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  1. shortbuss

    What is friendship and do you want it?

    I've been thinking about friendship as it would happen. For the past three weekends I've been playing phone tag with a friend, and continually being unable to schedule a get together with this person. It's neither of our fault, but it is frustrating to be alone for a third weekend alone. I find...
  2. shortbuss

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I make the horrible mistake of being honest about what I think, which I think makes people hate me. I'm not good at acting in accordance with what other people want to hear, and honestly I would like to be better at being a phony when it suits my interests, but I'm just so much happier being...
  3. shortbuss

    INTP´s view on masturbation?

    I don't care if other people mastrubate, and I probably do it very infrequently. I never use anything to supplement my experience other than my awesome imagination. Although on GREAT occasion I'll make the mistake of curiously browsing through internet porn...which is always a weird experience.
  4. shortbuss

    Your dark side

    Depression is a problem for me. It drives people away from me, and I burrow further into my maladjusted behaviors I learn from chronic loneliness. I do stupid things when I'm in that state. I mostly abuse substance of any kind, from drugs to television to food to anything I can take for a quick...
  5. shortbuss

    Why bother doing anything?

    You should hear the song 'Waiting around to Die'. I forget the artist, but you'll know it when you hear it. It ends with the speaker singing about how they've found someone to wait around to die with, and that that's all they really wanted, and I feel the same way. I think you might too.
  6. shortbuss

    Famous INTPs

    If Charlie Sheen is an INTP I may as well kill myself right now.
  7. shortbuss

    Are men and women naturally different psychologically?

    I've taken a Neuropych course, and have a general knowledge of psychology from being raised by a parent that majored in the subject. I remember my neuropsych course specifically defined what modern science considers some actual, proven differences in male and female cognition. I would recommend...
  8. shortbuss

    Repeating Ones Self.

    I hate repeating myself if the other person clearly wasn't listening, like they were just tuning me out like they had something better to be thinking about then actually giving me the time of day like a decent human being. I just say, 'forget it' or 'nevermind' if I think this is the case, and...
  9. shortbuss

    Stuff INTP's don't care about

    Trends, Traditions
  10. shortbuss

    INTP Emotions - What is wrong with me?

    I think it's pretty common for people to not feel entirely comfortable with their emotions, and even the emotions of others. Emotions can be volatile, unpredictable, hard to control and completely without logical basis. Unfortunately, they're a part of life that is better to deal with than to...
  11. shortbuss

    Any smart and creative suggestions are welcomed!

    Initiate friendships, and invite people to do things if you think they have potential. Accept invitations to socialize even when they sound sub-optimal. Learn to be tactful so that your company is more appreciated, at least until you get to know individuals more closely. Maybe try to determine...
  12. shortbuss

    How do you look?

    I am casual and dress like a minimalist, with some slight alternative influence. Usually I prefer to wear jeans, and a well-fitted t-shirt, preferably plain with no writing. I have a dirty pair of black converse that are almost always put to use. I have this thin, raggedy gray jacket with an...
  13. shortbuss

    What's a Genius and Do You Consider Yourself One?

    I generally score around two standard deviations above average. I'm not a genius, but I'm above average. But I often read arguments against reading too much into the results of IQ tests, and how they are incomplete measurements of human intelligence, and I tend to agree with such skeptical...
  14. shortbuss

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    I know this feeling, but be careful with indulging it too often. Once you get into a habit of it it can become much darker, and much less cathartic than initially intended. You can slowly lose control of your ability to consciously delve into, and to leave, a familiar depressive inner world, and...
  15. shortbuss

    Dante's Inferno Test

    I don't think I would much mind Limbo, which I thought was the same as Purgatory. It sounds kind of like what life is like on earth, except maybe even a little better. It's sorrow without torment, and you're in the company of some great minds according to the quiz (and if there is such an...
  16. shortbuss

    INTP shit you did as a child

    One of my first friends from childhood met me when she and another of my early friends were walking out into the back corner of the field area during recess. I was sitting in a corner drawing something on the wall with berry juice from berries that had fallen all along the ground. This mostly...
  17. shortbuss

    When a female INTP reveals herself.

