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    What style of clothing do you typically wear?

    Well..anything nearby.(unless it looks flashy or weird or unless it is an inappropriate cloth for the current weather. AND it has to be comfortable as well..)
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    Well I start to imagine many things..like the life after death.. Honestly I do not believe in life after death because there is no convincing evidence for that theory. But still..I continue to think about the after life..even thought I don't actually believe in it. There are also times that I...
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    What are your favorite music genres?

    Almost anything.
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    What is your IQ?

    It depends on my mood.._.;(if that even makes sense.) But it should be average.. However sometimes I get a decent iq score such as 130 ish..but sometimes I get under 100 like maybe..90 ish ..sometimes it can also be average like 110 ish...is that weird..?._.;
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    Favourite fictional INTP(s)?

    L from death note.
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    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    making..weird food combinations....I just ate dumplings with strawberry yogurt on top....it was okay I suppose. (I also ate pear with soy sauce that day and it was actually good..._.) my other habit is googling very random stuff on the internet... my mind: why is the sky blue? me:"...
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    What's your favorite topic to study?

    anything that catches my interest.
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