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  1. Hadoblado

    The degree to which one is selfish is an inherent characteristic that cannot be altered

    People do all the time. That doesn't mean you can. Childhood is almost necessarily a state of selfishness. Adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it usually means an adjustment. Also, a lot of the time when people are acting selfish it just means they've got other shit going on. If...
  2. Hadoblado

    Humans are apes.

    But to call someone an ape is to place undue emphasis on their uncelebrated aspects, right?
  3. Hadoblado

    Are you responsible for infecting other people with a cold

    I work childcare, and almost never get sick. I'm no superhuman, I just use sanitiser whenever I move around, don't touch my face unless I've just used sanitiser, and don't do anything obviously stupid. I can't require other people to take responsibility for their sickness, because kids don't...
  4. Hadoblado

    ASPD is the opposite of ASD

  5. Hadoblado

    Climate change and capitalism

    I basically agree. In theory government is supposed to be able to step in and adjust the capitalist system to prioritise certain things such as climate change (with a carbon credit system for instance). But government is corrupt and busy and subject to the whims of an uneducated population as...
  6. Hadoblado

    Avengers ENDGAME

    Spoilerless review?
  7. Hadoblado

    D&D 5e

    In the hard games I've played, usually there is a non-death cost to dying (unless the DM doesn't like you). Perma killing people requires some hoops jumping. You just have to go into debt to be resurrected which is then plot fodder for your next adventure. That character died three more times...
  8. Hadoblado

    why I have given up on cosmology /space science

    "Why don't we just solve the problem before we understand it".
  9. Hadoblado

    Avengers ENDGAME

    I'm pretty excited. I know it's popular to hate on marvel movies for being repetitive etc., but I think there's a lot to be excited about too. They're frequently breaking new frontiers and setting standards for the genre - I'm amazed at how well they've done so far. Infinity War was a lot...
  10. Hadoblado

    D&D 5e

    "Hard" DMs are a different beast. I remember my first ever session rolling up a first level character, jumping into an eighth level campaign, and being nuked by an effectively global (and thus unavoidable) ice storm before my first encounter. No save against Six HP is not a survive good well...
  11. Hadoblado

    Determinism the end of morality and free will?

    This is already how I think about crime, and I believe it's the best way. We don't have access to the pure deterministic mechanisms, but we do have empirical data on what follows what and we should do our best to create the environment most conducive to reducing crime. Prison systems tend to...
  12. Hadoblado

    Future Pets

    Oh gawd leave me alone you people I just liked the post enough to click but not to post about it fkoffnowplzty.
  13. Hadoblado

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    Would you watch porn with your grandma? (please say no)
  14. Hadoblado

    Ability to alter thoughts = Loss of Identity?

    Identity is only a useful concept. It doesn't hold up very well to theseusian deconstruction. The best I can come up with is that identity is one and the same if a later state is the direct result of former state, and believes itself to be the same state.
  15. Hadoblado

    Future Pets

    Anything can be normalised, given time and saturation. I think it's fucked up, but not necessarily that wrong? So long as the created species doesn't experience the exploitation as suffering, I think you're mostly fine?
  16. Hadoblado

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I see it as forever having the option to keep on living, but always having the option to opt out. So at least to me, it's about having the choice to not be taken before I'm ready.
  17. Hadoblado

    Humanity about to succumb to drug-resistant fungi and bacteria

    Whether or not someone was wrong about bees has no bearing on Serac's claim.
  18. Hadoblado

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    shut up about not music both of you/10
  19. Hadoblado

    Sci fi vs Fantasy

    I'm a fan of both, but they're both often limited. My favourite is where they sort of join in the middle? Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I think I probably prefer fantasy over sci-fi, because it owns the fantastical element. With sci-fi (at least that...
  20. Hadoblado

    Is Logan paul the most retarded person alive

    7 figure probably. Okay which bit are you explicitly upset about? If you were god-emperor, what would you change about the system to make it more just in your absence?
  21. Hadoblado

    Is Logan paul the most retarded person alive

    I would bet a lot of money his IQ is higher than 100. He's literally an entertainer. It's an act. He's highly successful at appealing to a certain (admittedly retarded) demographic. It doesn't sound like you're part of that demographic so why care?
  22. Hadoblado


    Seems fun! I'm still not really aware of many patterns though - just clicking until everything is connected then troubleshooting discrepancies. Woops these scores are likely misleading - I reset whenever things don't pan out which I think resets the time.
  23. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    Yeah, you're right, though it seems like some paraphilias are a lot more ingrained than such a take would imply. I think it likely you've got periods of vulnerability in which your sexuality is largely dictated, and then it's still slightly fluid, but mostly concrete after that. So CP probably...
  24. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    Yeah I agree with you there. Sexual attraction to children is more common than child predation. There's no reason why there wouldn't be a subgroup of people who decide to (and successfully control) their sexual attraction to children. I've argued before that people like this should be...
  25. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    The area surrounding sexual predation and porn is still in the air. From what I've (loosely) read, there may be some merit to providing pedophiles with CP sources from consenting adults (who were victims of CP as a child, then grew up). There is some evidence to suggest this might curb offences...
  26. Hadoblado

    What if there was no Big Bang?

