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  1. pjoa09

    MBTI Text Analyzer

    "nostalgia" will result in 100% INTP. "idiot" fetches 81% ENTP. "Equations" fetches 100% INTJ. An excerpt of a transcription from Stephen West's Philosophize This podcast resulted in predominantly INTJ. I might be paranoid but it seems my posts and blogs have been going from INTJ/ENTP to...
  2. pjoa09

    Does smoking help with stress and anxiety?

    Temporal reduction of anxiety, not stress. Go bust a nut.
  3. pjoa09

    an INTP in college | motivation problem

    I think I fit the bill here except I am a retard. I had a very low GPA in high school and I tried but I just couldn't store things in my head that I didn't care about. When I graduated from high school I worked for my dad for about 4 years. I spent most of my time coming here and whining about...
  4. pjoa09

    Any thoughts on that Northwestern University study of 4 personality types?

    I guess that leads me to a very pseudo-ish theory that the MBTI functions are variables in a "function" that outputs a small array of Big 5 personalty values which could then be clustered by the Northwestern study. Disclaimer: In this case, I mean obviously who knows what else gets effected by...
  5. pjoa09

    Do you guys forget passcodes, numbers after sharing it to someone?

    I don't know if I have caused permanent brain damage by drinking every Friday and Saturday night for the past decade. I have on two occasions told a friend my passcode or described my pass-pattern?(Android don't know what its called) and immediately I would forget my passcode and I'd have to...
  6. pjoa09

    INTJs like black people

    I really like it when I am rambling like an idiot and they catch up to it and laugh rather than dismissing me as a rambling idiot.
  7. pjoa09

    Any thoughts on that Northwestern University study of 4 personality types?

    Hmm me too but then I am very "open" which kinda stabs the definition. I guess you are right about that. Just clusters and I'd say they are really hyping up the whole 4 personality types thing, its probably more gradient-ish (don't know how else to say it). Where INTPs would just wind up...
  8. pjoa09

    Any thoughts on that Northwestern University study of 4 personality types?

    Thanks man! I just wished it provided some insight to our personalities other than the fact that we are not a common type.
  9. pjoa09

    Intp enfp friendship?

    Anne Frank was ENFP apparently so I guess you could read her diary. Pretty sure she was intolerable around her family but I found her extremely thoughtful when she wrote. Cried for 4 days after reading that diary. On the other hand every ENFP and INFP I have met have been initially pleasant but...
  10. pjoa09

    Any thoughts on that Northwestern University study of 4 personality types?

    This study. I don't fit in it, in terms of the big 5 at all. I am open, introverted, not conceited at all (by big 5 definition), and not neurotic nor calm. Which absolutely doesn't fit anywhere. The way its performed leads me to believe it would be valid but the results are crap.
  11. pjoa09

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    I am of Indian/Pakistani heritage but nationality wise Thai.
  12. pjoa09

    Please help me destroy the depressive thoughts.(/rant (I think))

    A reply to all. Holy shit that was dark. I was scared of what I wrote for a bit. I am feeling better now. Don't know how I went that deep into a shit hell in my brain. I've finished the wine and I won't buy another. I think my depression came from alcohol. I have solved the whole human...
  13. pjoa09

    Please help me destroy the depressive thoughts.(/rant (I think))

    I am taking a leave of absence from university because of some curriculum problem. I'll be back next term. In the meantime I am working on my senior project which was going really well until this cloud has started to lurk over my head. Whats the point? My last job, before joining university...
  14. pjoa09

    Honest Question INTJ/INTP

    You don't really describe the situation well and you go into this weird long monologue. All we have is to the effect - you make a joke he walks away. I'd say I feel a lot. I try to bottle it or express it with other shit. If you are going around saying "I slept with your mum lol" 200 times a...
  15. pjoa09

    I failed

    I don't know how INTP-ish am I since I have made many irrational feely decisions. I can say however, I am like a cockroach. I fail a fuck tonne. Like. A lot. Like. I am retarded. I am gonna probably fail tomorrow as well. I have never been good at anything. I just weasel my way through...
  16. pjoa09

    Programmer Mentor List

    You probably gotta crawl to find all users then all their posts and then search all the @ shit and quote in each html: but its gotta know when to crawl to the next page as well so ud have a database where a user has many posts,an integer for how many replies to that post, and the time/date of...
  17. pjoa09

    Insignificant things that piss you off

    When I get a text and another text just to say one damn thing. Fucking phone keeps vibrating like a goddamn vibrator trying to stimulate my thigh.
  18. pjoa09

    John's Personality Test

    38% INTP 16% INFP 12% ISTP 7% ENTP 7% INTJ
  19. pjoa09

    how to not waste your life

    line 8 contradicts with the rest.
  20. pjoa09

    Do you ever feel no one is saying anything interesting?

    I find myself in a funny situation. I enjoy activities more when I realize how novel/"hipster" it is. Which makes my interests "hipstery" which in turn makes most of my conversations with others banal. So I can't have a conversation with a stranger about some in-depth topic related to...
  21. pjoa09

    ADHD as INTP

    Well I am not entirely sure. Life feels a tonne easier. I can really power through shit I don't like and power harder through things that required more thought. Punctuality comes from within. I just have the ability to stay on one tab on my web browser and not bounce between 5 different...
  22. pjoa09

    ADHD as INTP

    I have an on and off relationship with Ritalin. I took them 2 years ago in my freshmen or sophomore year for a few terms. I quit them after I grew worried I was using it as a crutch and potential side effects. Then recently I got back on it. Using it is really like being on a tight...
  23. pjoa09

    What 'hurts' you?

    getting old and morals.
  24. pjoa09

    Convince me to do my homework

    No one's forcing you to do your homework.
  25. pjoa09

    How does someone with extremely weak linguistic skills formulate their thoughts?

    bizarre. When I think I try to keep my English out of it. The minute words are in my mind I am screwed.
  26. pjoa09

    In love, but quite sure nothing like love exists - confused. Help?