    Yeah, I can totally understand that. I'm not upset that I'm assumed to be a male. I think it does say something about society, but I'm not entirely sure what that even is honestly. Maybe how the male perspective dominates society and culture in much the same way that heterosexuality is the...
  18. shortbuss

    When a female INTP reveals herself.

    People ALWAYS assume I'm a dude online. I don't take offense to it, though I dunno, maybe I should, but I don't like to make a big deal about something I'm fairly sure won't be understood, like trying to defend a nuanced feminist perspective to a general public that will only rip me apart for...
  19. shortbuss

    recommend me anime.

    *cough cough* I'm adding Samurai Champloo to this list. This intro alone should get you pumped. http://youtu.be/4OuRajFzMYI "Some days, some nights, some live, some die, in the name of the Samurai."
  20. shortbuss

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - perfect for INTPs

    You guys gotta watch this episode of the webseries 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. I think at some point they discuss briefly David's more rational perspective. http://www.crackle.com/c/Comedians_In_Cars_Getting_Coffee/Larry_Eats_a_Pancake/2487709/
  21. shortbuss

    Ancient Alien Theories

    Ancient Aliens is a bunch of bullshit the History Channel uses instead of illuminating on actual history. Fuck the history channel, and fuck ancient aliens. *drops microphone, walks off stage*
  22. shortbuss

    INTP Inner World

    My inner world is just like Charlie in the scene before Dennis comes in, lol. http://youtu.be/TzaVd6zl2bA
  23. shortbuss

    "You just want to be right"

    I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say that sometimes some people are more interested in being right than in having an honest discussion, and never have any intention of changing their conclusions regardless of any evidence presented. I don't think an INTP would be the kind of person to be...
  24. shortbuss

    The idea that men are more concerned with physical appearance...

    I see the argument used over and over again to justify men valuing women's physical appearance to the extent that it is valued in our culture. I'm not an expert, but I did recently take a neuroscience class wherein we explicitly reviewed the differences in male and female brains. I found that...
  25. shortbuss

    INTP trait you like the most in yourself

    I like my ability to sound profound to others. Although I know I am not as wise as I sound, I find friends often appreciate my ability to put words to ideas and concepts. It makes me feel smart when otherwise I know I'm just an average person in almost every way. I'm close to being an INFP, so...
  26. shortbuss

    Much Belated Hello

    Without compassion I might be an Ayn Rand libertarian. I think I value it because I was treated poorly by people when I was younger, and I know what it would have meant for others to have just shown me some simple kindness when I really needed it. This has made me a sincerely polite and...
  27. shortbuss

    recommend me anime.

    Studio Ghibli is an animation studio created and driven by the infamous Hayao Miyazaki. This Japanese studio is so popular and well-renowned that Disney bought the rights to the American releases just so they could slap on the Disney logo at the beginning of the films. The only other company...
  28. shortbuss

    Much Belated Hello

    Well we are half the population, so...anyway, it's the internet, so the men are usually the ones that outnumber us women. I agree. I find your concept here to be very transcendent and wise. I hope I remember this the next time I have trouble forgiving someone. My use of the word art was...
  29. shortbuss

    Much Belated Hello

    No idea when I became a member here, but I thought I'd introduce myself cause I dunno, I'm bored :) I'm INTP, but I am close to INFP and I think I've recently developed my Sensing in regards to the way I process the world. I think I'm fairly well-rounded, and I genuinely like being curious and...
  30. shortbuss

    Lover Style Test

    Haha, I had the same reaction to receiving this result. I feel like I'm often misunderstood for being some kind of old-fashioned prude hung up on tradition because people find it hard to understand a more reserved attitude toward romance and sexuality unless it's based in culturally imposed...
  31. shortbuss

    Louis C.K. INTP?

    I'll check it out, and sorry, I forget that some people access this site with cellphones. I guess I'm just anxious to put Louis under the microscope.
  32. shortbuss

    Louis C.K. INTP?

    I hope it's not just because he's an entertainer, because that would be fallacious logic since a lot of entertainers are known to be introverted when not performing. I hate to assume your reasoning, but you were kind of lean on rationale, and by lean I mean completely silent. If my curiosity...
  33. shortbuss

    Sensor Hate

    I used to almost despise my friend for not being able to advance or add to my curiosities in conversations, and I found her dull and stubborn. I have since adapted to her style of communication, and made some conscious adjustments. I found asking her to give me her own opinions, or to tell me...
  34. shortbuss

    Louis C.K. INTP?

