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  1. kvothe27

    Moral Cognitive Behavorial Therapy

    I am considering doing some sort of moral therapy on myself. Many of us are conditioned into some morality in our youths via religious conditioning, so it would seem useful to be able to, not only quickly de-condition yourself from whatever moral upbringing you had, but to condition yourself...
  2. kvothe27

    Are INTPs and ENTPs Cerebral Narcissists?

    I don't know. There's some overlap. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. The cerebral narcissist could be mistyped as an INTP, and the INTP could mistakenly view himself as a cerebral narcissist. And, of course, many INTPs could very well be both. What do you think? I don't know how...
  3. kvothe27

    "The Sensory Qualities As Real"

    I recently read Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Piekoff I wanted to share a passage with you intelligent people to see what you think of it. Do you agree or disagree with the above? Why? EDIT: Ugh. Fucking formatting errors are mine.
  4. kvothe27

    suffocating suckotash

    Why is that I feel this forum to be so suffocating? Is it that so many people on here share most of my views? Let some fresh air in. My God. I can't breath. It's black. It's closing in. This is one hell of a re-introduction? I guess. Maybe. No. Maybe not. Or, maybe? How annoying. I need an...
  5. kvothe27

    College students, what classes are you taking this fall?

    List your classes. Any students may post. - computer science course on AI - database systems - mobile application development - probability
  6. kvothe27

    Is Love A Neurosis Detrimental To Marriage?

    I'm currently reading The Adjusted American: Normal Neuroses In the Individual And Society, and one of its contentions is that love is a neurosis. Their contention is that "American marriages are unstable because Americans marry for love." I'm going to quote some passages, hopefully to generate...
  7. kvothe27

    indirect self-acceptance and psychic balance

    I'm currently reading The Adjusted American: Normal Neuroses In The Individual and Society by Snell Putney and Gail J. Putney. I wanted to share a passage with you intelligent folks and see what you think of it. So: I wonder how we could integrate this in with the MBTI. Now, for the INTP...
  8. kvothe27

    Your inferior function and spiritual experiences

    Quote to be discussed: " As the complement to the dominant function, the inferior carries the promise of greater psychic balance and wholeness. This is why people often report experiences with their inferior as magic or ecstatic."...
  9. kvothe27

    Difficulty determing my type

    My cognitive functions result: Te (Extroverted Thinking) (25%) Ti (Introverted Thinking) (90%) Ne (Extroverted Intuition) (90%) Ni (Introverted Intuition) (80%) Se (Extroverted Sensing) (10%) Si (Introverted Sensing) (30%) Fe (Extroverted Feeling)...
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