds me of Jigsaw. O.O
  15. The Queen and The Cat

    Queen, there's an entity in the sky, named cloud, but I differ in thought: it's a cat; a head of what should be a cat. Where's the head of nature? Cloud or cat, detach the head, like the roots of a tree. Deforestation is room and I need a kingdom above. Ma'am, the amorphous cat, a shaped...
  16. It is me: FacetiousPersona. A message to the community.

    I have had a friendship with Face, and can vouch for his ruthlessness and psychopathic nature. He's obviously attacked the forum before and should not be ignored. My patience for him has long since vanished and though the choice seems yours, I suggest reason be adhered to above pride or...
  17. Stereotypes

    Objectives, keep in mind not all types or people pursue truth. Their Objectives, thus mannerisms may differ from yours but that doesn't necessarily equate them to being simple minded or immature.
  18. This forum contains

    Plus, if we limit the forums, the progress of our empire will be stalled.
  19. What Tarot Card Are You?

    High Priest Inverse: Hierophant
  20. Nah, I've simply a natrual inclination to expect criticism. No worries. ^_^

    Nah, I've simply a natrual inclination to expect criticism. No worries. ^_^
  21. My apologies if I was the one to of misinterpreted your posting as argument and it was not...

    My apologies if I was the one to of misinterpreted your posting as argument and it was not. Seems default to assume people are criticizing or arguing against me, I suppose. Your last post on the thread is ambiguous to me, however or I am simply being overimaginative as to your meaning.
  22. wrong assumption

    The thread was begun in regards to the members of this forum and much of those members are young, thus experience will be limited. And alternatives to what they do now on this forum or discuss on this forum could be oh so much worse by many people's standards. Indeed. Circumstances, which...
  23. wrong assumption

    You misinterpret my post as I completely agree with what you've stated here. ;p What I meant was that the deep discussions held here will perhaps attribute to a strong foundation to the younger people of this forum (myself included) thus this forum acts as a strong foundation for them to grow in.
  24. wrong assumption

    Yes, I understand this, but I am referring to the younger people who frequent this forum. Establishing a strong foundation or understanding of their environment and consequences resulting from issues would perhaps enable them to make better decisions for when they can change their environment...
  25. wrong assumption

    This is not the way to shift the nature of the forum. Not to mention some lurking in the older threads may reassure your mind. We could engage now, in a moral argument, of your right to decide for others how they should be or how your experiences could be applied to those on this forum...
  26. wrong assumption

    Defensive... so many are defensive. To be perfectly honest, if I were to of come here a few years earlier I may have posted something similar to what Squid has and I wonder if Squid's world view, thoroughly influenced by those around him, the SJ's etc., has made hir feel threatened by those...
  27. Thank you

    Lol, for some reason the outrageous amuses me.
  28. Lucid Nirvana -- Consistency within Clarity; Truth within Beauty.

    You seem to be mocking the INTP's thirst for objectivity in this post- is it not the case?
  29. MBTI - Improved Type Indicator?

    Cognitive ProcessLevel of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use) extraverted Sensing (Se) ********************* (21.1) limited use introverted Sensing (Si) ********** (10) unused extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ********************************************* (45.9) excellent use...
  30. Tough Love

    Thank you, Blob. Answers like this are more or less what I am looking for. IB- thank you for your viewpoint as well and Jesin for your love for clarity. ;p
  31. Tough Love

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who posts on this thread may define the term for themselves and present whatever view they'd like. ^^
  32. Tough Love

    I understand how subjective these questions are, but I'd like others views on them, as well. I've extensive thoughts regarding these topics but it would be tedious for me to post them given my current conditions.
  33. Tough Love

    I think of tough love as being harsh, apathetic, or having a 'grin and bear it' attitude. Example: My brothers knee jerk reaction seems to be 'stfu, so many people have it worse than you.' (which I find humorously ironic, given his extreme temper)
  34. Tough Love

    My family is of high opinion of this strategy and thus I was also a strong advocate of it (or so I thought...). Now, it seems to me that it is of the opinion of those who partake in this method often find the problems they are consulted about to be frivolous and to be 'taken care of'...
  35. Zombies

    I might post a record of my work. :3 (It'll be concerning serious topics, though.) How many types of zombies are there? (Also, I don't know a damn thing about them. xD )
  36. Zombies

    Do they bleed? I was informed by a zombie expert that they do not because the cell activity would cease (presumedly because they are dead?) but when they are re-animated (or however else they rediscover their legs (feel free to enlighten me)) what impact would it have upon the blood...
  37. Social Skills

    Yeah, I can see that. I get along best with ENFP's, personally because of the shared intuition and open-mindedness. Btw, the perspectives devised thus far are quite interesting so thanks people.
  38. Social Skills

    ENFP's are the embodiment of Social Skills. I suppose that's 'nuff said. ;p
  39. ISTP, working on Ne (wait, or maybe INTP?)

    Re: ISTP, working on Ne We've discussed this already, of course Jesin but you're more than worth a post, I think. ;p You have always struck me as ISTP, though it seems obvious your intuition is highly developed- probably due to it being directed internally. You strike me as ISTP because of...
  40. Social Skills

    What are these standards, exactly (in your area, I understand each culture will differ)? How do you recognize them? How much do you understand them and in what way (observing, experiencing, etc)? Analyze! :3
  41. Social Skills

    What exactly does it mean to have good social skills? What does it mean to be socially inept? Whose criteria is used to judge this? What are some social skills or tactics/strageties have you noticed or developed in yourself or others? What makes these work and in what context would they best...
  42. Mental Drainage

    Indeed, but how would you build upon it? It seems to be a self delusion tactic to obtain an inner harmony, thus better enabling the individual to move forward. I know a person who was utterly convinced by this- SJ.
  43. Mental Drainage

    It all works. ^^ Thanks for your reply. Anybody up for drowning themselves in a murky swamp? For some reason this thread is making me entertain exciting thoughts regarding the idea. And, no. I'm not drunk or high. xD
  44. Mental Drainage

    Thank you for the feedbak thus far. And Anthile, thanks for the link.
  45. Mental Drainage

    www.take-20.com/2007/10/26/how-to-stop-wasting-your-mental-energy/ This is an article regarding the feeling of stagnation via mental energy. Some key points: Wasted Energy= -Upholding self importance -Fighting present moment -Unwillingness to accept responsibility for circumstances...
  46. The Confusion Club

    Agent Intellect, you spammer! I love my club. ^_^ <3
  47. The Confusion Club

  48. The Confusion Club

    My work here is done. O.o
  49. The Confusion Club

    I didn't do it. o.O
  50. What Happens When You're Awake?

    This, I think, can easily relate to mind/body dichtomy and to that I would like to relate my rudimentary understanding of Quantum Mechanics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in Quantum Mechanics does it not state that electrons can exist in more than one dimension/plane/other (unsure) at once...
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