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  1. -Z-

    Messenger Software

    Bitlbee or Pidgin , depending on the machine I'm on.
  2. -Z-

    Old Games

    Yeah, it was pretty awesome and the best thing is, later on i found a similar game for SNES and played it extensively. It's called Knights of the Round. ^^
  3. -Z-

    Old Games

    First game ever I played on the PC was Golden Axe, loved it and always remember it as an awesome game. Except that, at that time I enjoyed almost every 2D platformer that was available(Superfrog, Prehistorik series etc.). The games I enjoyed the most, though, were the RPG's of the 90's. I was...
  4. -Z-

    walk and think

    Doing it almost all the time while thinking and also tend to move my arms around extensively at the same time. Almost gesticulating, but not quite. ^^
  5. -Z-

    What Is Your Preferred Gaming System?

    PC exclusively, most of the games i play are PC only and emulation support for older consoles is pretty sweet. I'm kind of a sucker for retro games, haven't even tried the majority of new games that came out. ^^
  6. -Z-

    Linux Games

    Does not compute. :( Just wanted to add that Minecraft also works on Linux. I am aware that there is a topic in this section about the game, but necrophilia just isn't my thing. Anyway, I'm +1 to Minecraft addict count. ^^
  7. -Z-

    Linux Games

    If you're running Ubuntu, you might want to check this site out, it has a nice collection of games. As for the ones I would recommend: Violetland Lugaru HD and if you like worms series Wormux or Hedge Wars Tons of other games on the site i linked, so check it out even...
  8. -Z-

    RSA Videos

    These are brilliant videos, I'm hooked and waiting for more to come. Thanks for linking. ^^
  9. -Z-

    Foreign Exchange Student In Croatia

    Whoops, just noticed this topic. ^^ I'm Croatian, living in Croatia so I guess I can give some insight. As far as people go, generally they are warm and welcoming toward foreigners so I don't think you should have much trouble with that. Now, I'm not sure what the educational system in the...
  10. -Z-

    Summer playlist

    Definitely Vampire Weekend. And also, Ska-P.
  11. -Z-

    Google Chrome?

    I use Chrome and Firefox. Chrome with some basic extensions (AdBlock included) when just casually surfing the web since it's really fast and minimalist. Firefox comes in when I have some web coding to do because it still has superior extension support (might be just out of habit since I used it...
  12. -Z-

    INTP Strengths

    I can't speak for anybody except myself but procrastinating in solitude boosts my creativity. About that Magicarp comparison, I think that Anthile was going more for the fact that it evolves into Gyarados. RAWR.
  13. -Z-

    Songs to Play Twice

    An awesome cover of Radiohead's Creep, it's stuck in my head for days now. YouTube- Homeless Mustard Sings "Creep" on Opie and Anthony's Sirius/XM show
  14. -Z-


    It's a great site and all but a very addictive one, I just got rid of the addiction. Well, actually I didn't, just toned it down a bit by using Google Reader Play feature instead. Anyway, word of advice, don't get hooked...much. :)
  15. -Z-

    Love Song favorites

    I always liked this one for some reason. YouTube- Flogging molly - If i ever leave this world alive
  16. -Z-

    Dota or Hon anyone

    I play HoN, usually on EU servers, but I'm not really good at it. Being stuck at around 1750 PSR for a month now *sigh*. Anyway, the nickname is rakepilZ.
  17. -Z-

    Japanese Pop, Chinese Pop

    I like AKFG and Balzac as well, Gackt, Pillows, Porno Graffiti and L'Arc-en-Ciel to name a few. I find the Japanese language to be extremely melodic and love most of japanese music that i heard so far, just haven't gotten around learning the language so finding the lyrics translations can be a...
  18. -Z-


    Same with me, although I use the term "we and I" due to my profound affinity for the Fallout game series (and by series I'm referring to the first 2).
  19. -Z-

    Very reluctant to attend college....

    I find myself learning much better at home, without attending classes, but some of my professors insist on class attendance so I just go with the flow. When I have to attend those really boring and uninteresting classes (mostly due to a bad lecturer) sitting in the back rows works, especially...
  20. -Z-

    Best NES Game of All Time

    I'd say Little Nemo: The Dream Master and Contra were the ones i played the most.
  21. -Z-

    MMO Classes

    When it comes to classes, I think that an INTP class would be definitely one of the hybrid clases (remember that "jack of all trades, master of none" intp tendencies) and since I'm only familiar enough with WoW, my first choice would be druid and second choice paladin since they can fulfill any...
  22. -Z-

    How many hours do you devote to studying...

