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  1. Pizzabeak

    Determinism the end of morality and free will?

    If every man had one wife or partner, people all around the world in different continents would behave less retarded. Being fucking stupid as shit like some or most people are, is why there's much strife already as it is. Dumb people can't control their anger, rage, envy, jealousy, and other...
  2. Pizzabeak

    ENTJ (tentative)

    Correction: Jaime Meline might be ESTJ instead. TeSiNeFi ENTJ is TeNiSeFi I just think he's a pretty good example of that. You notice patterns so that, for example, INTPs resemble INTPs, as they all typically share inferior Fe. Another example is INFJ, who are similar to ENFJ, having...
  3. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    You can call me break, btw : D
  4. Pizzabeak

    Typology obsessiveness

    It's usually Ne that's described as having sporadic interests. I only got into it because I was a black sheep, or so it seemed. I noticed that life is about breathing air, yes, that includes talking. Read my sig, and read it again, everyday, so I don't have to repeat myself. All aid in life...
  5. Pizzabeak

    Notre Dame cathedral is on fire

    Do they know who started it? Book burnings are nothing new. Was the revolution a lie? As far as I can tell some men just want to watch the world burn, which apparently means, they’re angry and got a bad roll of the die upon birth. They see no fulfillment in the future state of the world, such...
  6. Pizzabeak

    What if there was no Big Bang?

    The Christian models are based on stories from Babylon that they gave to the Jews, which are also from Egyptian sources. This in turn can give it a "sheep" or "slavery" like attitude regardless. Not every scientist is spiritual or what have you, some work or major in it for a career and decent...
  7. Pizzabeak

    How to measure empty space

    Reality is made out of language and meaning, although the scientific models still describe things (phenomena) pretty well. We have the concept of vacuum, which is similar to the Eastern concept of void (non-scientific term, more spiritual or philosophical than anything else). It can be...
  8. Pizzabeak


    I don't want to get too esoteric, although I think some Rudolf Steiner might be necessary. Again, start with mineral then animal essence, then soul and spirit. It's as simple as being wrongly accused. Then take something like the Count of Monte Cristo or the phrase "all's fair in love and war"...
  9. Pizzabeak

    It's Valentines Day.

    higs was pretty cool. you could feel like a tool or fool on the hill Jack and Jill how to reconcile the ill-conceived notion of armchair fictions within domains anarchy does not reign or when it rains it pours What's most annoying All things set and considered Bothering getting into a situation...
  10. Pizzabeak

    Humanity about to succumb to drug-resistant fungi and bacteria

    It's something we all had been worrying about since youth. If we want to solve any problems it would be thinking about our grandchildren and the world they'd be inhabiting. Someone has got to do it if it's a dirty job, not everyone is educated enough to manage a project, and if no one manages...
  11. Pizzabeak

    Spengler on the Difference Between Tragic Morale and Plebeian Morale

    There are two things, someone's implicit drive towards actions or motivation, and then one influenced upon imitation/influence. Based on what you posted it has something of a "you have to see it to believe it" belief imprinted on it. Philosophy is getting as popular as ever now because it's seen...
  12. Pizzabeak

    Astrology Horoscopes

    "Be careful of letting your heart get carried away today, Scorpio. Extreme emotions are likely, making you very aware of your environment and what other people are thinking about you. You may want to retreat to the forest and seek council with the fairies and trolls. Fantasy is a terrific way to...
  13. Pizzabeak

    Source Monitoring

    What experience in the book did you exactly have? Any kind of information on schizophrenia would be useful to have for this topic, even if mis or undiagnosed, for the greater understanding of schizophrenia, in which there could be some propaganda or disinformation floating out there about it. I...
  14. Pizzabeak


    Pragmatism might be connected to it, as a thing that's in someone's best interest to believe in, doesn't mean it's the truth.
  15. Pizzabeak

    Is pornography moral?

    If anything, it's used as a model for an argument. Refuting it otherwise clearly states your case, even if you have zero experience with the actual material.
  16. Pizzabeak

    Do you know everything?