    Take the MBTI test again. Go flirt with another guy. Snap that shit. Post it somewhere he'll see it. Do this until you get the new guy or the old guy.
  27. pjoa09

    How, what to program?

    If you haven't gotten a bachelors you could take that as a degree. What I used to do was address a simple small problem I have. Then chase the shit out of it. In the end you could either give up or get it done.
  28. pjoa09

    Favorite Car

    I used to like my ratty BMW but nowadays I really love the Corolla. It's so comfy, rightly sized, very light,parts are cheap, and fuel is cheap because of the CNG tank. No nonsense electronics. It doesn't even have cruise control.I poke my head out of the drivers door if I am backing up...
  29. pjoa09

    Odd INTP habits?

    I'd drift into a thought while trying to pay attention then whisper a cus and ask people around me what the hell happened.
  30. pjoa09

    Staving Off Lethargy

    They'll tell you otherwise. Don't believe them. You won't ever be the same. I took Ritalin for a few months it was fun while it lasted. It feels like you are in deep shit without the problem that's causing you to be in deep shit.
  31. pjoa09

    Are all INTPs' very intelligent?

    I am a retard tho
  32. pjoa09

    Does optimism lead to overconfidence?

    lol I suppose pessimism is totally balanced.
  33. pjoa09

    Incest against the law, yes or no?

    I think the only form of sexual relations that should be illegal is any form of rape including statutory rape. If you are 60 and wanna bang your 20 year old daughter go ahead. I'll cringe and be disgusted but that shouldn't make it illegal given that you both know what you are getting...
  34. pjoa09

    Work is consuming me

    Is there some template going on? Every small framework, startup company, software, or what have you follows that exactly template. Someone needs to make a new one. Yeah, the fact that you are an INTP is hindering you. You can't run a business. You need a small job so you can spend your...
  35. pjoa09

    Should I start smoking cigarettes

    I was on ritalin for a few months it created adrenal fatigue or something to the point I was losing my hair or something and getting strains in my neck or my jaw. Then returning back to normal was hard.
  36. pjoa09

    Should I start smoking cigarettes

    I have been smoking since 2009. Damn that's like 7 years lol I don't think it's addictive per say. I had my first at a party in high school when I was drunk out of my mind in the middle of a soccer field. Then didn't smoke again until 3 years ago at a few parties time to time. Then...
  37. pjoa09

    distressed INTP - how to use your dark mode properly

    It just sounds like ADHD to me.
  38. pjoa09

    INTPs THAT ENJOY YOUR JOBS--what do you do?

    Interning right now developing for iOS. I learned Swift like a month ago and mostly rip my colleagues code off from the repository to stick into my stuff. Pretty fun. When I get bored of it I fuck around in the office.
  39. pjoa09

    Stuck in routine

    u need interaction routine is fine
  40. pjoa09

    New here, I think I might be an INTP?

    INTJ is introverted intuition and extroverted thinking. I wonder how would you flip so far as to have extroverted intuition and introverted thinking. That's either fluidity or you still need more information to make your "diagnosis". I think if you are dabbling between these two then it's...
  41. pjoa09

    New here, I think I might be an INTP?

    Ugh. Nevermind. You'll be someone else when you respond to this anyways. I don't think there is an accurate way to represent a personality. But I guess you fit the mold I am a third year socially retarded computer science student who played a guitar and did some 3D modeling a long time ago...
  42. pjoa09

    New here, I think I might be an INTP?

    applymagicsauce says you are though.
  43. pjoa09

    This tool infers personality type from your writing or Facebook profile

    It works best when you have a diary that you expect no one to read. I consistently get INTP for my diary/blog which I expect no one to come across and judge me. Especially the second link. Not MBTI but very accurate. If you use what you type in forums it'll be less accurate because you expect...
  44. pjoa09

    Thoughts on BLM/Cops

    Maybe abolish guns? I guess then the police would never have a real reason to ever shoot. They can never say they were afraid or did it in self defense.
  45. pjoa09

    ho do u Ne in the ppl world??

    Talk slowly.
  46. pjoa09

    How do you INTPs get your work done so fast?

    wat. takes me forever. i fuck around so goddamn much.
  47. pjoa09

    HELPP : Frustrated with University

    Good to see you never left. I definitely eat sufficiently. Maybe not enough veggies. I recently turned sort of pescetarian with a slight inclination to vegetarianism. So that may help. I don't know how long would I keep up with it. I walk a lot. I think thats how I combat my moods mostly. I...
  48. pjoa09

    HELPP : Frustrated with University

    @redbaron good to know I made a presence when I was more active. It is pretty bad, I feel like I am getting Ds where I could've gotten As for the time. @Andronas I am not too sure. I am happier now than before. Though to be honest, less engaged with proper thoughts. Just retarded banter. I...
  49. pjoa09

    HELPP : Frustrated with University

    Came back here to write again. I just don't get it at all anymore. I had a General Physics exam today. I showed up to every class. Tried to participate every time. The lecturer thought I was on a roll too. I tried spending all yesterday studying for it. But I just stared at my slides all...
  50. pjoa09

    programming language

    "It's definitely necessary to break out emacs and modify that perl script."
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