    Not much really, only thing I do prepare for are my lab assignments because I am required to do that regularly. When it comes to study for my college classes, I start studying for them about 5-10 days before exams and usually end up with 80-90 score in areas that I have some interest in, 50-70...
  23. -Z-

    How do you react when somebody close to you dies?

    The only time I had hard time dealing with this sort of situation is when one of my closer high school friends killed himself. Actually I don't think the problem for me was actually him commiting suicide (everyone dies at one point or another) but the fact that he didn't say one word about it...
  24. -Z-

    facebook sucks!

    I find it useful only to connect to my former high scholl class (4th year of college now). Other than that, played a few games, but got bored pretty fast so now I check it maybe once a week. Also, I find this http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/11992 greasemonkey script pretty useful.
  25. -Z-

    Halloween? Anyone?

    I wear enough masks on a daily basis, this would just be overdoing it.
  26. -Z-


    I also have a pretty good memory, remembering the details for a long period of time but usually I don't show/tell it to people anymore. From experience I've realized that when you mention some details to a person from a conversation you had with them a long time ago, they tend to take it as if...
  27. -Z-

    One Night Stands

    I thought of it as a nice side activity for drinking but reconsidered after a nympho-flavored pizza overestimated the structural integrity of my frenulum. :S
  28. -Z-

    Not having any close "intellectual" friends.

    Intelligent friends? No. Friends at all? Hardly. Although there are many that tend to call me friend when my skills are needed for their (mostly profit driven) pursuits. I'm thinking of taking some robotics courses and building myself a few friends that will suit me. ^^
  29. -Z-

    My guess is that you would go mad, torn between those two choices. Basically, what I'm saying is...

    My guess is that you would go mad, torn between those two choices. Basically, what I'm saying is that the combination of the two (purple pill?) is actually a steroid for your P. ^^
  30. -Z-

    Core Style

    I like dark colors + white (i find contrasts appealing ^^), mostly jeans and shirts but without any brand, text or pictures on them, just solid color. Don't like anything heavy/restrictive on my feet so I mostly wear sneakers which i find comfortable. When it comes to patterns, one thing i...
  31. -Z-

    Poor Bernard --- Last 24 Hours : READ THIS

    About the large number of guests. I have noticed that intpforum is favorited on stumbleupon and tagged "Internet". Might that be the reason for so much traffic?
  32. -Z-

    Talented liars?

    When I saw this topic, I was ready to write a lot on this subject, but after reading these posts seems like there is no need to do so. I agree on all of it and it pretty much describes me. Also, I often see ways of manipulating people but just don't do it because I do not find it right. One...
  33. -Z-

    INTP & loneliness?

    For me, solitude is a time when I recharge my batteries and do intellectual pursuits. During that time I don't like to be bothered by anyone, but after I'm done with it socializing and meeting other people is desireable, not only because I find it pleasing, but also because it somehow boosts my...
  34. -Z-

    INTP & loneliness?

    I agree. Being an INTP is not about having no feelings at all, it's more about not accounting them while making your decisions.
  35. -Z-

    Desktop screenshot

    This is what I currently use. Xoblite blackbox. http://i35.tinypic.com/ac5wrt.jpg The image quality is pretty bad because i didn't want to make it to heavy for any possible 56k users.
  36. -Z-

    I guess I'm not as alien as I thought :D

    I'm not sure how much detail you'd like to hear so I'll just link the wikipedia page that sums it better than I could. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatia If you want to know anything else that's not on that page, ask away. :) Pleased to meet you too, Logical. I was wandering, is there any...
  37. -Z-

    I guess I'm not as alien as I thought :D

    I plan on doing vipassana, but I've read on several occasions that it's hard to do it properly without a meditation teacher and the nearest teacher is located 8 hours of driving distance from where I live. So I think I will go to a retreat this summer to learn it. For now, I only [try to]...
  38. -Z-

    I guess I'm not as alien as I thought :D

    Thank's for the welcome. Croatia is ok, except the goverment is utterly useless and corruption is of the scale, but if you like historic architecture and beautiful nature you'll love it. So it's kinda nice to come here for a vacation, but not as nice to live here for the whole year. :S As...
  39. -Z-

    I guess I'm not as alien as I thought :D

    I'm not really good with introductions so I'll make it a short one. Male, 22 years old computer science student from Croatia. My interests are numerous and I don't have nearly enough time to invest in every single one of them so i limit myself to programming, gaming, anime, reading books a...
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