    #BigKarma? Science is not a monolith. It's unlikely all scientists have the oddly specific shortcomings required for your musings to be correct. Of all the scientists I know only one is concerned with Eastern spirituality (they did their masters on the neurophysiological effects of meditation)...
  27. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    There is nothing wrong with loveless sex. Nobody said that. But if the influence of porn is to reduce the capacity for someone to have lovesex, without them explicitly agreeing to this trade-off, then yes, this can be detrimental to society. I never agreed to such a trade-off before I started...
  28. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    Nowhere do they say that lovelesssex is impermissible: I don't speak for Puffy, but what I take from what they say is that porn reduces one's capacity for lovesex. This would be completely different to dictating that lovelesssex is impermissible. I would be unhappy if, after being introduced...
  29. Hadoblado

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  30. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    Yeah villains that are just obstacles tend to suck.
  31. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    See while I think Marvel has many tropes, they're also breaking a lot of those tropes fairly frequently. I do expect better than vanilla from them as they've shown they can do all sorts of things well. @CatGoddess Infinity war is better seen as a season finale than a movie in its own right...
  32. Hadoblado

    Is pornography moral?

    I see a few issues. I don't at all care about the bible so I'll skip that section. I think an individual instance of porn consumption is fine. But think it likely that the prevalence of porn has greater consequences than that. Porn is the unifying media dictating sexual practice, and a lot of...
  33. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    One of the issues I see in writing female protagonists atm is that there's such a focus on making sure they're empowered the writer sometimes forgets to give them obstacles and a place to develop from. This isn't necessarily fatal (captain america and superman tend to be depicted this way and...
  34. Hadoblado

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    Yeah it's possible I guess, I just don't read it that way. There're some pretty crazy people out there, but almost every time I hear about this level of thought enclave, it's someone complaining about or lampooning them. Essentially, they're referred to more than they are encountered.
  35. Hadoblado

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    I'm not saying we should ridicule it more. I'm saying that it can't be made more ridiculous, meaning it's likely parody. My post was a response to catgodess, who thinks it's not a parody, meaning there is not consensus.
  36. Hadoblado

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    @CatGoddess Even 'privilege' is jargon. It means one thing to one set of people and another thing to another set. This sort of talk risks alienating more conservatively minded people for which 'privilege' sneaks in assumptions they don't agree with. Maybe you're so submerged in abnormally deep...
  37. Hadoblado

    Favourite anime

    Attack on Titan is a favourite of mine. Each titan is a titanic cannibalistic down syndrome elemental. It can't be reasoned with, and it takes a child-like delight in taking you apart. Most of the characters are believably traumatised by what they witness. While technically it's a shonin, it...
  38. Hadoblado

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    @CatGoddess It's communicated almost entirely in neoprogressive jargon spake that is too much even for most progressives. Reading it again now I'm awake, I'm leaning toward straight parody along with Serac.
  39. Hadoblado

    I found some funny quiz, "intersectionality"

    The thing is, something like this could be valuable for perspective if it were data driven, used meaningful concrete self-report measures, and gave responsible outputs in accessible language. Unfortunately it's pretty close to self-parody.
  40. Hadoblado

    It's sad to see you leaving, but I'm only here in a token capacity anyway. Most interactions of...

    It's sad to see you leaving, but I'm only here in a token capacity anyway. Most interactions of value occur via PM for me - everything public becomes some volatile political shitshow.
  41. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    It's really confusing to me how sensitive men are to this sort of representation. I'm considering watching the movie just to see if it's that bad, but I think that's a bad reason to watch it. Is the #manbad worse than the Gillette ad?
  42. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    Doesn't seem very intuitive of you.
  43. Hadoblado

    Captain Marvel

    I think the superman power level is bad for the marvel universe in general. Fictional universes always encounter friction when introducing more powerful protagonists because everyone else falls by the wayside. Unpowered people can be relevant in an ironman universe, but not in a thor universe.
  44. Hadoblado

    I don't think it's worth engaging him JennyWocky. He's still conflating ethnicity for skin...

    I don't think it's worth engaging him JennyWocky. He's still conflating ethnicity for skin colour, and ignoring the arc of the movie in order to insist it's faux-diversity. He's too far gone. :/
  45. Hadoblado

    ADD vs. INTP

    Don't fall into the trap of explaining away a diagnosis with MBTI. Diagnoses are far from a perfect science, but MBTI isn't at all a science and will leave you without answers for the rest of your days. I share all the same attributes you do, being unable to process unengaging information. But...
  46. Hadoblado

    Small world hypothesis

    I'm sort of assuming it's true but wouldn't be surprised if it weren't? I believe in the butterfly effect, but find it unlikely that there has ever been a butterfly that, if prevented from flittering its wings, would prevent a hurricane that would otherwise happen. Given a long enough...
  47. Hadoblado

    Very important for Aussies to watch...

    @QT Yeah maybe I'm being too confrontational. Look at this thread, which is one I made when I first started here. I can't remember what I called it (probably something like "must watch!"), but Kuu had to come in and change the name of it because it didn't convey the content. It's not something...
  48. Hadoblado

    Very important for Aussies to watch...

    Okay, so believe it or not Puffy is exactly right. I believe you understand your point, but you haven't communicated it at all up until that post (#9). I'm not saying it's too complicated a point - for me to make that claim I would have had to know what it is. Compare to Hig's thread...
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