    Louis C.K. always strikes me as a huge INTP. Louis is extremely open-minded and always expresses how he is open and even seeks out opinions and information from other people, and is readily willing to replace old conclusions with more plausible information when he finds it. I find I relate to...
  35. shortbuss

    Your Ideal Male 'Partner'

    Re: Your Ideal Male Partner - Cares about me as an individual and a person, and not just a body to use - Attentive enough to figure me out, and understand me on a depthful level - Kind, Empathetic - Intelligent - Understanding of introverted needs, if not just being one himself - Genuine Person...
  36. shortbuss

    All smokers are old or stupid?

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I had no idea the e-cigarettes were as effective as you all say. I really need to look into that ASAP. I'm sure I can quit them- I just have to set my mind to it...and buy one of those e-cigs.
  37. shortbuss

    'What's your Archetype?' Test

    I found this while wasting my life looking for another archetype test in the middle of the night. It has similar results as the original linked test, so I'll put the link here in case anyone else wants to have fun with it...
  38. shortbuss

    The art of an INTP

    I noticed that when I reread what I wrote, but it was totally unintentional. I should have known it would be understood that way. Uh, my bad...
  39. shortbuss

    All smokers are old or stupid?

    I am addicted to cigarettes, but it had nothing to do with peer pressure. I have major depressive disorder, and I felt, and continue to often feel so shitty that I don't care what I do to myself, and I even admit that I once told myself that I wanted to smoke cigarettes so that I could just die...
  40. shortbuss

    The art of an INTP

    I am drawn to art, but I don't think I have the skills to make anything I'd be happy with at the moment. I love drawing, but only in a very limited capacity. I can draw people, and that's pretty much it. I've become pretty good at it when I'm "in the zone". I also LOVE writing. I am close to...
  41. shortbuss

    INTP being athletes

    I kicked a little ass in sports. I was a pitcher, and it was kind of perfect for me. It was a great way for a shy kid like myself to get praise and to learn how to perform in front of audiences without getting nervous. Anyway, when I got older and I was starting to get a little bad ass and...
  42. shortbuss


    I adore Louie. I'd say more but I'm afraid it'll turn into a rant, because I love him so much.
  43. shortbuss

    The Need for self-labeling

    I think it's very INTP of you, ironically, to question the merits of the Myer's Briggs typology, or rather the extent to which we can hope to accurately fall neatly into what is essentially a human construct derived from somewhat subjective inferences. The truth is that typology is not by any...
  44. shortbuss

    Your Interests. Teach us about them. Share your knowledge.

    I'm going to try and give enough of a fuck to talk about what information I feel I know and am familiar with. Topic 1: Cartoons and Animation I cultivated this interest due to one exhausted mother who needed to rest after work, and thus left my sibling and I to be raised in part by our...
  45. shortbuss

    I write like:

    Kurt Vonnegut...you're so jealous right now, lol.
  46. shortbuss

    Problem remembering names?

    When you meet the person say, "nice to meet you ______." Saying the name out loud after hearing it for the first time should help you remember it.
  47. shortbuss

    Your Interests. Teach us about them. Share your knowledge.

    1) I'm lazy 2) All I really know about is politics and cartoons. 3) I'm drunk...
  48. shortbuss

    Your Interests. Teach us about them. Share your knowledge.

    I just thought I would personally love to hear people on this website discuss their unique interests that they are very knowledgeable on because of their passion for said interest. We could all stand to learn a lot from each other, and I'd love to read what you all have to say. Please try to...
  49. shortbuss

    Get inside women's minds

    Haha, you're the one that ASKED what the women on this forum thought and whether it seemed an accurate depiction of our gender. I think you're taking what I said as if I were condemning you, but I'm just expressing my opinion. Everything I wrote was not intended to mean that I think you don't...
  50. shortbuss

    The way INTPs instigates a discussion.

    I never made this observation for myself, but it is completely accurate in describing the way I initiate conversation. I'm lucky to have enough 'F' in me to realize that some people dislike talking about contentious or intellectual subjects, and so I've been able to cater my conversational...
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