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  1. Czech Yes or No

    Can science cause madness?

    Kind of an interesting related thought: some blame religion for the cause of most of the violence in the world, while at the same time, science is what enables the violence and must be held in just of high esteem in responsibility. Science can be wonderful. Blind allegiance to science is just...
  2. Czech Yes or No


    Not nice man.
  3. Czech Yes or No


    Living, man. I'm graduating High School this week, so I've had a busy year and I've got a crazy busy future.
  4. Czech Yes or No


    First off, I want to say thank you to this forum for being such an accepting place, allowing for different types, despite their dynamics. It has truly been a good ride. More importantly, however, is some advice that is what I have boiled all of my experiences with MBTI to. Accept who you are...
  5. Czech Yes or No

    No. It is only a pun.

    No. It is only a pun.
  6. Czech Yes or No

    INTP main character in a movie?

    Loki is likely INTJ, Holmes is ENTP.
  7. Czech Yes or No

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    You really must do so. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I was once in a similar situation about myself. However, you will discover that as you venture deeper into to your own mind, that you yourself have answers, not whatever you are seeking from a test. While the MBTI is very useful in...
  8. Czech Yes or No

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    Eh, it can be very subjective.
  9. Czech Yes or No

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    Based off of the video, likely INTP. Almost within the first few frames I saw distinct characteristics of said personality. First off, the quieted, spaced-out words. However, do you act the same when in social situations? Have you changed? I recently asked the same exact question and ended up...
  10. Czech Yes or No

    INTP's and video games

    The PvP experience is gratifying, but is also the reason that I play games vs AI now, people get ridiculous too often.
  11. Czech Yes or No

    Hi - Noob Here!

    Welcome. What do you run?
  12. Czech Yes or No

    INTP's and video games

    I'm on the 360 and my GT is the same is my username, for anyone who wants to add me. I got to 53rd in FFA, which is pretty good considering that most of the top players boost/cheat their way up there. Nice job with your rankings, my friend did pretty well at SnD in MW3 because he was bored of...
  13. Czech Yes or No

    Hello, my fellow architects!

  14. Czech Yes or No

    And again...

    Yes, my parents (specifically my father) are that way. I must abide by their extremely strict policies. Any discourse is met with extreme confrontation that ends in dismal punishment. Any ideas?
  15. Czech Yes or No

    Some Jobs require preliminary personality tests

    Just make yourself sound like the best possible employee. It is fun to beat the system.
  16. Czech Yes or No

    I thought this forum was gone?

    We still here homez.
  17. Czech Yes or No

    Personality Cafe

    It is good for some info. However, we are a much closer community in these here parts.
  18. Czech Yes or No

    I'm back

  19. Czech Yes or No

    Hello all

    Wassup. Become involved, there is not enough of that.
  20. Czech Yes or No


    Seems fun but my computer is probably too bad to play it.
  21. Czech Yes or No

    INTP's and video games

    Quick question to all. How good are INTP's at video games? Please answer with examples as proof. Are there certain kinds of games that INTP's accel at? If they do so, then why is this? Myself, I am good at them. I was ranked 53rd in the world at Black Ops for a week. However, this carries into...
  22. Czech Yes or No

    Here is my entrance.

    Interesting. By chance, are you female? We don't have very many of them but they do lurk in the shadows. Fukyo higs Lydia
  23. Czech Yes or No

    Here is my entrance.

    So what made you want to join this forum? What do you do for a living? Are you a student? Tell us interesting things about yourself. We like information. "We" need to stop talking in the plural form.
  24. Czech Yes or No

    People called me mean things!

    Who? Lemme at 'em. Hold me back, cuz! Hold me back!
  25. Czech Yes or No


  26. Czech Yes or No

    Here is my entrance.

    Welcome! I always thought that Pandas were of at least two different colors, (generic black and white) however! What kind of bird?
  27. Czech Yes or No


    Hello! Welcome back! Much has changed, for we seem to have fewer and fewer posters these days.
  28. Czech Yes or No

    Uber late intro

    Yeah, I know...:phear:
  29. Czech Yes or No

    Why I'm Doing Poorly in School - Maybe

    Just call me maybe.
  30. Czech Yes or No

    Bond, INTP Bond

    I have the same thing. I would like to assert that spies must have some ability to extrovert in order to gain contacts. However, this all depends on what type of spy they are. If they are a HUMINT or HUMan INTelligence collector, then they will have a good ability to assure and connect with...
  31. Czech Yes or No

    Living the INTP dream

    Just interested, but how did you get into software engineering? As a kid, in college? I really need an idea of what to do for a career.
  32. Czech Yes or No

    I love this site

  33. Czech Yes or No

    I love this site

    True dis.
  34. Czech Yes or No

    <3 higs Lydia: why are you still here?

    <3 higs Lydia: why are you still here?
  35. Czech Yes or No

    MBTI for Kids... well sort of.

    ENJ. Uh-oh.
  36. Czech Yes or No

    Why? Are you a feeler?

    Why? Are you a feeler?
  37. Czech Yes or No

    INTP main character in a movie?

    Detachment. Just watch it.
  38. Czech Yes or No

    :( Where have you been?

    :( Where have you been?
  39. Czech Yes or No

    New here, gonna share some art.

    No! I did not mean to be insulting. I only meant to suggest that you decide on a "genre" for your art. You might then be able to open up your designs to more viewers. Just trying to help.:slashnew:
  40. Czech Yes or No

    New here, gonna share some art.

    Cool, you took the suggestion. You might even want to open this thread up to all people who want to post art in whatever category ^that was.
  41. Czech Yes or No

    Another one wonders in.

    Welcome. Care to show any of your art? We recently had another art(ist)/ lover join our ranks as well.
  42. Czech Yes or No

    The evolution of the INTP

    Yes, that is a kind of place where INTP's would thrive, though I doubt that such a thing ever existed, especially when you consider how lax INTP's are at rules, etc. needed for a project as suggested. However, probably the most similar thing to this is what happened during the Manhattan Project...
  43. Czech Yes or No

    When you have to mingle....

    I just think that I will be rejected. An overwhelming fear.
  44. Czech Yes or No

    Taking Orders

    Possibly, but it seems more like just an xxxP trait rather than just an INTP one.
  45. Czech Yes or No


    Definitely agree with the motto, but you romanticize INTP's a bit too much with your description.
  46. Czech Yes or No


    Welcome, and feel free to post some of your art, there are some other artists here as well.
  47. Czech Yes or No

    Staying Up Late

    YES! The night is relaxing, peaceful and tranquil. It leads to an independence of thought and feeling that cannot be matched among the hurried and despotic hours of the day.
  48. Czech Yes or No

    Dragons are flying

  49. Czech Yes or No


    Welcome, stay a while. Pet a cat. 'tis is a good place.
  50. Czech Yes or No

    Turns out I'm an INTP after all

    xSFx definitely.
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