    Other people find already knowing more valuable or practical than figuring stuff out.
  17. Pizzabeak

    The Childhood of a Leader (2015)

    I'll have to watch it first. I didn't like the ending of Gulliver's Travels that much though, where he started hanging out with animals and couldn't stand being around people anymore, when he came back. I tried the opposite, because I figured people would say "oh he's a loner/schizophrenic"...
  18. Pizzabeak

    What if there was no Big Bang?

    No, they suggested a geocentric model and get in trouble if they did otherwise. Higs boson doesn't really work without the big bang/standard model. It's the only theory these days. Literally everything has been determined already, since the beginning of everything. Just because you don't know...
  19. Pizzabeak

    What if there was no Big Bang?

    What if there was no Big Bang and it's just used as an excuse for scientists to continue their current dogma and seek out the most budget possible? That way they can say there's a thin connection between Eastern mysticism and the hard, physical sciences, so that they hold out for a vague notion...
  20. Pizzabeak

    Is pornography moral?

    That doesn’t mean the conclusion you think it does.
  21. Pizzabeak

    Spengler on the Difference Between Tragic Morale and Plebeian Morale

    It isn't a poem. It's from the Tao.
  22. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    Maybe you're too smart for me. If someone had more friends they'd understand how people operate.
  23. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    Everything is one by means of the elements relating to one another. Air is actually a layer of molecules, usually a gas, the lack of which is technically a vacuum, then there are quantum vacuums in true void. Vibrations can be transmitted through the different mediums. The elements are related...
  24. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    Not as bad as grass-psychic which is weak against fire, ice, dark, flying, bug, poison, and ghost, although resistant to fighting and psychic (as well as grass, water, electric, and ground). Water-ground resists electric at least, and the water neutralizes ice super effective damage to ground. I...
  25. Pizzabeak

    Change thread titles or username?

    Hey. I was wondering if an admin could change the name "Dovid" to "David"? It's the same name with a different tongue. I put Dovid because I was led to believe that's how it's said in the original language (not English), and just to get a point across, which I think it had gotten.
  26. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    I used to doubt it. I thought maybe you were an ESTJ, because the Si-Ne might be apparent, except INTP has those functions as well. From what I can recall, you're kind of like Fukyo in terms of personality. You could be a confused type of ENFJ, but it just doesn't seem like you're Fe dominant...
  27. Pizzabeak

    Preaching to the Choir

    Upon further review, I will not be requesting a name change for this thread, or throwing the idea out there more just to communicate a message, and show off how creative I am. Anything from stating the obvious to something more metaphorical and creative sounding to pot calling the kettle...
  28. Pizzabeak

    Rape Day

    Is it just about seeing who can make the most realistic game possible? They're trying to develop VR-sex technology, I'd imagine.
  29. Pizzabeak

    Small world hypothesis

    It doesn't literally have to be a butterfly, but it has potential. Most hurricanes have happened while butterflies have been alive. It flapping its wings could while correlate with the cause of a hurricane, might not necessarily be the actual cause of it, or could have contributed, either way...
  30. Pizzabeak

    Captain Marvel

    That isn't really true at all. There is no "ironman universe" nor a "thor" one.
  31. Pizzabeak

    What are you all reading?

    Finishing up the last few Fu-Manchu adventures then I’d have most of the main body works. I already read Varieties of Religious Experience so it has nothing to do in the long run and mentioning it is irrelevant really, unless you have something specific to mention with it. It still does...
  32. Pizzabeak

    Am I the only INTP here?

    AK is INFP or INTP. Adaire is one. Maybe Kuu. Architect was an archetype of one, Jennyw0cky; etc, and some who no longer post. RB, I'm not sure. Probably not ENTJ, I think he is INTP (like Bronto) Sort of thought Serac was J but maybe he's P. And a fledgling amount of newer posters who seem to...
  33. Pizzabeak

    Tactility in Dreams etc.

    Dude, what? Not sure if understand. Apparently you couldn’t see it at first. And then, you could - which is just the opposite. Maybe it means you’re missing the forest for the trees (sensor, detail oriented concerns). Or going mental. Tactility in dreams is pretty rare, or can be hard to...
  34. Pizzabeak


    More opportunism, or “expectations”: “Spiritual opportunism refers to the exploitation of spiritual ideas (or of the spirituality of others, or of spiritual authority): for personal gain, partisan interests or selfish motives. Usually the implication is that doing so is unprincipled in some...
  35. Pizzabeak

    Small world hypothesis

    What do you think of small world hypothesis? It’s connected to chaos theory, and states everyone is connected by at least six people. Networking works best if you get to know people who know the most people, although think twice before having sex with them. It’s just a technique to pin down...
  36. Pizzabeak

    5G and its impact on life and economy

    Ultimately it might not be a good idea. Maybe people should fight for a better solution. There's no legislation for forcing it upon people, and it might not have to be done through that. There's an easy way and hard way. In one sense selling out completely comes with an outcome. Traditionally it...
  37. Pizzabeak

    I hate to be INTP

    I want to expand more on this but am busy. Some things might get more obvious with time or exposure, whatever your shtick is, as I’ve been noticing a lot of ENTPs lately, as well as INTPs, which are more rare than ENTP. I’ve also been seeing a lot of INFJs, males, that is, recently as well, so...
  38. Pizzabeak

    I hate to be INTP

    It’s Se that’s common, which is connected to Ni (dom Se is inferior Ni, so it is the same thing).
  39. Pizzabeak

    Preaching to the Choir

    It might just be that I need to change this thread's title to Beating a dead horse or something similar. It looks like the phrase “preaching to the choir” didn’t end up helping much in the end.
  40. Pizzabeak

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I hate when people try to “take credit” for common words or phrases in a language, or even emotions, like they originated it. There’s some stigma that saying something first means you’re faster or more “woke” (closer to enlightenment) as if you were the originator of an event. You get no reward...
  41. Pizzabeak

    I hate to be INTP

    By introverted intuitives you must mean introverts who are N, as it could also refer to "introverted intuition", which is Ni, and not Ne. INTP has Ne (extraverted intuition) instead, unless you're referring to the socionics system in which INTp refers to INTJ. Ni is actually Se since it's on the...
  42. Pizzabeak

    Idk... lets talk!

    I wouldn't say it needs its own unique room, when you could just use the other one. That being said it is nice to have a separate one. I'm not sure the what the problem using it is, although I want to spend more time there. I hope it isn't a "cause and effect" scenario where it was all social...
  43. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    Alex Jones might actually be ESTJ (TeSiNeFi) - tertiary Ne. That’s why it seems more “constant” as it’s in an “unstable” position, that’s more inferior than it is dominant. He has less control over it, as opposed to Ne dominants like ENTP, who can appear quiet or not as loud more often than not.
  44. Pizzabeak


    “Social Social opportunism refers to the use of opportunities for social contact only for selfish purposes or motives. Because it is only selfish, the implication is usually that obligations to other participants in the given social setting are not (fully) met or honoured. The social opportunist...
  45. Pizzabeak

    Convince me to do my homework

    When people take classes they only want to communicate with those who know all the answers for the sole reason they could get homework done faster, and have fun. That's where the nerds come in handy, after high school and usually during college, as the girls have no intention of dating them, and...
  46. Pizzabeak

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    At what point do changes occur, or things become “okay”? Life must, from my observations and experience, and it could be different for each person, be about provoking more Fe out of people, indirectly, hence the word provoke. Females exist to provoke more testosterone out of the male, making...
  47. Pizzabeak

    Change thread titles or username?

    Can a mod delete my post here, as I no longer agree with it. https://www.intpforum.com/threads/the-random-thoughts-thread.2235/post-595593
  48. Pizzabeak

    Plato's Cave

    Okay. Well what haven’t you read? So how does that even make sense in the terms of this conversation, besides that being just the same person who wrote it? I was going to suggest a book for you but it seems you know everything already, or pretend to. I’m not sure who you’re trying to impress...
  49. Pizzabeak


    Integrity usually involves coming to terms with contradiction.
  50. Pizzabeak


    In other words, people will believe or try to convince someone of anything if it means they'll feel less guilt or shame. The person on "death row" converts to Christianity at the last second because he knows something may be waiting after and tries to come to terms with it in a supposed "equal"...
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